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by K####:

Very handy software makes my Japanese language study more efficient.

by O####:

The floating window triggered by copy is awesome. At the same time, the Reader mode felt confusing - I selected a single kanji, shared with the app, got large white screen with single kanji in the top left. Perhaps you could trigger one mode or the other depending on the length of the text?

by X####:

It's really worthy to try, frankly if you love at aedict 2 or 3 just purchased this as well! On that note keep adding amazing function

by P####:

I wish I had found this app sooner! It's going to make reading Japanese posts, comments, chats, etc. on my phone SO much easier! I used to have to go through the copy and paste motions so much that sometimes I'd put off responding to a Japanese comment for weeks because it was too much trouble to look everything up. I also use those opportunities to improve my Japanese so this app is going to improve my education, as well! So excited!

by M####:

Exactly what I need. Reply: yes it works! Thank you very much.

by B####:

A few minutes with this remarkable app, which does what it does simply and effectively, has revived my interest in learning Japanese. It's a little marvel.

by Q####:

App improves very much.

by G####:

Spectacular addition! I spend half my work days translating Japanese scientific documents, and the other half of them doing research or teaching in a Japanese University; learning new Japanese is still an important part of this routine. When I'm using a dictionary, 90% of the time it is to look up a word in a webpage or document. This app is instantly available wherever I can copy text, and is going to save a huge amount of time switching applications. I can now fairly evaluate even the most technical translation requests as they arrive in my inbox. I can now read Japanese literature with minimal disruption to my immersion in the book (and Aedict's translations are far more reliable than my Kindle dictionary). Even where I can't copy text, if I leave Aedict's popup available, I can copy the character in my own handwriting and get instant search results pretty much anywhere, seemingly even in some games! I've never seen such a powerful dictionary tool anywhere else, on any platform, for any price; I highly recommend this and the rest of the Aedict suite to anyone who uses a Japanese dictionary any more than a couple of times a week.

by S####:

Highlight the Japanese word (s), copy to the clipboard, and voila...Aedict provides the English translation. One more tap, and you get the pronunciation + an intuitive menu of further options. 1 minor flaw: the 2nd time you try to pass a word to the full Aedict app, the app opens with a blank omnibox. Also, rather than a Web browser, it'd be cooler to be able to paste in a large chunk of text or open a file and have Aedict parse & analyze the whole thing - more like true reader.

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