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About Fire.onion (Browser + Tor)

Fire.onion lets you browse the web anonymously by routing all traffic over a series of randomly-selected proxy servers using a technique called onion routing. All data is encrypted multiple times, analogous to the layers of an onion, so that each proxy can only decrypt a single layer. Addresses are encrypted together with the data to make sure that each proxy only knows the address of it's immediate successor and predecessor, but not the entire route.

- Webbrowser + Tor bundle for Android
- Completely self-contained
- No additional apps needed
- Anonymous web browsing
- Access to .onion sites
- Privacy mode always on
- No manual configuration needed
- Gecko based web browser
- Optimized for high security and privacy
- Not asking for any unnecessary permissions
- Download support (running over Tor as well)
- Panic/Exit button
- New Identity button
- Settings

Disclaimer: Fire.onion is not affiliated with nor endorsed by The Tor Project and carries no guarantee from The Tor Project about quality, suitability or anything else.

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App History & Updates

What's Changed
- Keyboard fix 3
- Settings checkbox color fix
- Keyboard fix 2
- Keyboard fix
- Keyboard compatability
- "External Storage" option (for downloads)
- Tor options
- Backspace compatability
- UI
- Workaround for preference Android bug #26194
- UI
- UI
- Home Page and Search Engine settings
- UI
- Download manager
- UI
- Dropdown support
- Text selection handles
- UI tweaks (input, url bar, context menu, etc.)
- New menu
- Renamed Tor process
Version update Fire.onion (Browser + Tor) was updated to version 26
More downloads  Fire.onion (Browser + Tor) reached 100 000 - 500 000 downloads

What are users saying about Fire.onion (Browser + Tor)

by Y####:

Needs polish and a few more features, but a reasonable TOR browser, although keyboard bug is STILL in evidence! Would rate 4 stars if it was fixed! (Doesn't work with slide typing - must type one letter at a time). Also is very much slower than Anonymous Private TOR Browser.

by F####:

Great app, and magnificent browser. Thumbs up on design, user interface and options. As per Aug. 2016, this seems to be the only TOR browser able to play YouTube videos, a major plus. ONE catch; The app quckly eats up memory, and cause CPU-lag, at which time it auto-restarts, ending the session abruptly... Memory is not released, even if tabs are closed. Needs to be adressed, but otherwise; Fantastic app!

by C####:

BUG REPORT: ON THE LATEST UPDATE, THE PHONE'S BACK BUTTON DOESN'T WORK (TO NAVIGATE TO THE LAST PAGE VIEWED)!!! (NOTE 4 ON SPRINT) I'm an IT guy and I love to keep my phone optimized. A great way to do that is to minimize the amount of apps you install. Fire replaces 2 apps with 1 (Orbot + a Tor browser) plus it works well, has a nice interface and simplifies Tor. So for those reasons, I love it!

by E####:

The pages load a bit slow, and it's annoying to have to go into my menu and hit the back button rather than tapping my on screen keys, but besides that, it's great! Another feature I'd die to see is Flash support.

by N####:

I totally love and appreciate the integrated setup( tor+browser). However, solely with the intention to encourage improvement, I would also like to mention that I am highly disappointed to find out that the browser does not allow access to the recent pages. Once you click a link there's no going back! Dear developer(s), please do find a solution to this. Thank you.

by H####:

Sure, back button doesn't work on newest update. The app doesn't feel "polished." I'd like to see a built in passcode option. Can't Remember what I paid, if anything, but the developer has continued to improve. Thanls.

by K####:

I installed this hours ago and it won't go past 25% saying "loading networkstatus concensus" but literally just spins there. Is there a step I'm missing?

by O####:

Please stop complaining about there no going back. It is a dynamic IP address with every click it erases history and makes it harder to track you. Be happy there is no back button. There are some glitches as well there are understandable to complain about (keyboard not appearing). Be happy this tool is free. If you really want to go back I suggest Orbot and Orfox.

by X####:

Needs work. The pages load a bit slow. Always moves back to the last page and once i put a video in fullscreen i cant go back. I have to start all over.

by P####:

I regret updating it this time. Its like one of your update is good enough to really like this app but the following update gets you to hate this app. I cannot believe it developers! How do you screw up an already screwed up app while trying to improve it!?? Anyway here are my problems 1.Standard AOS back button has stopped working again 2.Cannot open the text box in half of the sites which used to work before and they do work with another browser and 3.Still cannot save files on SD card

by M####:

I would and have recommend this app for anyone curious about Tor. It's all in one browser makes it simple for beginners and mobile users. I love it, support + respect for the developer. ❤ {Wake up America, do some real research, get familiar with Project Tor & Anonymous}

by B####:

