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About Mastery

In order to become a Master you must practice a skill for 10000 hours.
Mastery tracks how much time you spend on developing your skills. This app allows to gamify your skill development and enhance productivity.

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Tips and tricks
• The main screen of the app contains the activities that you created.
• The Skills menu item allows you to manage skills (create, view, edit, delete).
• The Categories menu item allows you to manage categories (create, view, edit, delete).
• The Trends menu item displays some neat charts.
• The Store menu item allows you to manage products / rewards (create, view, edit, delete).
• The Transactions menu item shows the expense / income coin transactions.
• There is one category created by default: General. You can edit it, and you can add more categories by pressing on the + button when on Categories page.
• Icons for skills, categories, and products are mandatory.
• You can add activity only when you have at least one skill defined.
• Store is for user-defined rewards (see explanation below).

The use of the store is completely optional. The main aim of it, is to allow the user to define some rewards for time spent developing a skill.

• Gaming - you can purchase an hour of gaming using X coins that you got from developing a skill.
• TV Shows- you can purchase an episode of TV Shows using X coins that you got from developing a skill.
The idea is to allow you to define rewards for your time spent developing useful skills.

More icon packs will be added in the future.
More gamification features are going to be added in the future (feel free to suggest them).

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Download and install Mastery version 2.0.0 on your Android device!
Downloaded 10,000+ times, content rating: Everyone
Android package: ro.mb.mastery, download Mastery.apk

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App History & Updates

What's Changed
- Updated used libraries
- Ability to edit activity
- Ability to duplicate activity
- Reduced memory usage for people that were getting errors on icon selection screen
- Small UI changes
Version update Mastery was updated to version 2.0.0
More downloads  Mastery reached 10 000 - 50 000 downloads

What are users saying about Mastery

by J####:

I love how you can input different skills with nice icons and have transactions for rewards. I would like to have a weekly progress graph too.

by Y####:

I'm a big fan of this app, the XP and currency rewards give me a HabitRPG vibe but I like the focus on individual skills instead of gaining "life XP". One thing I noticed is I can't seem to re-order my skills once they're created? Would be nice to sort by level or alphabetically or allow to manually drag them up and down. Fix that and it's five stars. :)

by F####:

It needs the option to add decay in the settings. Mastery is not only a matter of accumulated practice, but perseverance. Practicing for 12 months straight is not the same as practicing for 6 months, pausing for two years, and then studying another six months. Even better would be to allow decay to accelerate. (E.g. miss one day and mastery decays 5 min, but miss the second day and it will decay 7 min, and so on). Add these elements and your app will not only track mastery, but encourage it. :)

by E####:

1. How do you upgrade? 2. Needs more sub genres for the skills, when you log an activity you should be able to see how many hours within the skill has been spent on a particular activity 3. I think there is an error with the + button on some of the screens

by N####:

I was messing around with some starting values for a new skill. I found out that 150,000 hours would only get you to level 94 or so. This seems excessively long, that's over 41 years of 10 hour days. Maybe 40,000 or 50,000 would be a better end point. Something that would be nice to have is more titles. Right now, there are only about 6 titles, like novice, competent, expert, etc. It would be more encouraging to have a new title every 5 levels or so.

by O####:

If you buy a product when you don't have enough to buy it, you get negative points. (There should be a "you don't have enough points" message) and when you tap a product you can't see its description. Just add and fix those little things and the app will be 10/10

by X####:

Great app! It crashes a sometime but I'm still giving it 5stars cuz it's awesome! One suggesion for gamification features: Can we have a buit-in to-do list that behaves like a quest system? The user can set the rewards for compeleting tasks on time and punishments for missing the deadline.

by P####:

The app keeps crashing on me as well as the fact that I bought premium but it doesn't register that I did and I can not add additional skills, and if I try to go to the upgrade it gives me a purchase error then crashes.

by M####:

I think this app would be a lot better if it had a cool alert message/animation when you level up. Currently, the app does not even tell you if it happens, you have to manually check it on the skill section.

by L####:

Love the app. Would love to be able to edit things after I input them, instead of deleting them and starting again. It's very annoying for typos!

by T####:

I've been trying to find an app like this forever so I'm glad to have found it. It's simple and effective, with a lot of extra features that you can use if you want or ignore if you don't (I love the option). One thing I'd love to see is an ability to log in across multiple devices.

by I####:

I would like to have more quick rewards like stickers if I practice two days in a roll for instance or if I practice two different things in a day, and so on... It's cool to gain XP and raise level but it's not very exciting. I would like to have a pop-up message when I pass level as well, just saying congrats, that would be really motivational too.

by U####:

