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basic calculator, scientific calculator and graphing calculator, it also allows you to DIY your own calculator.

Sample expressions

simple expression: 1+2
variable evaluation: pi
function evaluation: sin(0)
variable definition: a=3.5
function definition: f(x)=x^2-1
parentheses: (1-x)^2
You can call the function by simple input f(xxx), for example, if you define a function `f(x,x1) = x + x1`, and if you input `f(2,3)`, the result will be `5`.
Predefined functions

Logarithms and power

sqrt(x): square root; x^0.5
curt(x): cube root; x^(1/3)
log(x), ln(x): natural logarithm
log10(x), lg(x): decimal logarithm
log(base,x): arbitrary base logarithm
Trigonometric - radians

sin(x), cos(x), tan(x)
asin(x), acos(x), atan(x)
Trigonometric - degrees

sind(x), cosd(x), tand(x)
asind(x), acosd(x), atand(x)

sinh(x), cosh(x), tanh(x)
asinh(x), acosh(x), atanh(x)

gcd(x,y): greatest common divisor
comb(n,k): combinations
perm(n,k): permutations
min(x,y), max(x,y)
floor(x), ceil(x)
abs(x): absolute value
sign(x): signum
rnd(): random value from [0,1). rnd(max): random value from [0, max).
gamma(x): (x-1)!
mod(x,y): modulo
Complex numbers

i or j is the complex base. Example:

+ - × ÷ basic arithmetic
^ power
! factorial
# modulo
√ square root
' first derivative

Parentheses: you may omit the leading or final parentheses, e.g. 1+2)(3+4 is valid.
Multiplication: you may omit the multiplication operator when unambiguous, e.g. 3π+2(1+2)
Expression continuation: starting a new expression with an operator auto-inserts ans, the result of the last expression.
Clear: use the Enter key to quickly erase the whole input line.
Scientific e notation: 1e3 is 1000.
Angles in degrees instead of radians: use either sind(90) or sin(90deg).
Use trackball Up/Down to navigate the history.

It is possible to compute the first derivative of a function with one argument using the prime notation: log'(5).
The prime mark (quote) must appear immediately after the name of the function, and must be followed by open-parentheses.

The derivative may be plotted e.g. sqrt'(x).

To compute the derivative of an expression you must define the expression as a named function: E.g. f(x)=x^3+x^2+1, followed by f'(x).

Multi plot

To plot multiple functions on the same 2d graph, simply enter them on the same line separated by ";". E.g. x;x^2;2
Binary, octal, hexadecimal

You can enter values in binary, octal or hexadecimal by prefixing them with 0b, 0o or 0x respectively, such as:
binary: 0b1010
octal: 0o17
hexa: 0x100
if you want to display the result in binary, octal, hexadecimal, click the menu `DEC` in the calculator.

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