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by J####:

The app looks clean but some basic tasks are hard to accomplish. For example, you cannot add size, age (birthdate only), housetrained, or size from the app. These are stats that I feel are very important when people search for dogs, so it's annoying I have to go to a browser to add these basics later on. Pictures are also cumbersome. One uploaded sideways and there is NO option to delete, reorder, or turn pictures, only to move to first. However, this app is good for quick status updates or bio tweaks.

by Y####:

This app allows me to add new animals from my phone and upload pics from my phone so easily. My pics are always taken on my phone no more having to first xfer them to my computer then to site. Quick easy status updates as well.

by I####:

If you use rescue groups website for your rescue you will like this app. I did the beta test for it and they updated it with suggestions very fast. I'm using it as my main program/site now and have everything else set up to auto upload through their site excepting petfinder where you have to use the sync app. This makes maintaining and updating your animals so simple. I definitely recommend this app.

by U####:

No animals will display for me even though it's all updated and said it synced my animals into the app, it still says "displaying 0 animals". I have all species checked to display as well but still no options. Will there be an option to search contacts?

by V####:

Would be nice if we could upload vet documents to individual pets just like you can upload pictures.

by D####:

Nice little app! Convenient for easy updating and adding animals from Android platforms. "Add Animal" options are very limited, and you can't modify them within the app once you add the animal, so will likely still need to go into the Browser version for complete add options. But browser version it's just a click away within the app. Would be great to also see Caretaker name and a link to their contact info within the dog profile in the app for quick reference. Could be linked near the status, birth date and ID. Thanks for creating this!

by W####:

This is a must-have for users of the rescue groups website. Simple, powerful, and clean-looking. But it's not working with the Google Photos app. Can't load pictures from Google Photos, not even let me choose device folders. Please fix this.

by Z####:

This is a great tool!

by A####:

I love rescue groups in the online form. But this app is so slow. Even full service, 4G LTE, or wifi. Volunteering with a large rescue organization, when I need to get into rescue groups I need something fast. I was so excited to see this app, but every time I open it over 18000 animals that are in our account have to download and it takes 20 minutes or longer. Is there a way that it can be downloaded once and when the person chooses to refresh it to get the most current data? That would be ideal.

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