This app is pretty cool; it's almost exactly what I'm looking for. You can't add your own icons, nor reorder the lists, which is a bit annoying. What would make this REALLY perfect is if skill levels decayed from lack of use (as they do in reality).

by V####:

Just what I was looking for in terms of categories, weighted activities, and leveling up. An intro - even some sample activities - would have made the learning curve less sharp.

by D####:

It's annoying that you have a limit on the number of skills on the free version. Everything else is great, but that really ruins the app for me.

by W####:

So far I really like what I see. I would like to echo another reviewer who would like decay to apply to skill progression, so taking too long of breaks would impede progress. This feature I would like to be able to tune per skill

by Z####:

I've only had this app for a few days but I really like it so far. I'd like to see an option for habit building, as something you measure by doing it once a day rather than by the time spent on it each day (for example, you can spend 10 minutes each day washing dishes or an hour and a half doing it at the end of the week, but it's better to do it every day than to spend more time on it). Just an idea.

by A####:

Excellent concept, only negative I could find is the design mimics the default Android look and has no real character. Keeping the material design, simple, clean, etc. maybe a small change here and there would be nice to improve its esthetics?

by R####:

I just got this ten minutes ago and there is already a crash. Every time I go to the Skill menu and tap the Skill. Mastery crashes. Please fix.

by J####:

One of the better customizable productivity apps. This can be the best given the options: 1. Address the force close issue 2. Introduce other units of measure other than Hours 3. Avatars

by F####:

Crashes on clicking change icon button.

by C####:

Great little app, and love the customisation of the skills and their icons. Would love to see each days activity on a seperate page, and the trends shown by day rather than month. Would also love some kind of calender functionality; it currently lets you book in the day and how many hours, but if it could work like a reminder with start and finish times it would be awesome :)

by N####:

All the features currently in the release are great and the premium was worth buying, however I would like to see more costumization such as level naming (e.g. I could specify different mastery names for cooking and mathematics) modifiable required hours to master by skill type (takes less to learn, say, AutoCAD than Photoshop) importable icons etc.

by H####:

First time I am even writing a review here but I really loved your app, I love apps that help you become more productive and it is fun to use. I would add a little to-do list for each skill, like if you're studying a language you could add tasks like "study 10 words" or "study a song in Spanish" and once you swipe it to delete it, it will pass you to the window where you add a new activity but it will automatically fill in the description (e.g "study 10 new words") and you will enter the time it took you

by K####:

Namely be able to let two people access it in a supervisor and supervised roll. This could immediately tell managers crucial information about an employee whilst giving the employee a visible way of knowing how they are doing, where they need to improve, etc. So I suppose sub accounts off of a master account that controls the data input, categories, etc. Probably a bit too much to ask for, but it'd be cool to see/use.

by O####:

Love the idea, but it doesnt add up the hours i put in in each activities total, and its graphs only show minutes instead of hrs which is irritating to add up. It would be cool of there was a calendar view of ur time put in as well, and also has very few options for icons of each activity (how hard is it to make a dumbbell guys). Lastly i would make is to fix the skill bars (i have 1,000 hrs in a skill thats shows the same as 100 hrs) and also have more distinct level. I would pay for an app that had these.

by X####:

It's a great app, I use it every day to keep track of how much I spend on my goals. The only suggestion I have is that it would be nice to have an opportunity to customize some of the charts (I'd love to see the daily trends of how much time I can spend on my skills depending on whether it's a weekday or weekend, etc.).

by M####:

Also, can you add something to track how much of your transaction you have used, as I am horrible at tracking how long I've done something

by B####:

My first thought after opening this is why can I not select an activity hit a button and have the app track time for me.

by M####:

Not seen anything like this before, I'd love a football (soccer) icon though!

by B####:

Need online syncing

by Q####:

Tried to enter 2 different skills. It didn't seem to retain them at all. EDIT : Upped to 4 stars as the latest update fixed this. Loses one star cos it could do with more icons.

by G####:

But: could use some import on custom icons, still cannot see the set button for date when adding an activity(and when the date modal is opened) and still bugs when double tapping on the chart table :-) EDIT: also, when pressing the + sign to add an activity in the past, the date should be automatically set to the one that was selected. (e.g. pressing + for 3rd of September sent me to the add activity page but with the date set for 5th)

by S####:

Every added skill is overwriting the previous. After that tried to add progress. Tried to pick a skill - none was displayed. Added skill inline, picked it, tried to add progress - save button doesn't do anything.

by L####:

Productivity feels like a game, i am having more fun doing different activities now.

by T####:

Skilled app

by I####:

Least intuitive app I ever tried.

by U####:

Good idea but I recommend adding likely categories to pick from and the like

by V####:

Force close when making new product.

by D####:


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