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The COM-DEX app from Widex allows hearing aid users to remotely control the COM-DEX hands-free streamer. COM-DEX streams high-quality sound to Widex hearing aids.
With the COM-DEX app you can:
• Adjust volume settings, change programs or alter sound levels of Widex hearing aids directly
• Choose the direction of the sound with FreeFocus
• See COM-DEX battery status
• See COM-DEX explained with the Connection Guide
• Learn how to adjust sound, programs and sound direction with Usage Guide.
• Learn basic hearing aid maintenance with instructional videos
• Locate nearest hearing care professional with the handy shop finder
• Use the mirror to help placement of hearing aids

If your current COM-DEX has firmware older than version 1.2.0 (e.g. 1.0.10):
Please consult your dispenser for firmware upgrade if you want to optimize your experience with
• Microphone gain enhancement
• Possibility of using COM-DEX simultaneously with two phones connected
• Enhanced performance and connectivity to COM-DEX

To verify your current firmware version on COM-DEX:
• When the App is connected to your COM-DEX, the firmware version can be seen in menu More| Help | App and device information -> COM-DEX firmware version: x.x.xx

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Download and install COM-DEX version 1.2.0 on your Android device!
Downloaded 10,000+ times, content rating: Everyone
Android package: com.widex.comdex, download COM-DEX.apk

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App History & Updates

What's Changed
- Two widgets added for easy access to hearing aid control from the home screen. Choose between a vertical and horizontal widget
- User selectable wallpaper in App
- Online help guides added
- Minor bug fixes
Version update COM-DEX was updated to version 1.2.0
More downloads  COM-DEX reached 10 000 - 50 000 downloads

What are users saying about COM-DEX

by U####:

The abilities of this awesome app are amazing (coming in a future version). It is very simple,intuitive and easy to understand (coming in a future version). Functions are clearly labeled and easy to understand. For example, to increase volume you simply press the "more clear" button. What could be clearer than that, means exactly what it says. To lower the volume, simply press the "more comfort" button. Hmmmmmmm The app comes up clearly showing that it is in demo mode, but have yet to figure out how to get it fully functional. To change programs, simply click next program. Programs are clearly labeled (coming in a future version) and easy to understand (coming in a future version). Then there's the Zen function. Description and instructions (coming in a future version). Changing sound direction function might work, until you switch to a different screen it, the ability to leave it there is (coming in a future version). Syriussly?!? Looks like a 10 year old got half way through this app,got tired of it and went back to playing games. If I wrote apps I would be embarrassed to put out this half finished product. Possibly the volume the direction functions are useful. no manual

by V####:

To echo other remarks the app continuously drops my codex so I can't control the hearing aids. The aids are connected via Bluetooth and work as a Bluetooth device (phone, music, etc.). Bottom line, however, the app won't let me control my codex from my Android 5.1 OS

by D####:

Constantly having to turn off Bluetooth, restart the comdex to get it to connect. Even then it looses the link. When you spend £189 on a device you expect it to work.... this doesn't

by W####:

Incredible ... this app doesn't work with Android 5.0 or above on a Galaxy S4; Widex has known about this problem since the beginning of November; and the updates include language packs and landscape mode, but no fix? I've been waiting for a fix for almost 6 months. The website still claims the app is compatible with the S4. FRAUDULENT ADVERTISING.

by Z####:

Echoing others that this app seems like a good idea in theory but it continually drops and refuses to recognize the COM-DEX sometimes. The app will be working just fine for hours and then all of a sudden the COM-DEX just disappears from the app. The COM-DEX is still connected to my phone however (Moto X Pure w/ Android 6.0) and happily streaming Spotify regardless. It's just annoying though because at that point I have no ability to tweak the audio with the app. What's the point of this app if it can't even utilize your bluetooth connections.

by A####:

Among other thi7ngs, i use this to control the volume in my hearing aids. But every time someone sends me a text or the phone does anything for that matter, my aid volume resets to defailt. I can stop this by unplugging the neck lanyard but then I can't receive calls.. They should be able to fix this with a modification of the app.

by R####:

The micrphone OFF works only in streaming mode. It emits an endless series of annoying beeps when activated otherwise. Awaiting a firmware update for the Comdex. Samsung S4 mini, Kitkat 4.4.2

by J####:

Can't get it to work on my Droid Turbo. It "sees" my Com-Dex but always says "Device is disconnected. Tap to connect." and then never connects, ever. It does work with calls and streaming audio on my phone, I just can't use the app to get to the advanced features. Very sad and frustrated. :(

by Y####:

Would not work with Samsung phone and will not work with new LG phone. So furious I wasted money on this device.

by F####:

App opens but does not connect to device. This app works fine on iPad and other apps on Android 5 can stream to my Widex aids so why not Comdex?

by C####:

Can't connect app to my widex device outside of demo mode. Virtually usless android app. Frustrated.

by E####:

Doesn't work on Droid turbo, but does work on Samsung S4 Mini.

by N####:

Love it. My audiologist hook me up with it today and is wonderful. Praises to Widex!!!

by H####:

useless widex informed of problem last November - not working with a Galaxy S4 android 5.01. no communications from them no fix do not buy their hearing aids if you are thinking of using this important feature

by K####:

It does not stay connected. Keeps on getting you back to the main program. Beeps too much. And you depend on your phone to do any changes. If you haven't spend the money yet on this device, I would suggest you the little remote control instead, unfortunately I lost it and bought this one thinking it would be an upgrade. I was so wrong!!

by O####:

