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by E####:

Tried to use it to track my injections and schedule. Too much clutter and can't edit or modify times or dates. Trash. Much better apps in the app store these devs can take a hint from.

by N####:

Can't get passed the login screen

by H####:

Was helpful but now seems to have a bug and I can no longer log in.

by K####:

When working it is great. It wont let me currently log in to track my injections.

by O####:

Sends notifications just fine but won't let me log in. :(

by X####:

Wont let me login

by P####:

This is the first time I have used it with an injection. I like how they tell you step-by-step what to do even if you already know it. I also like the idea of having specific background music when I inject. It's pretty calming. They should change the name of it so that it's something like Humira Complete instead of just Complete so that the app shows an H instead of a C and it's easier to find. Plus it's not really complete since it's just for Humira.

by M####:

Trying to set it up is miserable, the screens overlap with the email and pin screen, and they are all a light grey with white text. It's impossible to read anything with the overlap. Once you get past it, though, the app is great, and you can make some changes. It would be great to be able to log lot #s from doses.

by B####:

1) The Pain history journal is Wonky. Selecting a site takes several tries. If you zoom in, you must zoom out to select a "pain level", panning when zoomed doesn't work completely. Pain scale should be the standard Wong-Baker scale, this one is stupid. 2) The injection site is Jinky. It won't let me log first injection site 2 days ago, instead it marks it as today. The hatch pattern indication location is stupid, You can also log multiple sites for one day. 3) The Reward system is Hooky as hell. Who wants t

by Q####:

I wish they had a place to log the lot numbers. I use the app everytime I inject, but still have to write the lot numbers in a calendar which lessens the usefulness of the app.

by G####:

I really don't like this app. My nurse wanted me to track my pain and my humira through this app and I couldn't be more unhappy with it. I can't change the back ground. I hate that I can't make any notes. I found a slightly better app to track everything but that app isn't all that great either but is easier to use.

by S####:

Symptom journal does not work.

by L####:

The app description is quite misleading. It never specifies that this is ONLY for patients taking Humira. The only medication available to track is Humira, and the symptom journal only tracks symptoms related to conditions you would use Humira for. The app description makes it sound like this is a general medication reminder and symptom log.

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