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About Turbo FTP client & SFTP client

Sleek, intuitive, and powerful Android FTP client & SFTP client for faster and easier server maintenance.
Built following the latest Android guidelines to make the experience the most intuitive on the Store also on Tablets!

∙ "Fast & Full Featured FTP Client for Android"
- XDA Developers

∙ "Makes FTP Easy and Stylish"
- AndroidRunDown.com

∙ "Un ottimo programma di gestione FTP"
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∙ "FTP-Client im Holo-Design" CocasBlog.deHave you reviewed the app? Email us!

Best Features
★ Super cool theme with material Icons
★ Optimized for both Smartphones and Tablets
★ Incredibly fast
★ A fantastic and powerful text editor
★ Root features
★ Private key and passphrase support (for sftp connections)
★ Translated in many languages (a special thanks to all the translators!)
★ Passwords are encrypted
★ Movable on the SD card
★ All you can do on local files you can on remote ones
★ Samsung Multiview support
★ Ability to open every file as temporary one if you just want to view it
★ Regular and rich updates
★ Personal and kind support
And much more!

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Download and install Turbo FTP client & SFTP client version 3.6 on your Android device!
Downloaded 100,000+ times, content rating: Everyone
Android package: turbo.client, download Turbo FTP client & SFTP client.apk

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App History & Updates

What's Changed
∙ Improved the performance and fixed some bugs
∙ Updated the translations
∙ If you need help please use the mail, the github page or the xda thread and I would gladly help!!

What are users saying about Turbo FTP client & SFTP client

by V####:

easily the best, most beautifully designed ftp application available for android! I downloaded it, added one server; realised I had to buy the pro version to add another, and did so without hesitation, as this app is quite simply perfect! for anybody that moans about having to pay to add more than one server; please remember that developers do this in their spare time! and, I personally was more than happy to spare £1.89 to help aid the development of this app.

by Z####:

The app has serious problems. First of all, it constantly tries to connect to several servers hosted by Amazon. It does this about every 10 seconds while the app is running. Second, it has a tendency to crash if I try and transfer in the background. Third, I was able to download a folder with about 100 files, but it only put the first half dozen on my sdcard where I asked it to. It put the rest on the / directory, filled up my phone's storage, and crashed it. I would not recommend this app at all, and I have uninstalled it.

by A####:

I don't mind paying for an app. In fact, that's what I did after I saw that this app would do what I wanted. What I do mind however, is an app I have to pay for once PER DEVICE. I've got it on my phone... all works. Add it to my tablet to get some screen realestate and I'm back to seeing "buy the app to add another account." Which annoys me to no end. You could put the code in to get it to process a payment, but you couldn't add a "restore purchase" button or automatic function?

by C####:

I tried downloading a 12gb file with this. It showed -1% progress after a few minutes. I don't have much faith that it would download it correctly and not just overwrite the first 4gb several times.

by E####:

I run a web server with several clients on my home server. This has allowed me to make quick edits on the go from my phone. Teader beware though... there are alot of comments on here about the app not working, but if you read them, half of them all seem like config issues on the ftp server side, not the app side. Can't speak for the comments about uploads over 1GB though, as I have never tried it. I mean, what the hell do you have on your mobile device, that's over 1GB, that you want to transfer? 5/5 stars!

by H####:

An amazingly simple solution for secure transfer between phone and server... very fast and light on memory and disk usage. Also, the developers ask for a small fee to uncripple the free version, though they only restrict features that amount to convenience, and do in such a way that isn't bothersome or malicious. The free version is still a pleasure to use. Thanks for the wonderful SFTP client!

by K####:

Everything is easy to setup. The UI is very simple but still good looking. In fact it is one of the best ftp client i've ever seen. But to bad I need to pay to add an additional account.

by P####:

Now also installs a text editor that you can't get rid of without uninstalling the client. Is a shame but I won't be using this any more. Also you can't paste when renaming files/folders which is annoying. If these 2 are addressed I'll reinstall in a second as the client itself is awesome

by Q####:

