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About Trackidz Parental Control

***Trackidz is not compatible with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) yet***

Trackidz is the most feature packed Parental Control App aimed to provide Safety and Security for the child and Peace of mind for the Parents.

Trackidz Parental Control (to be downloaded on Child's device) and Trackidz Dashboard (to be downloaded on Parents device) are two Apps which work together for the overall Trackidz experience.

One cannot work without the other, so please make sure to download both the Apps.:

Both the Apps can work on Smartphones as well as Tablets.

Key Features:

--> Safe Browsing
Download any safe browser for your child and set it up as “Parent’s preferred Browser” in Dashboard. Trackidz will ensure that your child is only able to use the Parent’s preferred browser and will block all other browsers.

--> Phone-Off Alert
Trackidz’s breakthrough feature will send an instant Notification to parents every time your child’s phone is turned off. You can click on the message to see the location where the phone was switched off.

--> Emergency Message
If your child is in a Emergency situation but cannot call or text for help, he can simply tap on the power button of his phone 8 to 12 times in quick succession to send an Emergency Alert to Parents. Parents can click on the message to check the location of their child.

--> Remote Control
Manage all of Trackidz's setups and controls from the luxury of your own phone or tablet.

--> Geo Fence
Setup Geo Fence to get alerts every time your child exits or enters the Geo Fence.

--> GPS Location
Know the most current GPS location of your child from your own phone or tablet.

--> Child’s Contacts
See all of your Child’s Contacts on your phone in Trackidz Dashboard.

--> Max Time
Setup maximum time your child can use individual Apps to control your child’s addiction to any App.

--> Daily Apps Time
Setup the Daily Maximum Time allowed for all apps to control and manage your child’s Screen time.

--> Block Apps
Permanently block Apps which you don’t want your child to use.

--> Cyber Bullying
Ground breaking feature of detecting Cyber Bullying by monitoring child's weekly device usage. Get notified of any significant changes (more than 30%) in your child's weekly device usage which is a typical sign of Cyber Bullying.

--> Block Schedule
Setup Block Schedules for specific times, e.g. Bed Time, School Time etc. If Apps are blocked, you can specify up to 3 Apps which will be allowed to be used.

--> Bonus Time
Reward your child for Good Behavior by giving him / her Bonus Time. Bonus Time will increase the Daily Apps time for that day.

--> TimeOut
Timeout will block all activities from your child’s phone for the time specified. However Phone Dialer will not be blocked. Your child will still be able to make and receive phone calls.

--> Monitor Usage
Monitor Up-to the minute usage information of your child’s device from your device. Monitor Usage has the following features:
- Pie Chart showing the percentage usage of the top 5 Apps for the current day and week.
- Detailed usage of all the Apps of the current day and current week, including usage on Cellular network,
WiFi and Offline.
- Detailed Usage of each Day of the Week for any App.
- Graph showing the Total Device usage of the current week and the previous 5 weeks.

--> Track Webpages
Monitor all webpages visited by your child on Chrome Browser.

--> Monitor New Apps
Trackidz Dashboard shows all New Apps downloaded during the week with a green bar next to the App’s name.

--> Find Lost Phone
Find your child’s lost phone by using the Location feature of the App.



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What are users saying about Trackidz Parental Control

by H####:

It is a good way to prevent my child from sneaking his phone when he is suppose to be asleep or doing his home work.

by K####:

This must've been the easiest parental-child online tracking app used to set up monitoring and app blocking internet activities. Assuming the child is using the parent's device, (s)he couldn't do much Internet-related activities once the scheduled blocker kicks in: the related apps just shuts down and they are notified why. The child's efforts to disable the block are in vain, unless (s)he knows the parent's email address and password used. With only 3 main screens to manipulate in the back-office of the app, it doesn't get much simpler than this. The UX needs a little work, and its simplicity makes it easy to just "set and forget"... until the child reminds you about it.

by O####:

I like this app, as a result of it blocks the {children} from mistreatment sure things i would not need my child mistreatment, like my paypal account I will block my son from mistreatment that then that is simply nice. the sole downside I even have with this can be i actually would like it had been free however i am not getting to lie it'd be a good investment to use if my kid had his own phone

by X####:

An absolutely smart way to monitor the young ones activities online. Good online screening to prevent them from involving in associations that are questionable.

by P####:

Good parental control app. Lets you monitor your teen's internet usage on their smartphone. Also, lets you set up timers for apps your kids/teen's use, enforcing time allotted for said apps. All in all, it is a very useful app indeed.

by M####:

My little cousins know how to go around this app. I don't need this but I can't uninstall the app. Please tell me how to get rid of this.

by B####:

Love it! With the parental control app I am able to have control on every app installed. Kids can no longer access apps I choose during specific times that I choose. Thank you for this option. What I really like is that every app I have installed is displayed with individual settings.

by Q####:

Really helpful app for parental management and plenty easier to use than others on the market. the most effective feature is having the ability to manage however long they play games for. You wont ought to worry regarding them concealed in playday at midnight as a result of you management the soap time allowed therefore you'll simply set it so that they cant.

by G####:

This is a great parental control app. Stop bullying and monitor your childs activities. Highly recommend to any parent.

by S####:

Wow what a nice app just loved it I would recommend to my all friends and family.

