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About Asteroid Alert

This is a scientific application that simulates the solar system dynamics using the information provided by the NASA NEO Program. The Near Earth objects and objects close to other planets will be reported in real time. The advanced graphical interface allows you to monitor the orbits of celestial bodies as a function of the elapsed time.
X rays and protons emitted by Sun are also notified to have a complete view of the dangers from space.

● User friendly graphical interface
● Notification of near-Earth objects
● Notifications of high level emissions coming from the sun (X ray and protons).
● Notification of objects close to other planets
● News for asteroids
● Detailed information of each event (Size, Velocity, Distance)
● Link to targets of space missions
● Customizable filters
● NEO database updated every day
● Comets database updated every day
● Sound notifications

For practical reasons
● The maximum resolution is achieved for asteroids that are less than 0.1 AU from the planets. The application photographs the situation on the current date and simulates events that will occur in the future or have occurred in the past.
● The number of asteroids plotted in the asteroid belt is only a fraction of the real number.
● The asteroids not yet included in the NASA NEO database may not be notified.
● X rays and protons levels are processed and saved continuously. The solar activity indicated as a significant event, has been inferred through the Statistical analysis of about 6 months of data sampling. The prediction will be improved with the increasing of data amount.

Space is our next frontier. All scientific projects will need your support!

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Download and install Asteroid Alert version 1.1 on your Android device!
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App History & Updates

What's Changed
2016/08/16 - (1) graphical display of the radiation emitted by the sun (2) notification of significant events regarding x rays and protons emissions (3) Online user manual.
2016/02/29 - (1) Overall improvement and optimizations. (2) Added zoom to all known natural satellites.
2015/11/01 - Astronomy News & Current Events
Next implementation: notification of near moons asteroids.
More downloads  Asteroid Alert reached 100 000 - 500 000 downloads
Version update Asteroid Alert was updated to version 1.1
More downloads  Asteroid Alert reached 5 000 - 10 000 downloads

What are users saying about Asteroid Alert

by J####:

Helps me get to safer ground if a strike is step ahead of the others...very useful app

by R####:

Works as advertised... let God do the driving... this app will let you know of any potholes in the road .

by A####:

I was notified 25 minutes before the strong quake struck in my area. WOW! super accurate and indeed there was an asteroid closer to our gravity. Amazing Guys❤❤❤

by Z####:

Great concept. Unfortunately, loading times are far too long. I've been waiting for over two minutes and it still says 'Loading data...', which means I cannot run this app at the moment. Once I have access to this app, I may consider rating this 4 stars.

by W####:

Good overall but would be better if it would keep track of the huge astroid like Apophis & ceres the planetoid.

by D####:

Is there a way to actually turn the alerts off completely? I've disabled them 3 times but apparently every time I go back online, it turns itself back on. I like the app but if I can't disable them I will be forced to uninstall it. (Edited) No help? It's gone!

by V####:

Works good. Might actually have time to place head between knees, kiss you know what goodbye.

by U####:

It actually works! It not only sends you notifications when there is a near earth object, but also high solar radiation, and protons. The actual app itself could be a little more user friendly, but all in all, it gets the job done and keeps you updated on many of those flying death rocks.

by T####:

In my exploration using this to navigate our system, it could have used some leeway in z and y access. Overall, I would rate this as excellent. My friend from Dark Skies recommended this program. I used to verify targets from Kasputin Yar and the recent comet that entered the atmosphere. It would be nice to have multitask and have a snap shot in the program. Good Day!

by L####:

Works great. Turned on alarm at 10pm because of SOLAR WINDS, let me get my Al foil hat on. As if that will help. Neat app.

by S####:

User interface is precarious. Make drop down menu for planets and objects will make more room for planetary system, and allow to use common interface actions such as two fingers to move around or rotate, your slider is horrendous. Overall controls are really primitive and clunky, please get someone with graphic design/UI/UX education to improve your app, after that it will be great so far it is very mediocre. Don't forget sounds. Just do it!

by G####:

To the lay person like myself it can be a bit scary...but these rocks are flying past us 365 days a year like it or not!

by Q####:

What it does is great. The only issue I have is the clunky intetface.

by B####:

For a basic (no frills) app, it is a very good alert for near earth and solar flare events. The developers are on the right path but could need a nicer version with better user enhancement.

by M####:

This is interesting, and seems to be in an early stage of development. The interface needs to be refined, units need to be expressed correctly (eg kilometres is km NOT Km), and the manual needs a major overhaul for layout and to be edited by a native English speaker. Still, It seems promising.

