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by Y####:

Like turds in the punch bowl a couple people complained about the level of security and the PW requirements on this app which brought the rating down. To those people I suggest deleting your crappy review and try writing your PW down somewhere and keep it secured like a lot of people do. It's easy to reference if you forget. Anyway, isn't good security what you want from an app that helps you manage your money? I personally had zero issue with setting up the app with a secure PW.

by C####:

If you've ever had a credit card stolen like I have then this is a great app for peace of mind.

by E####:

Keep saying error or having difficulties. Tried it again and again and still comes up not working.

by R####:

It's about time Selco came out with this. Let's hope we see EMV cards soon. Lots of places in Europe use that technology and you can be left without access to funds without it.

by J####:

When I tried setting this up it requires you to have a password with an uppercase/lowercase letter, a number AND a special character. Unless I use this app on a daily basis, I can't remember a PW that's completely different (ones that require special characters) than the same one I have for the regular SELCO app. Get rid of the unnecessary special character requirement and I'll use this app. The reality is, I'm not going to remember the PW and you'll have to email it to me anyway, so why have a PW ?

by Y####:

I'm done putting up with passwords that become harder and harder to conform to the requirements, while becoming no more secure, and even LESS secure than just being able to make my password what I like. Forcing me to use no less than one capital one lowercase a number a symbol and having a narrow range of password lengths... why not throw in a blood sacrifice and my first born?

by F####:

Cool thanks you are love

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