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by X####:

This app is slow as all get out. It works fine in classes of... Around 10 people. Any class of a reasonable college lecture size (50+, which is below the size of the class where this app was advertised to me) makes this app slow and crash. It slows so much even the loading animation doesn't move. It's a great concept. And it has improved since September, when I downloaded it. But it's still far from ready.

by P####:

There is no way to recover my password. Terrible.

by M####:

Like the idea. Cool for linking classmates together. Poorly designed and executed. The problem is simple, posts to class do not show up or there is a latency for messages that cause them to post much later. Kind of weird. Using samsung galaxys6. My phone has problems with other apps because i know the samsung series is notorious for having problems with apps. So this may be the issue. Help us Samsung users out!

by B####:

Great idea and looks like a clean no frills app. But it hardly works at all on my android galaxy note 8.0 tablet.

by Q####:

Crashes occasionally but is useful for connecting with class mates. Update: I can not message to the class. The post button is broken. I am experiencing a bug where the type window and post button are shown above a blank space where you actually have to click.

by G####:

Just by the look of it I thought its a good app..but I cant even get to the login screen..it just vanishes as soon as I open the app. I reckon some changes are getting uploaded..is it ?

by S####:

So it was okay for a while and then suddenly this morning, it won't let me sign on...can you please fix this?

by L####:

It recognises the uni briefly, until I press the sign in button. I am mainly using it because a lecturer suggested , it doesn't sound a little redundant, given all the ways to communicate that are already out there. But Idk, maybe I don't want to friend everyone at uni, who i may be able to collaborate with. I'll only be able to say, if l can actually get it to work.

by T####:

I tried to use this app but sadly I couldn't get onto a login screen. This app needs to function first and look pretty later. It's a great idea, don't lose your opportunity to capitalise on it.

by I####:

I'm sorry but please fix it... I can't add new mates cuz the add button doesn't work; although I am in the class and can see my classmates, no one can see me; the user interface is confusing; There are 3 classes of chemistry for one single course; no notification is not shown. I really wanted this app to work but no... It's not working... Just. No.

by U####:

Facebook does essentially the same thing and isn't slower than a dead sloth. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if we weren't forced to use it to get marks... Way too slow to be of any use, you can't add people and the interface is just not good.

by V####:

Buttons in app dont respond when pressed. Lags and difficult to navigate

by D####:

Wow, this helped me so much!

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