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Rated 3.13/5 (39) —  Free Android application by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited

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by W####:

I have the new samsung edge plus and the pin screen doesn't rotate and im losing money because people can't put their pin improperly therefore their card is cancelling!!!! I'm losing money

by A####:

Always cancels you need constant 4g connection, has worked three times out of the 4 months ive had it, wont rotate as everyone has noted. Will be returning it to anz. Waste of money if it doesnt work :(.

by O####:

We pay so much in bank fees and they make billions in profits and this is what they give you back. A total piece of crap. Not only is it confusing for customers to enter their pin (because it is displayed on the small Anz piece of crap you stick in your phone to take payments and the numbers keep changing), but it displays lots of errors such as 'cannot communicate with card reader ' . I have spent many hours on the phone with Anz, they have sent out replace readers etc. You have been warned. Waste of time

by X####:

Why did you change it from the old app.. If I slightly knock the device or miss a number it fails. Very frustrating. Seems other banks have much better devices, why not bluetooth

by P####:

I lost multiple sales because the app will not rotate on a Samsung s6 as the headphone jack is on the bottom. Customers have to put pin in upside down very disappointed with this, and customers found it hard to work it out ,I find it hard to believe why this wasn't tested first. Will have to cancel the fast pay . Extremely frustrated by this

by M####:

It's doesn't rotate on my samsung s6 it's very hard for the customer to put in the pin cos it's upside down & American express won't work with it either very frustrating! But besides that it's very handy

by B####:

Doesn't work on my Sony Xperia Z2. This is the worst app I have ever used. The old FastPay was a 5 star app. Come on ANZ, you can do a lot better.

by Q####:

This is the worst app ever!! It wont even let me open it up on my s6 making things very difficult

by G####:

Great idea, unfortunately doesn't eork on my dual sim P8 which I use as a work phone... Need to expand the phones that supported

by S####:

This app only works on iPhone and Samsung Phones and ANZ's IT department will not assist in any way, bad development a waste of your time.

by L####:

Doesnt work on my samsung 5 or edge plus??

by T####:

Never works on any device that I have tried.

by I####:

When set up its a cheap way to handle credit cards if you only have a few customers who use it. It does have an annoying habit of logging out after "3 minutes of inactivity" even if you have been carefully using the keypad the entire time. This should be fixed.

by G####:

Won't rotate the connection for this fone is on the bottom and this app doesn't allow the rotation so when people r paying they find it hard to read the pin pad as the machine is up side down due to the connection on my fone being on the bottom if someone could tell me how to rotate this app my fone is a Samsung galaxy note 5...

by S####:

Wont rotate for my Note 5 so clients have problems reading there pin. Plz fix as this is frustrating for me and my clients

by L####:

Won't rotate on my new samsung note where headphone jack is on the bottom. Clients now hate it and go to ATM to get cash rather than struggle with pin. I dont use it when on the road any more.

by T####:

Never had a problem but yes you have to stay next to the wifi connection

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