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by O####:

Overall the system updates have been making it better. Recently the remote has been failing, only way to get it working is to remove battery and put back, but now it is even failing with that.

by X####:

5 times faster sync of photos and videos from Android devices, updated remote control

by T####:

This is working great now. It's everything I hoped it would be from the moment I first read about it. Thanks for a stellar solution! I had a few stumbles along the way, but Ashok's answer to me was helpful and then the blog was another great assist.

by I####:

Update 30 Oct 15 - thanks Ashok now working fine and dandy. App appears to be installed in record time but when I open it I'm just left with an Ezeecube banner at the top of the screen with the rest of the screen blacked out. Help!!!

by U####:

Device has all updates and with latest android update I don't see how to rescan or delete photos. Both are needed for basic functionality. How to?

by V####:

I just received my ezeecube. I updated it fine and is fully updated to v1.3. First thing I notice is that it will not sync barely any files. Errors are, network error, and unknown error. Edit: development team told me how to fix it with the factory reset, and now it's working great. Movies look great on it, and large files uploading fine. App has only crashed a few times when trying to back out of it.

by D####:

App syncs once and needs to be reinstalled and setup again for every consecutive sync. It doesnt sync any files, and navigation is a pain. Tried installing ezeecube apps from my phone but they just end up with errors or do not load. The ui is slow, and difficult to navigate. Almost feel as though you need to specialize in ezeecube or kobi to use the app and connected device.

by W####:

Absolutely disastrous. Things that are now broken for me: 1) The app is unable to recognize the QR code on my screen when I attempt to sync it with my Cube, so I have to manually enter all three of the following: - Cube's identifier - wired dhcp address - wifi dhcp address and when one changes it loses the "pairing" and I have to do it over. 2) Occasionally the app just hangs forever at the salmon-coloured screen saying it is attempting to connect to the previously paired Cube. Nothing short of uninstalling and re-installing the app gets me out of this state. 3) Syncing media halts at 417/1043 items with "Unknown Error!" and no further info 4) Syncing media is slow the "progress" meter it doesn't provide enough information to determine if it has hung. I have a couple of very large videos and I know those are the ones at issue but they *never* complete the sync. 5) Syncing does not resume. They should be using librsync so as to be able to resume partial syncs, so if I need to re-install the app it won't attempt to start my library of 600+ photos again when only 2-3 didn't make it last time.

by Z####:

I hit a few rough spots.. Some of my own causing, but support via FB has been patient. I know have my Ezeecube up and running with Android app acting as a remote. Looking forward to support for syncing pictures

by A####:

I feel like it was a total waste of money. This came not only very late and it would be OK if it would be to deliver a good experience, but this is FAR from a decent experience :(

by R####:

App doesn't even let me get through the "getting started" setup without crashing. Waited through 10 months of delays just to get the device and now this?...I'm running Android 5.1. Cmon Ashok. Right now I have a 1tb Kodi box since anything "Ezee" is just useless.

by J####:

The iOS and android apps are crap and crash repeatedly. The device software is rubbish. What a waste of time

by Y####:

I want to like this, but it just won't let me!!

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