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by T####:

The very first word was confusing. Owabi. For some reason there's two versions of the translation. The Japanese reads: yoku owabi shinasai and the romaji translation says yoku owabi shite kudasai. The romaji translation is a politer version of the sentence but if you're new to Japanese you'd be like "I don't understand why the kana and romaji don't match up? There also only seems to be 5 topics, traveling, body, family, occupations and food. The trial topic (traveling) has 76 words in it. I'm guessing the other 4 topics also have 76 words as well. I'm not sure I'd want to upgrade for £6.32 for only 380 words. £6.32 is a lot for an app. I'll hold back on upgrading on this one. Having said all that, their approach does seem quite refreshing and the review system is quite nice and I like the fact that casual Japanese is also used.

by I####:

This is a great app! I love learning new things and this app is great so I can learn a little something new every day. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to learn a little about the Japanese language!

by U####:

I am a big fan of the Japanese language and I'm always looking for new ways to broaden my knowledge with it. I have many different sources and I am glad I came across this one to add to it as well. It's super easy for anyone to be able to use and benefit from all the same. Whether you're a beginner or just touching up, it's perfect! I especially love the games you can play too! (It's also helped my ability of reading Kanji too!)

by V####:

this app is really great! i wish i should have seen this before!

by Z####:

This app has a lovely interface that makes the learning much more fun. The quizzes are definitely a plus and the fact that you can hear the pronunciation of the words is a helpful feature. Also, creating your own word list helps you keep track of your progress.

by A####:

I absolutely love it! So addictive and a great time waster!

by R####:

So fun and addictive!U can play so much its AWESOME

by J####:

Really fun I play all the time in my free time

by Y####:

Awesome, quite addictive. Feel like playing all the Times

by F####:

Soo cool and addicting +great for when im bord:-)!!

by C####:

Addictive and refreshing....love the game...

by K####:

This is a very smart way to learn a foreign language most especially Japanese. The app is user friendly and very easy to operate for none native speakers. Been using it for 7 days now and I'm learning a lot. I will be keeping this for a long time.

by O####:

This app is extremely useful for anyone learning Japanese@!

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