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About Penny: Track Spending & Finances, Save Money

Chat with Penny, your personal finance coach, to securely track your spending and plan for a better financial future! We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people already. Stress less and save more money with Penny!

???? Features
✔ Money Tracking: Explains your spending and income with friendly messages and simple, beautiful graphs.
✔ Spending Insights: Shares fun and useful facts, like where you shop most or how much you spend on fast food.
✔ Bill Tracking & Reminders: Tracks your upcoming bills and credit card payments and reminds you when they're due.
✔ Spending Notifications: Notifies you when new transactions arrive.
✔ Automatic Categorization: Sorts your spending into simple categories, automatically.
✔ Unified Finances: Shows all of your transactions and balances in one place.
✔ Fee Alerts: Warns you when your bank charges you a fee to try and save you money.
✔ Spending Goals: Helps you set achievable spending goals and take steps towards saving more & improving your personal finances.
✔ Personal Finance Coaching: Unlike typical spending trackers like Mint, Penny also teaches you best money management practices like investing and using savings accounts.
✔ Security: Built with bank-grade security by industry veterans.

???? As Seen On
✔ New York Times
✔ Forbes: 12 Free Apps To Track Your Spending (2016)
✔ TechCrunch: Penny Is A Chat-Based Personal Finance Coach (2015)
✔ Lifehacker: Penny Tracks Your Spending and Walks You Through Your Budget (2015)
✔ Google Play Store Editor's Choice

...and many more!

???? Security
✔ We use SSL 256-bit encryption—the same security protocol that banks use.
✔ Nobody, including you, can access your money with Penny.
✔ Penny never stores your bank credentials.
✔ Closing your Penny account deletes all information from our servers, as if you had never signed up.

⚙ Support
✔ Penny supports thousands of banks and credit cards including: JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Capital One / Capital One Credit Card, Navy Federal Credit Union (Navy FCU / NFCU), American Express (AMEX), Citibank, USAA Bank, US Bank, Discover / Discover Card, BB&T, PNC, TD Bank, Regions Bank, SunTrust Bank, Huntington Bank, Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU), Fifth Third Bank, HSBC Bank, NetSpend (MetaBank), Woodforest Bank, Simple Bank, Key Bank, Ally Bank, PayPal, and many more.
✔ Penny is currently only available in the United States.

NOTE: You must have a bank or credit card to use Penny. If you run into any issues getting your account connected, please contact us at [email protected] so we can help you!

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Download and install Penny: Track Spending & Finances, Save Money version 2.1.1 on your Android device!
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Android package: com.pennyapp, download Penny: Track Spending & Finances, Save Money.apk

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What's Changed
Excited for more Penny updates? We definitely are!
* Penny can now talk to even more people about how to grow and invest your money ????
* Penny continues to find new ways to keep you safe and will suggest steps to take after events like the Equifax breach ????
* Penny has many more insights to share! Some examples include showing how much you've made this year, explaining how to best pay off your debt, and providing tips on how to improve your credit score ????
Happy chatting!
Version update Penny: Track Spending & Finances, Save Money was updated to version 2.1.1
More downloads  Penny: Track Spending & Finances, Save Money reached 100 000 - 500 000 downloads
Name changed  Name changed! Penny: Track & Save Money now is known as Penny: Track Spending & Finances, Save Money.
Version update Penny: Track Spending & Finances, Save Money was updated to version 0.0.28

What are users saying about Penny: Track Spending & Finances, Save Money

by M####:

It's a fantastic app. Unfortunately my bank either no longer supports transactions with Penny, or Penny no longer supports my bank. I'm not sure. Either way, if it works with your bank it is a beautiful app.

by P####:

Great app! Helps me keep track of my finances in a non-boring way. But $7 a month to upgrade?? I thought we were supposed to be saving money here?! Even the discounted $4 a month is too much.

by X####:

Great and encouraging app for reminding and staying motivated to keep on top of your finances. Weird concept of talking to a robot, but actually has been more help on my finances than my family or even my bank. Love that it is all in one place to keep track of my spending and keep me on a goal to save money. It really is an incredible app.

by O####:

This app would be awesome but how would i track all my spending IF YOU HAVE LIMITED BANKS I CAN LINK TOO...this does not find my greendot account or my del one credit union NOT HELPFUL AT ALL the only account i was able to link is my savings accounts with capitalone...this app needs to allow u to link to any bank NOT JUST THE POPULAR BANKS #uninstalled

by K####:

This app really helped me keep on eye on spending and helped me see my spending problems! And I LOVE the interaction with penny. It makes it fun

by H####:

Amazing app. Although there should totally be an option to share referrals via social media instead of just SMS. My friends think it's spam D:

by N####:

So far I'm loving this app! It's thought me things I never thought of and ever since I started using I have been saving more and more money(:

by E####:

It could of been great I don't know. but I couldn't connect to my bank. It kept saying that wells Fargo sent a code phone but I never got it. I tried multiple times.

by C####:

It's a fun mint like app. She categorizes things well and keeps you informed throughout the day. A good eye opener and a constant reminder of money goals.

by F####:

A spending tracker that I actually use! I've started too many of the competetors and always either had problems or found them easy to ignore, not so with penny. Definately the honey vs vinegar approach! I love the random analytics and tips it offers. I am a penny+ member and very pleased to be. I would like to see multiple plus membership payment plans (annual vs monthly) and perhaps some disount offers. And a more complete faq, or a master list of "something else" entries as that is a feature id like to utilize. Oh and a way to mark a conversation for saving for later would be amazing! I manage the finances for my household and would love to be able to pull up a prior spontaneous penny conversation to show my wife.

by Y####:

Pretty good app but it is marking my income as a withdrawal instead of a deposit and there seems to be no way of changing it. Because of this, it is not accurately tracking my spending habits.

by J####:

It's an extremely well done application with a powerful AI behind it, so hats off to the development team. It's a great way to keep track of your expenses and, more importantly, goals but in less stressed, casual manner. This app also evokes the "push" method of monitoring finances which is the feature that I most desire.

by R####:

Penny is awesome..... didn't realize how much unnecessary money I was spending until penny broke it all down and showed me how to spend correctly. Beside that penny is awesome and has a lot of great features to use and reminders

by A####:

I love the language she uses, like talking to a person you know. She tells me things I didn't know I should be noticing and has really helped me be more aware of where my money is going. I love all the knowledge.

by Z####:

Penny breaks down finances and spending in a comprehensive manner. Just in three months I've been able to find where I spend the most money and cut back sending by category to build savings! Much more helpful than relying on bank statements to track finances and spending!

by W####:

Really helpful to see exactly where your money is going and to keep track of spending. I use this app daily and it has helped me cut back in categories I didn't realize I was spending so much on.

by D####:

Pretty useful app, it gives some a lot of unique insights into my spending and the free version does a decent job of tracking and categorizing transactions. My only complaint is it won't track one of my accounts so I'm only getting partial transactions, such throw off my actual spending amounts

by V####:

started great but then the system began changing all of my expensives to income . And they made my direc deposit as an expense. I wrote to them explaining the situation and they said they will get back to me. I wonder when that will be because im still waiting. I got tired of it and just uninstalled it.

by U####:

It has been several days and it still has not linked up my account. Also there is no drop down menu or any tabs so I can't even erase my information. I sent an email to support 2 days ago AND STILL have not heard anything from them. Someone needs to let me know how I can delete my banking information when there is no tab or settings in the actual app. I'm really starting to think this was a scam app.

by I####:

It's fun and easy using Penny; it's like texting a little sister you actually like who happens to be a wiz at tracking your finances. Penny will also bring up how to improve those finances and other helpful things like, after the Equifax fiasco, how to protect your identity!

by T####:

penny helps me keep track of what I'm spending. Seeing how much money I spend on certain things had helped me cut back. She also reminds me when bills are due! Very helpful in my busy life!

by L####:

This app makes me confront financial truths I try to hide from. It's been very beneficial. It has helped me cut down on unecessary spending big time.

by S####:

The app is pretty easy to use and understand. I like that it shows the trend for my spend versus earn and helps set goals to save money. Some of the pro features would fill in the gaps of features that I want but at this time I'm not willing to pay the subscription.

by G####:

Would not connect to my account even though my bank was listed. And there's no work around. It has to connect to your account right there or it won't go any further. Waste of my time.