by P####:

How cool is this App! Very technical information translated into a graphical interface accessible to us all. I'm sure it's going to get more sophisticated as time goes by, but I'm just happy we have access to such awesome information right now! Thankyou for developing it.

by X####:

Can only give 4stars, as better than ok , and also my lack of knowkedge in Space, erhm, asteriglio,s flight path might if we are lucky pass through the middle of earths orbit path , there is however a few other planets to consider,? Do you know that mass weapons travel very fast and with an impact equal to nuclear impact, things that need to be studied while there is time

by O####:

Good. Not cmpletely up to date with all anomalies. Setup very good. Need weekly updates-at least, to keep up to USG. Many USG news not showing up on this app.

by K####:

Alerts, warnings and much more. You also get solar flare-ups, so you know when to remove your car batteries, and all batteries, get your electronics in a Faraday cage.

by H####:

If you want to make the most of an impending global disaster, I mean, you don't want to be flipping burgers or watching Oprah when you could be having Doomsday sex, this is the app for you !

by N####:

Hard to read and see detail on a phone. Complicated. Needs more direction and explanation for average person.

by E####:

A little hard to understand at first but not bad after you get to know it.

by C####:

Awesome in a crazy way. I had no idea that there are so many asteroids so close to our planet. Makes you wonder when one will finally hit us. Hopefully just a small one. God protect us!

by F####:

What a cool and stable little app! I would like to see a better way to move the map around in all directions, it's not so easy right now.

by Y####:

Seems promising, but I couldn't stand the constantly flashing design elements. And unfortunately there is no way to turn the annoying flashing text off.

by J####:

Hard to see what you're showing. It is not clear what one can do with the different things on this site

by R####:

Great alerts! Protons, x-rays, astroids, etc.... The only thing I would like to see is more info on the alert. Otherwise, keep on keeping me informed!

by A####:

Somewhat terrifying to see near earth objects closer than the moon only detected a few weeks ago. I feel a 'duck n' cover' alert makes more sense here.

by Z####:

Interesting seeing the apparent number of near earth asteroids, if it's accurate there seem to be more asteroids near to earth than get mentioned in the news. Would be better if the asteroids around earth could be scrolled through as clicking on them can be difficult.

by W####:

Not polished, but informative. Kinda love it, though it could use tweaking and a little bit of a re-design. Get it : try it. Wonderful fun

by D####:

I have not had my copy for very long as of now, but so far it is working fine on my Galaxy 6. It appears to be a well done, and useful app. My thanks to the developer(s).

by V####:

For a non science person it's cool to look at. For a person who believes we should be in space I see mining possibilities or sensor / scientific outpost flying through space if we land stuff on them, like antennas with hyper power to increase our communications and linking to other devices. The imagination can run wild. But political elites only thing of world domination .

by U####:

Huge respect for the developers but no real time data. On 13th April 2029 an asteroid called 2004 MN4 will be closer than Moon to Earth but in this app it is not showing. In case anyone needs real time data with no visual effects you can download my called Asteroid Tracker from Hrishikesh Ravindra Kadam.

by I####:

Go to overview. Put at 7 day time lapse. Select play backwards. Let it go a year back (ie 2016) now play forward a year or two past now 10-01-2017. Then friend me on facebook and tell me what you think. Tonia Wonder Feagle.

by T####:

Deserved 5 stars because this was something unique, creative & intellectual. Deducted 1 star because the application isn't developed eye catchy. Need to improve speed & smoothness of the operation. Change the basic US. Remove the animation if it helps to improve user experience & speed of operation. Application looks boring on the first impression.

by L####:

Once you install this app you'll be amazed at how many Asteroids zoom by the Earth practically unnoticed. The gui is nicely done and the app links to a website with more info if you like. It could still use some Polish and the ability to search for a specific NEO would be great. Otherwise quite nice.

by G####:

Great compact app, no frills just bare back basic info. I would like to see a more definitive above and below the ecliptic delineation, however and a orbital direction indicatorl, in that sometimes I'm not sure if earth orbit is moving clockwise.or counter clockwise in relation to the screen. Other than that maybe just a better soon in out system in relation to the xy axis rotator. All in all I totally recommend this for those interested in knowing about Near Earth Objects of note. Oh one more thing, perhaps a link when you select an asteroid that takes you to the NASA site for more info pertaining to each object? Just spiralling here, maybe a new idea y'all haven't though of, I dunno. Keep up the good work!

by I####:


by T####:

Did you like this app?

by L####:

Not to sure how to use it..the view is wierd

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