Maybe allow users to customize the color scheme now that the upgrade has gone from black to red. It's a bit much for some of us to look at. I know, it's small, but a worthwhile suggestion.

by G####:

I have the premium version of this app and when using SFTP it's great, though I wish Turbo Editor had a little more seamless integration with Turbo Client. However in standard FTP, no files show up!

by L####:

This used to be the best ftp/sftp client on the play store, but the recent versions have removed the ability to add servers. This means the app is now completely useless. Sad to lose it, especially since it was basically prefect before.

by T####:

Everything runs as expected, but the progress bar during transfers is broken. It never changes from 0% until the transfer is done

by I####:

I routinely upload large files (2-4GB) to multiple servers and it freezes my phone completely after a while. It will continue to run in the background but I cannot use my phone at all after a while. If they could fix this issue, the app would be perfect.

by V####:

It would be nice to sort Ascending or Descending, especially when using a sort like file modification time when you have a lot of files in the same directory. Right now, I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the newest file.

by D####:

I have a Linux server running apache 2 which I have a website, I thought this app would be good to edit when out and about but I thought wrong, I made changes to the html file and saved using the app, I then check the changes, oh wait... it didn't change anything.. don't recommend!

by Z####:

Folders with a dot preceeding the name dont show! There is an option to hide files with a dot but not show folders. Useless!!

by A####:

The title has the three best descriptors any android app can have. Please! make more professional apps like this! My only disappointment is that I could not buy premium version twice!

by R####:

I can't fault this app one bit. The design is impeccable, it works absolutely flawlessly and best of all: it's free! No advertisements, begging for a rating or a premium upgrade exist here. Though if you do think the app is awesome and can't believe it's free, kick a couple coin towards the dev for their hard work. Also, I should point out that on the app's Google play store page, it states it was designed for phones... Well, I can tell you for sure that's a lie. It works and looks on my tablet like it was designed for a tablet. Anyways, good job guys/gals!

by Y####:

But it crashes immediately after login on sftp. Tried reinstalling, clearing cache, clearing data. Works OK with regular FTP. Really need sftp though. Looks better than the rest...

by C####:

Great ui. Downloading files is a nightmare. Silent failure is a common occurrence, and download speeds are abysmal.

by H####:

Has great potential, would like that file edit scroll is a bit smoother, kind of lags. Also, folders and file icons are too large for my preference, different view mods and level of details are missing. Everything else is great!

by K####:

Transfer speeds are terrible. Rsync in termux is much better

by F####:

Quick, comes with great text editor that displays all language characters and automatically suggests to upload upon local changes.

by C####:

It's a great appliation which lets developers to login FTP and make their coding there immediately. But there are a few bugs exists on application like: It has timeout problem when switching to other screens. Maybe if you add a function which user can decide how long for timeout. This timeout problem is also crashing the application after you are trying to return back application. The another bug is on Text Editor you can't use any features of keyboard including special chars, left, right and shift buttons. Here I have bluetooth keyboard on my tablet and if these functions were exists, I can even pay for premium version. Nice work mate, just keep on developing. Adding PHP Syntax like Notepad++ could be great for getting much attentions.

by E####:

The icons are a bad idea, switch to text. A floppy disk icon doesn't mean anything to users who never saw one; the bug icon just looks ominous. Upload fails silently--would love to see some output. There's little need for the path input widget for file upload, use android file dialog by default. Download dialog could be more verbose.

by N####:

I liked this apps for sftp,damn fast,only spoiled one thing.Its call laggy when transfer phone to server.Phone become unresponsive but process transfer data still running.

by H####:

This was an excellent program until one of the "upgrades" made it useless. It's no longer possible to upload to an ftp client. The user interface also went from good to lousy since we now have to guess what ridiculous symbols mean rather than click on a word like upload or download. It's a shame because it was a really good program before.

by K####:

