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About Office: TextMaker Mobile

From now on, TextMaker Mobile is free to download and use, both for home use and business. Now there is no excuse to use an inferior office solution – you can have the best without paying a dime:

Tablet users should also check out our new TextMaker HD which offers the feature set of a desktop word processor:

TextMaker Mobile is the only word processor for Android that lets you open, edit, and save all your Microsoft Word documents while preserving all formatting and content. It displays your documents exactly like they look on your PC - even using the correct fonts if you copy them to your Android device.

► Edit and save all .doc and .docx files from Microsoft Word 6.0 up to 2013 seamlessly, without losing formatting or content
► Also opens and saves password-protected Microsoft Word files.
PDF export directly from within the app
On-the-fly spell checking for English (US+UK), German, Swiss German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch
► Work with tracked changes and comments like you do in Microsoft Word on your PC.
► Access documents in Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and OneDrive directly from within the app.
► Tables
► Pictures may be inserted from image files, from the built-in camera, and the photo gallery.
► Many character formatting options, including bold, italic, underlined, font and size, text and background color, subscript and superscript, small caps, and all caps
► Flexible paragraph formatting: left and right indent, first-line indent, paragraph alignment, line spacing, space above/below paragraph, tabs
► Apply paragraph styles
► Lists with bullets and automatic numbering
► Insert and edit footnotes and endnotes
Display any TrueType or OpenType font
► Automatic hyphenation in 33 languages
► Multi-level undo and redo
► View documents in print view or draft mode
► Bookmarks
► Document statistics (keystrokes, characters, words, sentences, etc.)
► Send documents by e-mail directly from TextMaker Mobile in any of its file formats (PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, etc.)
► Menus and dialogs switchable between English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Greek, and Turkish
► ... and much more!

TextMaker Mobile is the only word processor for Android that truly deserves its name. Check it out now, you will be amazed by its capabilities, its spotless compatibility with Microsoft Word, and its friendly user interface.

Imagine this: You can start a document in Microsoft Word on your PC, edit it using TextMaker Mobile, then finish it with Microsoft Word. Everything stays intact, no formatting is lost. No other Android word processor does this!

Supported file formats: TextMaker, Microsoft Word (DOC, DOT, DOCX, DOTX, DOCM, DOTM), RTF, HTML, OpenDocument / OpenOffice / LibreOffice, Pocket Word, plain text in many encodings

Notes: If you have questions about this application, please do not post them in the ratings, but contact our support team directly:

E-mail: [email protected]
Web site:

We look forward to hearing from you!

You can view the built-in help pages by opening the menu and then tapping on Tools > Help. Additional tips can be found at

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Download and install Office: TextMaker Mobile version 2012.704 on your Android device!
Downloaded 10,000+ times, content rating: Everyone
Android package: softmaker.applications.textmaker, download Office: TextMaker Mobile.apk

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App History & Updates

What's Changed
- Security fixes for OneDrive
- Import/export filter improvements
- Additional bug fixes
Version update Office: TextMaker Mobile was updated to version 2012.704

What are users saying about Office: TextMaker Mobile

by H####:

I paid enough for this app because nothing was available then, it was OK, though lacking in many ways. Now with Microsoft's office suite for android free of charge, I don't think it's worth the try and it was quite costly. If I had it for free like others maybe I would appreciate it more, but for the price paid l still regret it. When the beta version was released I wanted a discount having paid for this, l was told to pay 19.99 euros for the android bundle. Thank God I didn't buy it.

by K####:

Offers track changes editing which I needed but keep crashing. Tried on different handsets

by O####:

Why are my files opening as "Untitled 1*" instead of their file names? And the files that I'm trying to open are not template files. They are in .dox, .doc, .rtf, etc. format. Please resolve!

by X####:

I cannot print from my LG G4 with this app, so I paid for a useless app.

by M####:

Past text feature is not intuitive since there are different ways to past text from TTS and external apps // Some unpleasantness between last saved document version and cache document version when TTS suddenly close is making lost my last text modifications

by N####:

Very close to Polaris office. Losses colours in tables. Red became black etc. Insert pics from camera. .Not enough time to fully test

by K####:

Textmaker is perfect for reviewing edits while travelling. The track changes function carries over into Word perfectly, which can't be said for any other app I've tried. Love it!

by M####:

...and does it VERY well. I prefer this over OfficeSuite. My only request would be to add strike-through for text. I frequently draft amendments to legislative bills and strike-through is essential. UPDATE: strike-through added! Many thanks for being responsive. Great program.

by B####:

I would give it four stars, but it stops recognizing the keyboard every few days and I have to uninstall and reinstall the app.

by Q####:

Nice and very convinient app for editing documents better than any other that I've tried.

by G####:

S'Bescht wo's jeh hets gitz!

by S####:

Great app worth every penny, much better then anything else, paid for or free

by L####:

Crashes constantly, arbitrarily stops recognizing Bluetooth keyboard, try to make one change and it deletes an entire paragraph or moves cursor to another part of the document. Complete waste of money.

by T####:

I paid for it & cannot download it.

by I####:

Since Google's kit Kat update ... it only edits and saves on Device memory NOT on ext. Mem card. Not Text maker's fault... and I'm so relieved it still works great on device memory.. but pretty much a disaster for working on mem card docs. Is there anything you can do about it? as device gets full l have to move docs to mem card ... what a nuisance! .... still ... . thanks for your life-saver wordprocesser ... couldn't do without it.

by U####:

I've used this for a while, and have been mostly pleased with it. It's good for making minor edits to documents. However, I have been disappointed in using it for bigger edits. It is not really stable enough to treat it as a realistic competitor to MS word. For example, I just had it crash (and I think it was auto-save that made it crash, although I can't say that for certain), and somehow, even though it did auto-save, it only kept the first page in my auto-save, costing me a fair deal of time. Strangely, it saved the most recent edits I'd made, but completely lost the later pages (which had not been edited for a long period)

by V####:

