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About Pebblebee Finder

The free PebblebeeⓇ Finder App is compatible with the PebblebeeⓇ Finder™ Bluetooth tracker.

The PebblebeeⓇ Finder™: Find your Keys and Phone in seconds.
Ring the loud buzzer and flash the LED to find lost items.
Push the button to find your Phone.
Always track your items when in range on a Map.
Replaceable battery that lasts up to 1 year.
Up to 200 ft range.
Surgical Stainless Steel ring.

Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 devices (HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S4/5/6/7, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and most other BLE4.0 compatible Android devices).

Requires Android version 4.4 or later. For best performance use 5.0 or later.

Note: Continued use of your phone’s GPS in the background may decrease battery life.

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How to Download / Install

Download and install Pebblebee Finder version 3.0.138-20171219_2 on your Android device!
Downloaded 1,000+ times, content rating: Everyone
Android package:, download Pebblebee Finder.apk

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What's Changed
Voice Assistant:
Added Google Home
Simplified Amazon Alexa
Voice Tags are set in Device Settings

What are users saying about Pebblebee Finder

by T####:

Much beer than the original one.

by L####:

Won't let me get past naming screen.

by S####:

Bought a pack of three and none of them worked

by G####:

New app is much nicer!

by Q####:

Finder only ever rings when I'm sat right next to it.

by B####:

Migration needs work, but the new app is better than the old one. There is still some room for improvement. I couldn't use my phone to stop the ringing when I used the Pebblebee to locate it.

by M####:

Just got my new finder and love it. Very loud and can hear across the house

by P####:

Migration from old app was a total fail. Used to sign in with my Facebook account so I did the Facebook migration then signed in with my email address. Now when I try to add the finder it says that it has already been claimed.

by X####:

This is the app we've been waiting for for months with high expectations and promises that it would work. Alas bitterly disappointing and doesn't work. It's true that you have managed to double the range of the Finder but that's only from less than 3 feet to just under 6 feet. Hardly what I would call long range. It still doesn't narrow it down to being in the same room to more bring at the other end of the sofa. Not really what I expected when I signed up to supporting this project. I had envisioned that it would at least be able to find missing keys / phone in the same house. (And it's not that I have a mansion or anything just your typical suburban two up two down terrace). Frankly the finder is nought more than a (very expensive) key chain ornament. 200 foot range! Wot rot! 6 at most

by O####:

No left behind alert which is promise to be have in the beginning. Press thr button to find my phone and the ringer cannot stop and needa restart my phone to stop it. Uncomplete and not fully tested application. Very disappointed.

by K####:

Does not work. Cannot login, never receive activation code

by H####:

With the latest update, the app crashes and cannot be opened. Roll back please.

by N####:

Installed this app to try to connect to my device. Pressed a couple thousands of long presses and short presses. Unable to detect. Reinstalled the other 2.3ratings app and still to no avail. My my thumb hurts ????

by E####:

The app states that it's buzzing the pebblebee but the pebblebee isn't even ringing and is right next to me.

by C####:

Lost my keys. Turned on pebblebee it couldn't find them. Downloaded new app still couldn't find them. It worked great when I found the keys and pressed the button myself. Epic fail. Have 2 more of these useless things :(

by F####:

The sign in system is ridiculously stupid. No more "pesky" passwords! Just a system that makes me wait 5-15 minutes to get a code through my email EVERY TIME I RESTART MY PHONE. This is supposed to be a time saver. It's supposed to help me find things when I need them, not make me frustrated every time that I open the app as I wait for an email that may or may not come in a reasonable time frame.

by Y####:

Constantly logged out. Everytime I NEED information on where the "new and improved" pebblebee finder is, all there would be is information on when I last signed in and synced it. Which might have been weeks prior. So, basically I need to remember to check the app every single time I go any place at all to make sure it's got the most accurate information of where the finder is... or I can just remember to check my pockets for my keys. This app and the finder device are a complete waste of time and money. Oh, unless you use iphone, in which case you'll be treated with a product that actually works. Maybe you should just stop offering this to android users and save us the hassle.

by J####:

