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by V####:

Was running well on my Nexus 5 on Android Lollipop but it has stopped working when updated to Android Marshmallow. Update: Now running smooth and stable, great job guys

by D####:

It would be great if days that you had assignments due were highlighted on the calendar. There are some improvements that will be rolled out soon that I am looking forward to such as push notifications. It's a great app, a must-have for students. Five stars when the new updates roll out.

by W####:

Does not work with Android M

by Z####:

Awesome job!

by A####:

It's a good start, but has some problems which prevent it from being fully useful. If a unit doesn't have the unit outline available through the Oasis mystudies tab, then you are unable to view it in the app. Furthermore, that means you can't add the deadline for assessments for those units, as you are unable to create custom deadlines, only custom events. Also, being able to set reminders would be very useful.

by R####:

Good app for keeping track of classes and places. Especially handy for classes that don't let you download the semester outline, there's assignments coming up and blackboard or the WiFi are up to the usual tricks.

by J####:

Superbly done something which should've done ages ago. It's a life saver.

by Y####:

No need to get third party apps for uni reminders. This has all the notifications and contacts you need. Combine with blackboard app and you basically have curtin in your pocket (phone).

by F####:

From the moment I opened the app, the personalised info and handy set up impressed me alot. Obviously now we have a base its easy to see what could potentially be added or improved to best utilise this, but overall seems great so far :) Good work guys!

by C####:

This application has forgotten its OUA students.. :( it asked for my oasis password which apparently I don't have. That does not mean this app won't be of use to me.. feeling discriminated and disappointed

by E####:

This app is off to a good start. It automatically sets up a calendar styled daily planner with all your classes and information with just your university login details. There is no need to make one in google calendar anymore which saves a load of time. It also updates itself every semester so it requires little input from the user who can use their time elsewhere. However that being said, google calendar has the ability to set notification reminders and has widgets available for android users.

by N####:

Stopped once on my tablet

by H####:

Extremely good app, however if you leave it open on your phone, you are unable to access blackboard on a computer

by K####:

this app concept is ok, but a better solution would be to make iCal or other available for import of subscription for people to use there own apps. I do not want to use this app, i want to use my current apps and programs (that support ical). ical can be edited by the tutor and updates pushed to subscribers. this can also be done for exams. why ical is better? works with peoples current caldera applications such as outlook and drive. also you do not need another app that is only on device (but not windows phones...) and not on PC or Mac. this app is a gimmick

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