First, this app downloads files much slower than other apps I've found. Second, the first time I tried downloading more than a couple files at once, it crashed on the 10th file. When I reopened it, it didn't give me the option to resume downloading. I tried to restart the transfer but it started downloading from the beginning rather than continuing or at least asking me if I wanted to overwrite existing files. Bottom line: there are better options for SFTP on Android.

by O####:

So many bugs! The UI is beautiful and i really wanted to be able to use it, but holy hell. I'm trying to transfer a 296 MB file from my remote host to local host (Nexus 6) and it silently fails every time. Either it doesn't completely download the file (partial) and thinks its done or it crashes silently. I would be able to overlook this, but its base functionality. A user should be able to multi task when downloading a file, but you cant because it crashes. A user should also be able to click on the download notification while the file is downloading and it open the app..NOPE cant do that either. It would be nice if there were functionality where it could get a md5 hash on the remote file and compare it to the hash on the local file to determine if it successfully transferred. Something so that it knows if it were successful...

by X####:

I love everything about this app, except for the fact that it frequently crashes. It looks nice and is easy to use, but it can get annoying when it crashes for seemingly no reason. I'll give 5 stars once the crashing is fixed.

by P####:

stops for long periods. will not tell yo number of files in remote dir, nor report size of dir. i cant trust (3k +files) with it not reporting if it really uploaded or not. 1 file missing (its a game) could ruin data. need to have info at least size of remote or local (duh, im just saying local ofcourse i can get that myself) within the program. or it needs to reliably transfer. ps at cancel reports that it was suc whatever ill do it on laptop, this is bs

by M####:

By far the best looking mobile FTP software! It's smooth, clean, and even has its own Text Editor! I highly recommend this for quick tweaks to remote server files. One thing I suggest for a future version is the ability to rescale the local and remote directories. I can tell that half of the screens valuable real estate will be obscured and unused. Even better, just give the option to disable the local directory all together! All in all, this app is going to come in handy this week for me!

by B####:

Not going to keep it around because I found the file manager on newer Samsung has a somewhat hidden feature: ftp support, excellent at that and my ssh client supports sftp with certificates(this does but needs pro(which I would happily pay for if I needed it as the developer made something very solid) for more than 1 account (never use passwords for ssh if you value security)). But this client did a great job and was fast and stable.

by Q####:

In my case, the app works great except when I try to send a big file (>1GB) file to a SFTP server. After selecting the file with the "storage access framework" browser, the app hangs in a black screen, forcing me to kill it. I wish it would have tested more the app robustness before buying the unlocked version.

by G####:

I love it! My only problem with it was the built in text editor. It has extreamly irritating bugs in it. If you try to switch to characters it will switch back randomly. Same with caps. I was planning on giving the ftp a 3 star cus the text editor is so bad but I saw that the editor is on here seperatly as well, so 5 stars for client, 1 for editor. Ok I'm off to find another editor! Love this app

by S####:

Search doesn't work when you paste text. If you type it in it finds the file, but copy/paste doesn't. Please fix and it will be perfect.

by L####:

This mobile ftp client looks absolutely amazing! But.. Although I can connect to my ftp server, I can not upload or edit any files. And that's hard for me as I use my phone for web development on the go. Every time I try to upload any html, css, or php, I get an error

by T####:

Please add a feature to edit it directly, no need to download the file first. If its upgraded, I will give the last star.

by I####:

Lighting fast, both connection and file access. I use the app to access my WD My Cloud = lighting fast... A+++

by U####:

I can't fault this app one bit. The design is impeccable, it works absolutely flawlessly and best of all: it's free! No advertisements, begging for a rating or a premium upgrade exist here. Though if you do think the app is awesome and can't believe it's free, kick a couple coin towards the dev for their hard work. Also, I should point out that on the app's Google play store page, it states it was designed for phones... Well, I can tell you for sure that's a lie. It works and looks on my tablet like it was designed for a tablet. Anyways, good job guys/gals!

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