It works adequately to find the device if it is range. One big feature that could earn more stars would be the ability to see whether the device was currently connected. Right now I have to press the button and wait for it to time out and move to a different area and try again. If I knew it wasn't connected, it would save time.

by R####:

I have stopped using this product all together. Why? I'll be logged in the app one day and find out that I've been logged out the next. The app continuously logs me out only to log back in using my email. Logging back in with the email authentication is fine, I get it. But what is the point of using the product if the app, which is supposed to track my keys, is not up and running all the time? I have better luck just searching for my keys every day. Also, why is there two app versions for android? One for Finder and one for Honey & Stone? The iOS version has one app for both the Finder and Honey & Stone products. I am not an iOS hater, I do have an iPod and iPad. It would be more convenient to have all Pebblebee products in one app for android users. Just saying.

by A####:

I spent $75 on 3 of the Finder devices. Despite constant logging out / closing of background app I worked with tech support and even gathered log files in debug mode. Was told new code to fix the issue was coming soon but waited and waited. Finally new code came out, but same issue - app constantly shuts down (apparently it thinks Bluetooth is powering off when it is not). I am about one week away from taking the Finders off my key chains and calling the $75 a wasted investment. Time for new developers or something there.

by Z####:

Don't buy this product. Every update causes the app to require activation. Often this reactivation does not work. You must delete the app and re-download. What a waste of money.

by W####:

Two issues, It keeps logging me off, and yes, I know you guys at Pebblebee are going to say it's designed to "Keep you logged in", but doesn't it seem obvious that there's a problem when so many reviewers here are all saying the same thing? Might not be designed that way....but it is sure doing it. Second issue is that even after I close the app, the app pops up a notification saying "scanning", that will not go away. Its just sitting back there killing the battery. Until of course it closes the app and I have to wait for an email to log back in again. SMH at this pebble thing.

by D####:

It will randomly make your phone ring and there is no way to stop it it just rings and rings I had to disable the app before it would stop and it randomly beeps annoying af stupidest thing I ever bought

by V####:

Works great now with the latest update, when it wouldn't work at all before! Can't speak for the extent of its ability because I haven't had to yet, but at least it does what it's supposed to so far

by U####:

An app should not be that hard to set up. I tried the find my phone option and did not worked. I try to connect with Alexa and the instruction from Pebblebee and Alexa are different. Once I could enable it, Alexa tells me to go to "voice assistance setup in Pebblebee app" but the option does not exist in the app. Very dissapointing

by I####:

There is always a notification icon on my Pixel 2 and I'm worried it will eat the battery. Google assistant can be setup to use Pebblebee finder app but the Pebblebee app says to setup Voice assistant, but there is no setup in the app.

by T####:

I purchased the 3 pack. Out of the box, I could only get 2 of the 3 to pair. Once paired, they won't work. I can't return them right now because I can't find one of them (and that is the primary function of the things!!) I immediately contacted Pebblebee support. Took them over 24 hours to respond and all they did is ask what phone I am using, what OS I am using and asking me to check the battery status of the finders by looking at the app. Well, there is no battery status on the app. Regardless, I JUST bought these, you would think they would ship a product with a fresh battery? That said, I replied to their questions within an hour. It took me following up 16 days later to finally get a response, treating me like an idiot: -Make sure my bluetooth is on. (duh!) -Make sure the pebblebee can access my location (duh! esp since it requires you to "allow" when opening the app!) -Update app (updates automatically, still not working) Also, take note that the app update was to fix the issue of the app logging out - which you can see by reading their canned response to any of the reviews on here. Also for voice assistant... which is useless if the things don't work!

by L####:

Just bought this device (12-20-2017) and it will not connect with my Samsung Galaxy 7. Tried several times briefly pushing the button but, still it will not connect. My first mistake was, I should have read the reviews and my second mistake , I bought two. So, PLEASE PLEASE DON'T purchase this device. The second one was going to be a Christmas gift for my sister.

by S####:

App was the wrong one for my honey tags, just making a suggestion it might be better to call it pebblebee for Finder or something like that, I thought it was for finding any pebblebee tags, didn't realised there was tags called Finder. This was a source of frustration when I got given the devices for Christmas and I couldn't work out why they wouldn't add.

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