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by V####:

I just bought this and have licenses for many devices. The fact I can't get it to work on the first one and can't find any real support help is not encouraging. 0 Stars isn't an option so 1 for now. I'll change it if I can figure it out but I've already tried for 30 minutes searching and can't come up with anything.

by D####:

For the past 5 years I've purchased your products and True Image has kept me safe. I recently upgraded to the Cloud version and as others have said, it's a disaster. One of my Galaxy Note 4 phones backed up correctly, but only the Contacts backed up on the other. Cloud backup of my 160g desktop has now run nonstop at Max speed and High priority for 5 days, but only 62g has been backed up so far. At this rate it'll take another couple of weeks to finish. A Recovery at this speed would be worthless.

by W####:

This app just doesn't work, wait before you buy a cloud subscription if you intend to backup your phone, just a cash grab at the moment.

by Z####:

I could access all of my PC backups with a previous version of this app. This version only allows you to backup the contacts and calendar etc on your phone. This is absurd. The value of the old version was that you could access you backed up PC files while on the go. Without this capability there is no point in using this app.

by A####:

New version downloaded that appears to fix access and remote issues. Trying it out now.

by R####:

Купил лицензионный True Image Cloud и подписку на рабочий комп. Заявлено было что я смогу расшарить для синхронизации каталог между компом и мобильным устройством! Этого нет!! Нет возможности увидеть эту папку из этого приложения, нет возможности закачать что-то из облака. Нет возможности закачать на комп забекапленные фотки с телефона. ПОЧЕМУ ЭТО ЗАЯВЛЕНО БЫЛО?

by J####:

Do companies not realise we pay good money for there services this is just ridiculous considering the cost of the main program.Thoroughly dissapounted, even at that as well the app is just a standard plain backup nothing to make the app stand out above the SIGN IN ISSUE HAS NOT BEEN FIXED.

by Y####:

This application syncs your photos in both directions. Meaning that if you delete a photo on your phone it deletes it from the cloud. This is NOT the desired behavior. The application should ONLY sync in one direction (phone to cloud). Meaning that if you delete a photo on your phone it should REMAIN in the cloud.

by F####:

immediately sfter installing and registering, this app will not work at all. Attempts to back up result in "Acronis has stopped working" messages,then ERROR I'd like to see some guide or info to help get past this,as there is undoubtably some step or procedure that has not been prompted for and has not been followed as a result. Lack of documentation has become the weakest aspect of using Acronis products

by C####:

Backup has been at 0% for a week. The only app worse than this is their PC version. Very disappointed in this company. Good thing I can rely on Dropbox.

by E####:

Looks like student's homework, not a mature application. 1) Cannot backup contacts - giving dumb "Error occurred, try later..." error 2) Does not have backup schedule; 3) No retry failed backup setting; 4) No Sync support; 5) Does not allow to select data center to store backups

by N####:

Finally there is backup that just works. I tested a dozen and this one is the first.

by H####:

When trying to backup Galaxy s6 just keeps saying error occurred please try later... Not much point having mobile backup app you can't use....

by K####:

I can access everything in my cloud fine from my pc, but this stupid app keeps telling me "incorrect credentials. " total failure.

by O####:

While the PC version of Acronis is excellent, this mobile version is a joke, the backup doesn't work. After a whole day 1% backed up of a fairly light phone with few pictures and videos.

by X####:

I paid for the version for 1 computer & 3 devices BUT after installation /registration, I only got the 1 computer version! After various attempts to contact Acronis support, it leaves me even more making a complain to relevant authority...this is lemon product!

by P####:

Not only is the app mediocre but the cloud backup is breaking my computer. It apparently uses Microsoft's backup stuff preventing the computer from sleeping and it will not allow me to delete the cloud backup. Will have to uninstall and reinstall TrueImage (which nonetheless is great). Will use CrashPlan this year for backup...

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