by L####:

This is amazing parental Control app for easy parental management and I think it a very useful and friendly for all anyone like this app for its wonderful facility. Thanks for this best app.

by T####:

It is an awesome up with great features for child control. With thise app you can control cyber bullying and screen time for child.

by I####:

I like this parental control app, because it blocks the kids from using certain things I wouldn't want my child using, Such as my paypal account I can block my son from using that then that's just great. the only problem I have with this is I really wish it was free but I'm not going to lie it would be a great investment to use if my child had his own phone I would definitely consider using this app on Premium.

by U####:

Really useful app for parental control and a lot easier to use than others on the market. The best feature is being able to control how long they play games for. You wont have to worry about them sneaking in playtime at night because you control the max time allowed so you can easily set it so they cant.

by V####:

This app has great potential. It's a small download so the child won't notice it taking much device space. However, if you don't upgrade, the child WILL figure out how to uninstall the app (and reinstall it as if it was never removed). It is recommended you TEST each and every limitation you put on your child's mobile usage whether it is blocking browsing, messaging, and gps usage at certain times of the day, screen time limits on each and every chosen app the version used for this review, it wasn't clear IF the limitations were put into effect or not until "it happened". Setting the limitations is rather tedious, though, and the need to leave the app only to go back into it to tweak another limitation is quite warisome. with its current GUI; so before handing over the device to the child, make sure you are confident your limitations are in place and active, lest you give your child a double message.

by D####:

This app is a great parental control app, it really let's you set limits on what you're kids can and can't do on the internet. It is very useful because nowadays there are a lot of things out there on the internet that I do not want my children to see.

by W####:

This app is wonderful, it's great for those parents that want to look out for their kids. It allows you to see your children's screen time or how long they have been using the phone and also allows you to give them a limit! 5 star app!!!

by Z####:

I think is app should have been created a long time ago but i am happy its here now .very easy to use and my children know that I will controll there every move with freaks them out . Thanks for the app

by A####:

This is a great app for parents to use to be able to monitor their childs use on a mobile device. See if your child is bullied or being bullied amongst others. Strongly recommend for parents with preteens and teenage children.

by R####:

This parental control app works great, especially if you want to keep track of what your children are doing on their phone. It allows to know their usage s on their phone also.

by J####:

I love how I can see what my kids are doing and limit them to a specific time. Just an overall great idea for a app.

by Y####:

The best part of this is the screen time managment. I am a firm believer in allowing specific amounts of time and this app is perfect for that. I worry enough about whether my kids are safe, let alone on their phones. It's good to know I can help keep them safe with the anti-bullying utilities also.

by F####:

The app allows parents or guardians to take control of their children phone usage by setting specific screen time for the children. It is a good app that parents will worry less about their children spending too much time on the gadget. It is a nice app to have.

by C####:

This really helps me out when it comes to managing my son's phone time and how much he messages. Today, there is so much to worry about regarding the subject of anti-bullying. With this app, I can monitor him so he is safe and also lock the screen when I feel it needs to be. This is a great parenting tool. Highly recommended!

by E####:

I always have worried about my kids being cyber bullied on the Internet. This app provides the relief I need with its amazing utility and service. This app is great! Recommend to all parents everywhere!

by N####:

This app is a great tool to monitor your kid's screen time and limiting what they have access to on your smart device. I don't have kids, but I often look after my niece and nephew during the summer while school's out and this app is a great way to shield them from unwarranted behavior on the internet. It's awesome and it's free, I highly recommend it.

by H####:

I can keep track of what my son does and how long he is on the tablet for.

by K####:

This app is great for screening and limiting the times your child's screen time online on different sites and it can be a good device for anti-bullying too.

by O####:

Trackidz is really awesome and gives freedom to parents to stop their kids from cyber bullying

by X####:

Lot of great features in the app, it makes it very easy to track, monitor, and limit what your kids (or anyone else) is doing on your/their phone. The interface is nothing to write home about but it more than makes up for it with its functionality.

by P####:

I think the app does a really good job. It has great anti-bullying tools for kids because it can limit their screen time automatically. It does exactly what it says it does and it works great.

by M####:

Its a great app compared to others i've tried! and its free! i can easily control the allowed time and apps for my kid, simply on my phone! tracks the web pages too. very accurate so far. Just have to ensure to keep trackidz process and service running in the background. Different device may have different ways to keep the app running. Parents have the responsibility to check the kids' device daily too. take this chance to ensure that trackidz is still running. Will be great if the app logo/naming is not so obvious that its a controlling app. kids nowadays gets very sensitive. they will try ways and means to 'accidentally' close off the app. you know what i mean? The staff is great at replying to my queries. i'll give this more stars if i could.

by B####:

This app allows parents to monitor their children's usage of their phone. You can decide how time is spent on the phone, and what apps it is spent on. Screen time can be monitored, you can block certain apps, and see what websites they visit and more.

by Q####:

Installed the apps (dashboard and parental control) on my phone and child's tablet respectively and they communicate but no blocking takes place. For example, I force a timeout from dashboard and it notified on child's tablet, but doesn't block a single thing... Also, the load more apps button on the block apps screen doesn't load more apps. Bummer, I really wanted to like it.

by G####:

Great app for parents who want to keep an eye out on their kid.

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