It doesn't seem to be able to read the styles embedded into a Word document properly and applies the wrong styles to headings in the docunent. King soft is better.

by D####:

Textmaker is perfect for reviewing edits while travelling. The track changes function carries over into Word perfectly, which can't be said for any other app I've tried. Love it!

by W####:

Finally! An app that lets you edit a document and insert track changes! Anyone who works with Word and revises documents needs this!

by Z####:

Some of the spacing from original files to phone is not preserved, but it's a phone. It has also been my experience that it doesn't keep the formatting, or have the right font either. As for seeing it like you would on a computer screen, that's just crap, it will not happen on a phone or tablet with a MS office replacement app. Docs to Go is best so far, will be going back.

by A####:

One of the best applications i have ever downloaded. Superb for constructing letters emails and other documents. I use this application with google keyboard which has great voice to text which runs well with Textmaker.

by R####:

In my opinion, this is the only Word processor that offers a decent desktop-like experience. The interface design looks a bit dated, but that's a minor quibble. Overall, I'm very happy with it. Reasonably priced too.

by J####:

Thanks for replying to feedback - much appreciated. Would definitely like to see insert new hyperlinks in a future version if you've got one in development.

by Y####:

It does everything it says its going to do very well.

by F####:

Very close to Polaris office. Losses colours in tables. Red became black etc. Insert pics from camera. .Not enough time to fully test

by C####:

can not delete flies

by E####:

Word compatable

by N####:

It took me a while to figure out how to do some things, but overall, very good. Like the option to add fonts. Scrolling is still a bit jerky. Otherwise, five stars.

by H####:

Not the most user friendly interface, but once you get the lay of things, this is the best wp on Android, it has all of the functionality of a desktop, is smooth, and does a great job without screwing up the formating from word. Ever since Google destroyed Quickoffice, I've been searching... I think I may have found my go to program. 5 stars for functionality, I knocked one off because the interface takes some getting used to... I wish there was a way to hide the standard tool bar.

by K####:

After trying most I f the ither word processors on the market I rested on this one. It just works. Thanks PLEASE ADD A RECENT DOCUMENT WIDGET.

by O####:

I purchased this app because the screen shots give the impression you can do word-wrap around images that have been positioned on the page. I was unable to find a way to do this. If there is a way to do the word-wrap as shown (around the globe, for example), I hope the developer will reply and explain how.

by X####:

Many thanks

by P####:

In my opinion, the best word processor on android. Works flawlessly, with an occasional hiccup and stutter here and there (might be my tablet). Other than that, has all the formatting that one could ever want or need for a mobile processor and just found out that it has all the Ctrl+ shortcuts!!! (ie. Ctrl+R for align right and Ctrl+I for italics)

by M####:

I would give this 5 stars, but for two reasons. (1) This app crashes too easily. If I come out, go into even my music app to send a song and then go back to it, it crashes. That's annoying for someone who multitasks as much as I do. (2) I don't understand how this doesn't have page numbers. I can never tell what page I'm on. That's serious BULL! If there is a way, please let me know. The cheapest (and free) apps I know all make page numbering (whether for insertion or viewing) so easy. Otherwise, the app is pretty good. Please keep in mind that I am using it for heavy work. We're talking editing 300+ page documents, editing footnotes and endnotes, etc. It's better than any other app I've used for this. I also love that it takes me right back to where I edited last- something that would have been great in Microsoft Word. When the 2 issues are fixed, I'll give this a 5 star rating, A suggestion I would like to make is that we should be able to open more than one documents at a time. So far, I can't. I like to edit multiple documents simultaneously.

by J####:

So far, I would say that, for many reasons, it is the best on the market, as for academic works. And I have tried many, even those suggested as the best. Actually I would like to get answers to my questions. If for any reason I change my tablet how would I retrieve the app I paid for? UPDATE: The most annoying thing is that this app will never open your word document and save the changes on that same word document. It will always save it in a new tmd document. Could you please tell me how to fix this annoying issue? In my case, I open the doc and first of all it opens as untitled.text... and after making amendments I touch save and it automatically wants to save it as a new textmaker doc and there are no two ways about that. I don't know if you did something like a default saving or what. QUESTION: Could you please fix the issue of the dcument opening as untitled, thereby wanting to be saved as a new doc. I really want to give you five stars. Thank you.

by Y####:

Great update but to bad all the apps I purchased is free to everyone now.

by F####:

I'm confused...I bought the Text & Plan Maker programs because I was so impressed with your earlier Windows Mobile versions. Your Android programs had several limitations, but I assumed you would improve them over time. Instead, you made the version I bought "free" and you released new "HD" versions which you are charging for again. It is unlikely that you will make any meaningful improvements to the software I already paid for, so if I want updates it seems I'll have to pay for the software again...

by C####:

Have been using for over two years now. Never seems to disappoit. Awesome from writing a letter to taking notes on the job. Reading word files is awesome.

by E####:

An excellent—if not the best—writing app for Android, however there are Limitations I find rather severe: no simple paste-from-android icon in the tool Bar! I have to go through the whole menu deal. Grrrrrrr. A lot of my portable writing really needs this, as I can be skimming for quotes in other apps/notes. I can still paste externally from Textmaker, but it's a hassle. It also needs more white-space at the bottom of the page in draft mode. I'm sure others would like this too.

by N####:

When I insert a table e.g 5 rows (across) & 3 columns (down). What shows up is reversed I. E. 5 down & 3 across. Similar problem to office suite 8 which I have also used.

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