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by S####:

The website was not very touchscreen-friendly, but this is far, far better. However, I can't seem to figure out how to move a misplaced marker (I added it and then realized it was one block off). Would be great if you could long-click markers to grab and move!

by L####:

Wasted money. Tried to refund same day and it kept glitching now I'm stuck with it. Doesnt work like the site. Which is free. App isn't good enough to be a pay app and it doesn't tell you if things are ripe or not. I wasted a whole day and gas trying to get sites and nothing was there. Over half of the sites aren't updated. At all. For two years...really? Refund please.this is terrible. It just a scam.

by T####:

The latest version of the app added the ability to filter results by food-type, bringing it up to speed with the website. Much better for dumpster diving now! (though the filter search is case sensitive, which is odd.) There are still a few things that feel like they should be features in order to fully warrant the price tag: the ability to select a location from the list menu and show where it is on the map, starring / favoriting places, and opening locations in other mapping apps. Would still recommend.

by I####:

This company has not made a good investment here. The app does not have a location feature so it's really no better than pulling up the regular site. It's hard to navigate and hard to locate and understand the different types of plants. Someone with a mind for development and the user experience needs to get involved. Wouldn't get it again even if it was free. The 3.99 price is a slap in the face for an app this bad.

by U####:

After purchase the app requires a user account but even after making one I can't login. Sounds like others have had this problem as well. Very disappointed.

by V####:

Takes a long time to for app to open any bring up map, and do not like how Denver parks pinned all of their trees, most that I've noticed do not bear any fruit!!

by D####:

Seriously, why?

by W####:

Way less expensive than the grocery store, and now I can snack wherever I go!

by Z####:

Awesome app! Can't wait to start foraging!

by J####:

I'm the only one in my area that uses it so would be much better if it was free.

by Y####:

Wont load! I was excited too. I had stuff to add too!

by F####:

It has the same functions as the website. If I'm spending four dollars on an app, it should at least integrate Google maps, or easily show me where I am in relation to trees. Uninstalled.

by C####:

App will not complete registration, server down. Server failure.

by M####:

Currently far too expensive for a mobile friendly version of the free site. You get less functionality, as the only filter option seems to be toggling whether or not to show a catalogue of trees on the map, yet even this is imperfect as many trees still show up when it's off. Seems arbitrary and inconvenient if you're looking for something specific. Despite this, the app does run very smoothly compared to the site, which is almost unmanageable on a phone. Good if you don't have regular access to a computer.

by B####:

Thanks for the app. - - FEATURE REQUEST - - Please add a way to INTEGRATE the map with GOOGLE MAPS, would be handy to see the the markets directly there.

by Q####:

Had troubles logging in for a while. It lets you pull up a beautiful map and zoom in, but seems to lack the ability to add a marker to it.

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