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Rated 4.05/5 (21) —  Free Android application by Dmitriy Neumoin

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by Y####:

I love how I can track everyone's stats on one side reen! We cast it to the TV so everyone can easily see, we also love the battle page and the animation makes it extra fun. I love how organised it is and how you can keep track of each of your different types of bonuses, curses and such. I would really love to see an update that includes your gender on the card and features for other versions of the game like showing your ships, steeds and such would be really nice.

by F####:

I was looking for an app like this one whenever I play Munchkin. Since it has the features to track every status (each part of gear) or just track the bonus. It saves the names of the people for futures games and you can track easily the combat for Munchkins and Monsters (even add new monsters separately)

by C####:

Other that the buttons being small when you're in full detail mode and it crashing every now and again, its a great app. Easy to track points and it gives you a play by play of what went down.

by E####:

Great app. Use it every game, but I noticed Strength is mispelled. In game it says STRENGHT

by N####:

A lot better than using one and paper

by H####:

Love the app and all of its features but the one thing that really sucks is it is a battery hog. I usually have to plug my phone into a charger to count more than 2 games.

by M####:

The free and the PRO, both wound start the game after adding the players... Tested on Lg-V400 and x86

by G####:

It wouldn't work on my Samsung Galaxy s5 which has lollipop. I was so excited to try to but it won't let me push OK to go to the next screen. I edited all of the players but can't push OK to start game. Frustrating.

by S####:

Best Munchkin counter app out there. Keeps track of up to eight players so much easier than keeping one without it. I prefer to edit on zoom and even hitting the magnifier can be difficult. A setting to Turn off table edit would make whole card zoom button.

by L####:

I downloaded all the free ones that were highly rated and gave them a fair shake. This one wins hands down. I love how the items are windowed and can be zoomed and have orientation changed! Plus its made in Unity ftw. Well worth the 1.04 to get rid of adverts too.

by T####:

Unable to press Ok to select options in settings. Couldn't even except player list. Samsung Note 4 Lollipop

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