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About FF League Waiver & Trade Dominator 2017

Once Fantasy Football season starts, don’t be that guy who only looks at weekly rankings. Dominate your league by acquiring players who will win week after week throughout the playoffs. Waiver wire, free agents and trades: make the smart transactions that build your roster. Let the Footballguys Waiver & Trade Dominator be your guide.

► The most powerful & high-tech app available for Fantasy Football roster management from the guys who revolutionized drafting with the Draft Dominator:

• Import your rosters from your league host (all major fantasy football providers supported)
• Customize to your fantasy football league settings
• See how many times you’re likely to start each player
• Breakdowns of how each player helps your starting lineups and your bench strength
• Find out how many points your starters are going to score for you over your next best options: how valuable are your players?
• See your lineup’s projected points and bench strength for each week remaining in the season
• Every week, we project each player's statistics for the rest of the season. Don’t use outdated projections or rankings that don’t adapt to your league settings! React as the values of players change throughout the year.
• Weekly trade targets: target players whose stock is on the rise
• Get textual, chart and statistical analysis of trade offers made to you

► Why is it better than the competition? Only the Fantasy Football Waiver & Trade Dominator supports…

• Affect all calculations with weekly weights: confident of making the playoffs? Start optimizing for them early in the season!
• Suggests trades that work for both you and your opponent
• Detailed weekly stock up and stock down reports from our Sigmund Bloom
• Preview each transaction before you act: how will it affect your starting lineups, bench and positional balance?
• Utilizes the cloud to save settings between your different devices
• Comprehensive depth charts
• Multiple news feeds and our reactions
• Understands balancing the strength of your starting lineups with the strength and balance of your bench
• Analyzing your strength at each individual position, and shows you the data using at-a-glance charts
• Content from our 60+ staff

► Supports very advanced fantasy football league settings including:

• All offensive positions (QB, RB, WR, TE, WR+TE combined, RB/WR flex, RB/WR/TE flex, QB/RB/WR/TE flex, PK)
• IDP (DL, LB, DB, DE, DT, OLB, ILB, CB, S, any IDP)
• Keepers
• Returners
• TD only
• Multi-flex leagues
• Highly advanced scoring: distance scoring for touchdowns, yardage bonuses, ability to enter fully customizable scoring rules
• Scoring can be defined differently by position (ie TEs = 1.5 PPR, while RBs = 1 PPR)

► About Footballguys:

Every site claims self appointed "gurus" or "experts". That's nice. Footballguys claims a proven track record of customers dominating their leagues. Whether it's the high stakes contests like FFPC or NFFC, national contests from ESPN or local leagues around the world, Footballguys customers dominate their leagues.

With a paid staff of 70+ hardcore football writers and news hounds under contract, we'll put our staff up against anyone's.

► DOMINATE your league now with the Waiver & Trade Dominator!

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What are users saying about FF League Waiver & Trade Dominator 2017

by D####:

The app is super slow, even on my galaxy s8. Tabs load slowly and sometimes you have to talk the tabs multiple times to register your finger. Forget looking up trade options, you'll burn through your battery before it's even done. With the fastest android processor, you'd think this app would be lightning fast. Poorly made. Great content, just poorly optimized. Edit - Have yet to receive the update, even though I see that the version number and changelog are live. Yet my phone has yet to receive the patch.

by V####:

Unfortunately it is very temperamental. Analyse trades or analyse offer buttons just don't work. You can sync your rosters OK and the layout is great. Good statistics on players. Trades need serious work to get working

by U####:

It won't load the actual players drafted for each team. I read the directions in the football guys email very carefully at least 3 times. I uninstalled and reinstalled, still won't work. It acts like all the players are still free agents even though I did my draft on the draft dominator app. It's just not syncing. The other reviews are also correct that it's really super slow. Like glacial. Update: everything is still the same. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get my draft to show up in this app. I did my actual live draft in the draft dominator app so not sure why it's not showing in this app. Still the same thing two weeks later.....for $5 I'd expect it to work. It just loads and loads and loads......when it finally loads no rosters show up at all like I still haven't done my draft. The league and team names show up but no players.

by I####:

After the update.... It's just as bad. Still unusable due to how slow and poorly designed it is. I like and respect Football Guys but this is embarrassing. It would have been better for your brand if you didn't release this. I would like a refund on this junk just like everyone else..

by T####:

Won't even load my roster screen comes up. But I signed into my cbs league and nothing every happened. It shows my league name and team name but never displays players on my roster. WASTE of $5

by L####:

Decent at best. The app is a slow. And the trade thing takes a long time. Then your team it takes a bit to understand what it all means with the "start" "pts+" and "bench" since there isn't a real guide to what they all mean. I got the hang of their meaning after a while tho. Wouldn't say the app is user Friendly but helpful if you have patience

by S####:

Originally rated at 1 star but recent update made it functional alot to get used to but I trust footballguys to produce a good product.

by G####:

You guys are close, but I just can't use this yet. It is slow, that does not bother me. It's a lot of data to crunch... But the user interface is very bad. Dear developers, make things you can click look clickable. Make buttons look like buttons. Not pale grey text on grey background. This goes for tabs too. Also, there are tables with columns that you can sort by, but the column titles don't mean anything. What is 'pts+' mean? 'pts+' what? Compared to what? Other than the bad UI this app does not have a lineup optimizer. You need to pay an extra $5 for a new app for that. It should be included. There is a lot of data that isn't presented in a manner humans can understand. Last thing, you guys are close to having a good app here. You have potential to take all the market share from Fantasy Pros who raised thier price from $5 per year to $50 per year. Don't blow this opportunity. You are close. But it's just not useable enough to replace Fantasy Pros yet. I think you have the hard part done. The UI is just terrible.

by Q####:

Seemed good at first. Doesn't stay current. My kicker is injured and out for the season and it still says I should keep him. Doesn't grab updated scores when synching with my league or updated news when I tell it to manually update.

by B####:

Not sure what the bad reviews are for, but I got it Sept 9. Looks great and everything seems to work. FBG fan for years so hoping projections are right and this will be awesome this year. Trade analyzer takes <10 seconds, much faster than me doing it. Only complaint is paying $5 for each of 3 apps after paying for subscription.

by M####:

The app stays loading forever and never gives you the info. I can't believe these guys charge for an app that doesn't work.

by P####:

I downloaded 9/13/17 and the app is working very well. It's awesome how I could log in and import both my Yahoo and ESPN fantasy league rosters. Trade analyzing and everything is moving pretty quickly, so I'm thinking that this app got a major upgrade since this 2 star rating. Seems like this app is up to the Draft Dominator standard now! Great job!

by X####:

The app has some great features and runs really well after the recent update (10x faster now). Only takes a couple seconds for analyses and the trade finder takes less than a minute. The trade finder is very cool and the waiver and trade analyzer's are excellent!

by O####:

Changed from 4 stars to 2 stars. App is buggy, sometimes it does not load. Most of the times you have to manually update projections, etc, multiple times. There is a delay in updating players (still shows woodhead playing 14 games the rest of the season and tells me its bad if i drop him for another FA). Just overall buggy. The only reason I give it 2 stars is because the idea is great and the trade portion of the app is helpful, but overall not worth the money. Not until they start putting some work into it...stick with the online subscription and don't waste the 4.99$ for this app.

by K####:

Note to developers: this app has already become indispensable. I took a chance based on Draft and Lineup Dominator and was ready to ride out a season-long learning curve. Knowing how much pride and passion you put into your work made it a developmental kickstarter contribution, if you will. But I already love it! Runs slightly slower on my phone than on my Galaxy Tab for some reason but people need to realize it takes a few moments to update the wealth of ever-changing information. Take a deep breath. Let it do its thing. The results so far have been spectacular. A must-have for season-long roster management.

by H####:

1.0.6 seems to resolve a lot of the slowness issues. Also the trade targets make me feel like I am making informed decisions. I have all 3 apps and want to see better integration in the future and feel the $5/ each is a good value. There appears to be a few bugs still like when I update manually it still says that there are updates to apply.

by N####:

The trade feature so slow it is not even worth trying to use

by E####:

Doesn't update after week 1. Re-installed twice.

by C####:

New version is faster by all means. Trade searching is especially faster. It went from a 20 minute process to searching in seconds. The trade function is literally 100x faster. The only thing that would make this app better is faster updates.

by F####:

Doesn't load half the time

by Y####:

Very useful! Would love a feature to find all good trades on one page and maybe get notifications.

by J####:

Rarely will load. Doesn't synch. Totally useless.

by R####:

Too complicated and does not realize when there is a bye week. Not good.

by A####:

Bought the app for the trade analysis. But its not worth it if you cannot apply players of your choice and analyze those trades. Only the trades that it creates for you does not provide a lot of help

by Z####:

This was a waste of money. The season isnt even over yet and I'm already uninstalling this app.

by W####:

It's aight. The thing I don't like is....when you try to analyze a trade....it projects how many more points your starters will have based off the trade (that's a good thing). However, what I don't like is ....when u try to trade 2 players for 1 player....the app automatically assumes who you are gonna pickup off the waivers since your giving away 2 players for 1 player. It always assumes I'm gonna pick up a QB even tho I already have a legit QB. The problem with this is.... because the app assumes u are gonna pickup a QB....it makes it look like you are getting the better of the trade because QB's usually score more points then mostly all other positions so the app projects your total points more then it should be, because in actuality u will never pickup up a QB if u already have a legit QB. So it's impossible to know how much you are really benefiting from the trade. Maybe I wanna pickup up a RB instead of a QB? But the app isn't smart enough to know who u are picking up from waivers so u won't know how much u really will benefit from the trade unless the app knows who ur gonna pickup. I hope this made sense. I screwed up on a trade because I thought I was getting the better deal cus it said my starters improved by 20 points by making this trade but the app only thought I was improving by 20 points because it said I was gonna pick up A.Dalton. Why would I pickup Dalton when I already have R.Wilson? So I would not put faith in this app when it comes to trades unless u are trading 1 player for 1 player.

by D####:

It's been two weeks since roster or lineup have updated players. Useless! And yes I tried clicking the manual update.

by V####:

Love the podcast and the work they do. Have used the Draft Dominator app the last three seasons and am a huge fan of it. This app does exactly what it says it will do. Would be nice to be able to target a particular position in your league when finding trades but still find the app very useful.

by U####:

Overall, this app has been very useful so far in the season, and its speed and updating performance have gotten better. My only suggestion would be the ability to target trades for a specific position, such as TE, where it could show me possible favorable trades with any team in my league. I have only found that I can target a specific player on another team and evaluate possible trades.

by I####:

Projections are off! Need to update more often. By Tuesday injured players need to be added into projections. Yes, I know who is injured, but calculations ate still made based on outdated information/data.

by T####:

I have all 3 apps from footballguys the only one worth the money is draft dominator the other to did not work at all.. this one worked the 1st week....well i thought it did because it pulled in my lineup but that was the extent. It never has the correct rosters so how can it provide the correct help.. so sad had so much potential but a waste of money. I had given up and then tried this week after 3 weeks away since zeke got suspended and forgot that my tosters are all wrong still....smh can you put a negative score?

by L####:

Odell Beckham still rated "invaluable" "must start" 3 days after season ending injury? Not much value when trying to replace him and the waiver wire is coming up in the morning!

by S####:

Version 1.0.8 is back to usable performance. Great concept, but really needs to make clear how updated the projections it is using are, especially on Monday and Tuesday. Also could be clearer about how the stats are calculated. It's Tuesday night, and the projections (though updated) don't seem to match the website, making this essentially useless for my waivers tonight.

by G####:

Needs a more responsive UI. Painfully slow. At least show a progress bar or something when I'm waiting to be able to clock a button. Maybe shade buttons differently if they are unavailable?

by Q####:

All of the problems I previously encountered with the app have been resolved, so I've gone from 2 stars, to 3 stars, and now 5 stars. The responsiveness of Simon to my concerns has been remarkable. Color me: very satisfied!

by B####:

Although it's still a little slow, it is so much better than it was at the start of the season. Dev is responsive and actively improving app. This app needs to be combined with the Lineup Dominator app. So similar, yet a pain to have two apps to get the whole job done. Some needed improvements: IR support, TE support for leagues with WRT but no TE.

by M####:

Dead app. Loads and nothing is responsive. Half my roster shows but doesn't scroll. Tabs do nothing. Week three out of four where this doesn't function during the waiver wire period. Plenty of free apps out there that are better and more reliable.

by P####:

Expected performance has returned with update on 9/19. What I like most about this is the season long look when evaluating potential changes to my roster. In my one league with a team kicker, it would be nice if the app recognized which kicker each team has, so it doesn't constantly show kickers as high value additions (that are not available to me), but I can get by if you don't change it.

by X####:

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! I wouldn't use this if it was free, burning your money will give you more satisfaction! It's almost always stuck on the loading screen, and when it's not, it never syncs with my leagues. The data never seems to update correctly, and you have to MANUALLY update players. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!

by O####:

I have all 3 of the apps from these guys. As I mentioned in my review for lineup dominator, lineup and roster should definitely be combined. It's frustrating to switch between them when researching. Additionally, predictions didn't get updated until something like 8AM central today. Sure makes the waiver portion less than desirable.. Update: predictions updated more quickly this week, much increasing the usability. Still wishing this and lineup dominator were combined. Also of note, there is no IR support. App functions, but views the player as a being a regular bench player. Updated rating.

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