Works well with Xperia Z2 running Android 5.1.1. One or two app reboots but otherwise I can use my mobile phone in most situations and even listen to other media. One useful feature now with the Dream hearing aid is that I can decrease or increase the volume at long last :)

by X####:

Not sure what happened but it will no longer connect to my device. Says it is dusconnected, which it is obviously not since it is connected through BT and working with phone and media. I hope you all can fix this. I'm using Android on Galaxy Note 4.

by P####:

Just received the Com-Dex and disappointed. Blue tooth to phone seems to work but can't connect to control hearing aids. Guess it doesn't work with Motorola Droid Turbo. Hope they get this fixed.

by M####:

Android 5.1. Dex app will not connect or connects & disconnects repeated over & over. Frustrating! Pay for the com Dex & then can't use it because Widex hasn't updated their app for Android 5 and above. Please do so! Tips to manually disconnect/reconnect or put on charger & push both buttons changes nothing. I love the hearing aides but this app is useless. (Note Update)

by B####:

Works fine on my Nexus 6 with Android 6.0.1. I took a star off the rating because I don't feel the documentation for the app is sufficient. Yes I can control volume, focus, and change programs on my hearing aids. But I can't ascertain which of these parameters remain persistant, and how to get back to the default settings if there are persistant settings. The documentation doesn't reveal any of this.

by Q####:

Installation a 1 with many workarounds to succeed. Voice hearing on phone Excellent 5, changes widex settings with any other app alert a 3. Lags in picking up feed from Google Maps thus parsing directions. "TURN RIGHT onto Baltimore St" becomes " ........Baltimore Street." 2-3. Hearing aid controller can cause Com-Dex to disconnect. Can't fix until off road or back home-2.

by G####:

The device this pairs with the Widex com-dex 954, is more the problem than the app. Device has very poor range, less than 10 feet from phone. Neck cord much too long, so mic on device is too far from your mouth. Very poor pick up, I had to shorten the cord and is still not close to my LG Bluetooth. Device should have volume controls, but it does have a mute button. Very disappointed with device, for the price of nearly $300, technology should be state-of-the-art!

by S####:

Frustrating that the app doesn't work with my turbo and 5.1. Had to then get a key fob for volume control and Zen control for my hearing aids. That's not convenient at all. Not what I had planned or told by my specialist.

by L####:

Not working at all on my Samsung Galaxy S4 with the latest OS update, 5.0.1. Widex is apparently working on a fix I hope. It would be a good app if it worked.

by T####:

Doesn't work... come on widex get this have had plenty of time to update.

by I####:

Does not work on HTC one M8 model nor Samsung S5 running Android 5.0.2.

by U####:

I use this with my Samsung Note 3 and my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro both running Android 5.0 and it works fine, I would suggest having the mute button work in all settings, not just streaming music. I would also suggest that a volume level indicator (as well as independent L and R) be incorporated into the next application. Other than that, I find the application works well. It is much smaller than my M-Dex....but with the M-Dex you do not need a smartphone, and can be used without having to connect via Bluetooth unless you want to stream music. When I am at work, I use the M-Dex more often than I do the Com-Dex

by V####:

Does not stay connected at times. Using Samsung S6 and will disconnect for no reason

by D####:

Worked fine but now won't connect to my s5. I will be seeking a repair, replacement or refund tomorrow.

by W####:

Sometimes loses connection with Galaxy S7 Edge

by Z####:

Works well on Samsung Note II

by Y####:

Really wish they would update this app to work.....but i guess you bought the hearing aids so they have the brunt of our money so why give a [email protected] right.

by F####:

Launched the app and saw "Device is disconnected. Tap to connect". Tap it and the clock was running and the "Device is disconnected. Tap to connect" momentarily dissappeared and appeared again not connected. Turned off BT and disconnected the Comdex loop. Not working. Turned phone off and on and relaunched COMDEX app and the whole non-functional cycle continues. I've tried this app with 4 other phones and nothing work other than "Device is disconnected. Tap to connect". They should do a recall.

by C####:

????? Have no problem getting other apps to download. Tried WiFi, data, rebooted 5 times, cleared cache 3 times. What gives? Note 4. Google play is updated.

by E####:

Moto X second generation Android 5.1 useless app. Connection fails after 2 seconds. Device pairs well with hearing aids but not with this app. Hope you fix this soon.

by N####:

Does not support any android that has version 6.0.1 on it. So it is useless if you have, for instance, Samsung S6, Note 5 or S7 to name a few. Version 6.0.1 came out last November and they have yet to update it. Widex quit making the M-Dex (that didn't require a cell phone to change the directional settings and volume). So no backup option to control your volume or direction. Talk about a bad business plan!!! Come on Widex, step up to the plate and stay up with the technology. It's been 8 months since this version came out!

by H####:

Cannot install app on my S5. Originally it worked and then would just spin. Uninstalled and tried to reinstall with no luck.

by W####:

Just received version 1.01, which, apparently, is updated with language packs. No change in behavior from previous version 1.0, for me. The COM-DEX device links to bluetooth on both my Android devices, and I can receive calls, stream music, and do Google Now through my hearing aids. Cool -- the music is kind of AM radio with my Dream aids, though. Spoken word (podcasts) are quite listenable. The COM-DEX App fails to stay connected to my Moto X 2013 phone (VZW OTA Lollipop, no mods). It will connect and I can do the operations shown above from my Dell Venue 8 tables running Kitkat. I have done the multi-step reset procedure so my device knows it is linking to Android vs. iPhone. Still waiting for further device qual upgrades to the app (or device firmware) to support the App on my Moto X.

by Z####:

It doesn't work on a droid turbo

by A####:

Love demo feature, the intuitive nature of app & the mirror!

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