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by D####:

Couldn't even create a profile. Checked off to sign up with Facebook then it took me back to login or sign up screen, tried again and got a little further but then got a pop-up message that account with that Facebook couldn't be found and I couldn't click on either option to sign up or log in, just froze. Nice try though, read about it on a Facebook article.

by W####:

Only thing this site needs to improve is to grow! I love the QOTD and the privacy and consideration for trans/queer/non-binary. Lots of polyamourous ppl to talk to also! It's great!

by Z####:

The method if connecting through questions that are more then yes or no or multiple choice is great for facilitating conversation. The inclusion of trans and non-binary folk in a safe way is excellent, as is the ability to keep photos private until connecting. The downside is there aren't many folks on here yet, but I'm sure that will change with time. This really is a new way to do online dating and it's fantastic to have as another option in a sea of sites that are less ideal.

by A####:

Not many users on here yet but I don't even care because the app is queer-friendly, fun to use, and I don't feel like hotdogs are constantly being thrown in my face every time I open the app. (Cough okstupid cough.)

by R####:

1) Not enough users. Using rather liberal settings, I found three people answering any questions. 2) Good luck if you want to answer a bunch of past questions from months prior. After answering one, Siren sent me back up to the very top of the question list. To answer another question from months past that I had my eye on, I had to scroll endlessly again to find it. The app should leave you at the same location list when you go back, but it doesn't. 3) The "Help" and "Report a Problem" features don't work properly.

by J####:

Needs more description for the people. Don't go longer, but some other deatils would be nice. Hobbies, talents, music preferences, etc.

by Y####:

Title says it all.. nice starting chat topics that can expand into more.

by F####:

The app is well put together and nice and stable as far as I've seen. User pool isn't huge but is worth a shot in the seattle area.

by C####:

This app seems great, it just needs active users. I love the idea behind it.

by E####:

Simple, delightful, easy to meet people

by N####:

I love the questions. Better than OK Cupid's questions. The 140 character limit forces you to be succint which I enjoy. It is bothersome to answer past questions. I will click on one and be taken to the most recent question. Sometimes the question opens up, and other times I have to scroll through and find it again. I understand that it is nascent app, but I wish there was a larger community. Based on some of the answers from other members, I can see a great future for people.

by H####:

No one in my age range near me. Can't even try it out...

by K####:

Starting to look like more of the same bullshit. Look at the women who seem interesting, click to make a connection, maybe 10% of the women you try to connect with want to connect with you, of those you try to send a nice, interesting, respectful message, to which you get no response. I don't think it's a fault of the app, just a fault of the idea of internet dating in general. Good luck. UPDATE: I was able to add a photo and get into the app! Yay! Thank you very much. Now adding additional photos seems to be a problem. The latest photo added becomes my main but remaining photo(s) don't load and eventually the loading animation stops completely.

by O####:

The app itself is clearly very immature. It's slow, the navigation and layout are not intuitive, it doesn't look particularly nice or work very well. The idea I read online a year ago (putting women in charge) was intriguing, but that's not how it panned out. It's still just like Tinder... If you both connect you can message each other. What's the point? I liked the Question of the Day profile. Other than that, it's Tinder with inferior technology.

by X####:

Photo uploads didn't work prior to v1.0.5 (Android 6.0), now it seems to be working.

by P####:

"Unable to reach Siren" message after logging in. On both wifi and mobile data. Nexus 6 running Android 6.0

by M####:

Photo upload still broken for Android 6 with newest update

by B####:

Very eager to see how this app/experience will be, but I can't upload a photo in the Sign Up process - can't continue with signing up without uploading one, so I just can't use it as of yet. - same with 11/12 update, after uninstall and reinstallation - 11/15 update - white + sign on green circle for photo upload page, still does nothing - 11/18 - So close! The white + green button does something, but says the picture upload webpage is unavailable

by Q####:

Makes it a worthless, broken app. Also im straight but it cant POSSIBLY be this difficult to accommodate LGBTQ. art kids making apps, yo. Sheesh.

by G####:

Bug not fixed. still unable to upload pics. Will download again in time, but for now, no dice.

by S####:

Great concept. Still has a few significant bugs. Overall, more fun than other dating apps.

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