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by T####:

First thing congratulations to your customer service. Response is always swift and helpful. Full of praise for them. Right the app. Works very well if you can keep a satellite & signal coverage which can be difficult on a golf course. Sadly I have not managed a full round where the app has recorded all shots and holes. Maybe it's just where I play, but I have played at quite a few different locations.

by I####:

My main issue with it in general is silly little bugs like the fact that it doesn't seem to remember my handicap, also it sometimes seems to be a bit tricky getting to the information you want. Other than that the app is superb. However since the android update my PIQ device is no longer connecting.

by U####:

Amazing app and product when it works, But I find the app freezed when I would leave it for a few holes to allow the app to automatically input my scores. Every time this happens I have to shut down the app and reboot it. Also on the aerial view the picture seems to distort in some areas stopping you from seeing hazards etc. Is this just a problem on Androids?

by V####:

Very buggy but when you get it working it does offer a lot of info on your swing ... just batteling to complete 18 holes with the device actualy mapping all my shots

by D####:

Excellent virtual golf assistant

by W####:

Potentially a great app but very poor instructions. I have used it 5 times and I still haven't been able to input scores or move my game from the first hole!I still get the "your game is setup to start on the first hole" and doesn't allow me to cycle through to the next hole and I still haven't found a way of inputting my scores correctly. Do i need to be at the end of the whole to do this? Very frustrating as I have the PIQ sensor too. which isnt cheap. Please respond PIQMobitee!!

by Z####:

One of the best apps out there. I have had very little issues come up and the ones I had were addressed. They are always updating and improving this app on a regular basis and I like the fact that it's a GPS, tracks your shots, and has a swing analysis all in one. Overall great product!

by A####:

Swing tempo is limited to 2.5:1 ratio. Not sure if this optimal or can be changed. Shot tracking is somewhat inaccurate. Club used for the shot was incorrect and it was not on the right hole. I wasn't able to edit each shot to update after the round. Also I had to enter the actual scores at the end of each hole, which was inconvenient and delayed the game. Each shot should update the scorecard as I make the shot. (I am not sure if this is something already built in I am not able to use it. Better description in the manual will be helpful in this case)

by R####:

Yep. My just survived a complete washing cycle in the washing machine, completely unharmed!

by J####:

Only downside is you can't analyse previous range sessions yet

by Y####:

Definitely room for improvement. An awesome app and product. Great for tracking shot and clubs.

by F####:

Great App !!!

by X####:

Just purchased. AWFUL TO DATE. Been trying for five days to startCan not set up account to activate the app. Wants me check phone number before it will give me a validation code. Support (??) is only via email - no phone support!! Can download the app on my PC but the app does not support pc either . Go figure?? Would like to try the app but does not work. So far I would have to give it ZERO STARS but not allowed.

by M####:

I love this app and Mobitee and Piq coming together is a match made in heaven!

by G####:

Piq tracke mes coups c'est génial, ça m'aide au practice aussi. :) :)

by S####:

My phone literally restarts every few minutes when using this app, it hasn't recorded my club use or where I hit onbthe course. It's a nice app with a huge amount of potential probably worthy of 5 stars if they get it all working

by L####:

Needs a lot of work, spend lots of time fiddling to get anything out of it, potentially a great product, but currently ultimately quite useless

by T####:

So far very mixed experience. I got it connected to the app once but now my phone refuses connecting via Bluetooth saying communication failed. Can anyone please tell me if 0000 is correct Bluetooth pin?

by I####:

What I've seen so far looks great. Would like a manual of some form as trying to workout how to get the best out of it is just trial and error.

by U####:

Charger that will recharge the PIQ swing detector 3x. The detector is supposed to last 6 hours. So does that means with recharge or 18 hours total? I don't like that I have to unmount from the glove clip to connect to the charger. The glove clip is like a large, fancy paper clip, ergo I see this thing gettidng lost. Will we be able to order replacement parts?

by V####:

Won't let me login. Keeps saying check my phone number and to contact mobitee. Would love to try out all the new piq equipment I purchased but this app is broken.

by D####:

wow, the best golf app with sensor

by W####:

The best of the best

by Z####:

Super flach ganz unscheinbar

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