Is there a way to change the color theme? Black is awesome, but I go without charger sometimes and have to use a low brightness setting. Is there a way you can make it brighter?

by Q####:

The best thing about this app is you can achieve a new kind of freedom.....A freedom that allows us (we) to do what we were put here to do in the first place....have free will, make good choices, or bad choices, ( by mistake or purposely) live straight balls to the wall,or find a little wifey and go to work so you have nice things......I think what I'm trying to say is life gets stale no matter what end of the spectrum were on.....It's just nice to have a new and anonymous way to be who we want to

by G####:

The on screen back button is not functioning. Easiest way to replicate is to do a web search, click on a link and press back. Another easy to replicate is to go to settings, them press the back button. Otherwise, the browser works well

by S####:

I'd rate 5 stars but there are minor problems that other people pointed out mostly lack of minor functions. There's nothing mechanically wrong with it though ... so yeah.

by L####:

Tor integration is good. However, the browser is missing a few basic necessary features. No back, no opening in a new tab; it's pretty unusable in its current form.

by T####:

My main "complaint" is that running on top of Tor4/Orfox seems to cause the Tor more often fails (using this tho I still passed torproject-because this app kicks in I think )(also, I go Euro with Tor—this version cannot allow config that landing too—I'm getting used to "all Tor" failures, esp. on public Wi-Fis). Large 40Mb download. Will re-review after some pub Wi-Fi play. Final bridge setting/proxy still unconfigurable. Back button doesn't work but that's "safer" folks. Beware bookmarks....

by I####:

Does absolutely everything it says it does! Dont really care if you cant go back means that its deleting history after every page and protects you wayyy much more. Far superior to the rest thank you for this amazing app!

by U####:

None of my onion links work, it takes forever to startup IF it starts up, the back button on my phone does nothing, and backspace doesn't work in text boxes.

by V####:

Love this app! Way faster and much less hassle browsing tor sites than using Orbot&Orfox! Some minor faults but still the best tor browser out there!

by D####:

Right away, no trouble using it, unlike orfox which would not even load a page. Thanks for my first very speedy trip into the deeps and darks of rhe interwebs..

by W####:

I enjoy this browser, but when I push the back button trying to go back a page... Nothing.. That's not so good.

by Z####:

This is the only app I use now when online. With the other security apps and programs I have installed on my android phone, it is quite secure. Its faster than I thought it would be. It is even faster than TOUR on my laptop. But the security is only as good as u make it. If you want a really secure devise u will need to encrypt it and buy other security apps to run with it. Make sure it is compatible with this app and your devise before you purchase it. Do your research.

by A####:

I have loved this app since I downloaded it, a perfect combination of Orbot and Orfox or Orbot and the other tor browser (the name escapes me at-the-moment (but it was the one the one Orbot recommended to download with it).) that tor browser can't even open multiple least Orfox can do that. So all in all this is my only choice for Android or iOS tor browsers, no I don't think there are any for iOS.

by R####:

Doesn't work. Stuck at 10% for 10 minutes already.

by J####:

Sometimes it just does not work, and then it works well again later.

by Y####:

...and letters typed in are randomly capitalized? Just weird, and not functional.

by F####:

Pretty unstable : Has a nasty habit of crashing and resetting the device too. Browser is very slow.

by C####:

Nice. Browser and OrBot in one app. Runs smoothly. Remember to turn off java script, under "settings". ;-D

by E####:

Dosent work in iran

by N####:

Is working. But, in the first time start is taking some minutes... Then, at progress reach 100% is working better than other... Good apps...

by H####:

pretty rockin pretty solid pretty dang good app I think now if I could just get it to integrate with Tor and DuckDuckGo have all three man, with super pack combo that's what you need to work on and you get 10 stars and I donate

by K####:

I consider myself a sleuth of the internet. I love exploring the tamer sides of the Onion, and this app is great when Orfox shuts down. Thanks.

by O####:

Not working. Im on galaxy note 4

by X####:

I'm utterly disgusted with Google as a search engine; it keeps information for eternity.

by P####:

Wonderful and very practical, i have tried few but was not quite satisfied, this is perfect :)

by M####:

What chrome could not do, it did it splendidly. Thanks

by B####:

I can go to very few .onion websites. DuckDuckGo mostly takes me to the clearnet. Very disappointed.

by Q####:

Not perfect with text input sometimes, but nice!

by G####:

Guys, please don't ruin torproject for us by using YouTube or any Google product on a tor browser.

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