by Q####:

Love this app! Its been great keeping track of what I spend and getting tips on how to spend less and save more. I have the premium version and I think it is totally worth it. Im a college student, and noticed the amount I spend of fast food is out of control. It keeps me in check on all of my "extra" spending and even allows me to have goals to accomplish!

by B####:

I'm so unorganized with my finances and Penny is like my personal little accountant angel. I don't know how I've survived as long as I have without her. And she's so cute! Thank you to the developers of this app you guys area freaking godsend. Penny is amazing.

by M####:

This app is great so far. My only gripe at the moment is I set up a goal to use less money, specifically spend less in fast food, and I got gas. The gas station was at a panda express. So the app put it towards my goal and I can not change it. At least I don't know how to.

by P####:

This app has proved valuable day 1! I would've missed a $20.00 overcharge if not for Penny telling me about the transaction THAT DAY! I also enjoy the text type communication. Download this app today!

by X####:

There are some flaws with this app. For example not all expenditures are correctly accounted for, and you can rearrange things to more accurately fit what actually happened. But it's a great snapshot of you spending. And certainly illuminates areas that one might consider as a weak point in your spending.

by O####:

This is my favorite money app. I have the plus version and its worth every penny (pun intended) as they improve. I was in severe debt and am working on building my credit. This is a great way to help me keep track of my finances and work to be more responsible.

by K####:

Came unlinked from my bank gave it valid information about 5 times or so and according to the app the info was wrong. So if my bank has an issue with this app there must be a reason. I really hope my account isnt compromised because of all the time this app was properly linked. Goodbye penny i wont trouble you further

by H####:

After the Level app was closed down, I found Penny as a replacement. It has been extremely helpful in monitoring and managing my finances. Very user friendly interface and shows me exactly what I want to see. Can't wait until they are able to link with more of my financial accounts.

by N####:

Good app - I'm using the free version but am considering the upgraded version. This app had helped me get a view of how I'm spending my money and where I need to make changes. It has good recommendations and keeps you informed of current financial events, such as the Experian breach.

by E####:

I'm sure I would love this app but it's been days and it still hasn't linked to my transactions so I need to know how to delete this app like delete all of my info out of it! Then I will uninstall it. I've emailed the support team yesterday and still haven't gotten a reply so that's not an option either.

by C####:

Was skeptical at first if I could trust an app like this, but it has been reliable and very friendly as it holds me accountable for my expenditures. Struggles a little bit with categorizing certain transactions, but there is a pro version available to address that issue. For casual account tracking, this app is for you!

by F####:

A fairly good app. Would like to see a "review/new items" screen to more easily identify and categorize items. I'd also like to be able to rename or customize categories. Only 3 stars as the better features are locked behind Penny+ and it costs 50 bucks per year!! Way too expensive for simplistic app.

by Y####:

I really enjoy this app. It makes understanding your finances a peice of cake. Especially somebody who is not very good at saving ???? I've been reading a bunch of negative comments about banks not connecting but I haven't had any issues. I only gave it four stars because I feel there could be improvement. I recently switched from mint to penny. Penny by far is way more helpful. However penny lacks the ability to have a widget. I enjoyed mints widget that allows you to see the transactions that are pending and have already cleared. I feel that if penny had their own widget then they would be on top of the game.

by J####:

Add split pay. Let's say I go to dinner with friends and they pay their portion. I don't need to account for the extra on my card because I was paid through Venmo. Take into consideration split pay so that the proper amount gets accounted properly. Also, improve charts, they need to be a bit more colorful and the numbers appear as if they are negative. The other app prism is beating you in terms of auto bill pay and reminders.

by R####:

Best spending Financial tracking app I have use. It has helped me so much. I love the easy interface and theme of Penny being your little finainal assist massaging with you. I love her random tips and help also I learned alot form that. I only wish there were more categories to track expensive like household goods split off from food. (I have the free one could be in the pay) Still love this app i can't wait to see future updates to make it even better!!!!!

by A####:

I absolutely love Penny! I've used Mint in the past but it never really did what I wanted it to do. Penny analyzes your spending and tells where most of your money is going and if you want to spend less money - allowing you to create a goal. She just gives good tips too. I can't wait to see any updates that come from this app.

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