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by A####:

Really liked the app when 1st down loaded but now it just won't play music and voice just one or the other, I saw some stuff about this on the FB page before but can not see anything about how to fix it, pls help

by R####:

What a great app so much inside and lots of great information

by J####:

There was a problem with it loading up. Very impressed with how quickly they resolved it. Now working. Looking forward to using it again. One happy lady :)

by Y####:

This is my very favorite of all the Easyloss apps. My weight has steadily dropped and my confidence has soured. Little Black Dress is the go to for mindfulness, motivation and confidence. 80 pounds gone and still loosing.

by F####:

It was good for me, however I have just upgraded my phone & contract (both samsung) & although it says installed (I have the same number), it says that the app may not be installed anymore as I may not have purchased this?... I cannot use this now :-/

by C####:

The app continue crashing after 2 minutes. I open 5 times and occur the same every time

by E####:

I love this app and use it in conjunction with vgb. Can't recommend it enough xxx

by N####:

Can't upload any photos to the photo tracker, apart from that a good app but shame as I'd like to use the photo bit

by H####:

This is the best money you will spend! I've lost 60lbs since June using this system and its been ridiculously easy. Ive even enjoyed all the lovely Christmas food and haven't gained an ounce! Amazing! Superb support both on Facebook and through excellent podcasts. You won't regret this purchase! Life changing!

by O####:

A fantastic app that has helped me over the Christmas period. TheI easyloss Facebook page is amazing for support xx

by O####:

Highly recommended app - provides everything you could need to allow you to take control of your weight loss - and more!

by X####:

This is the best money you will spend! I've lost over 50lbs since June using this system and its been ridiculously easy. Superb support both on Facebook and through excellent podcasts. You won't regret this purchase! Life changing!

by P####:

I bought this app after already purchasing the Easyloss hypnotic gastric band and then went on to buy the Bikini Body app. I have dieted for 26 years and it's made me miserable but this is not a diet! I eat normal food with my family but lose weight, 20lb in 5 weeks!!!!! I cannot thank Sue and James enough for changing my life. The hypnosis sessions are amazing, something to suit everyone and it doesn't just help you lose weight it massively boosts your confidence, changes the way u see yourself, I love it

by M####:

Hi leaving this feedback so the app can be improved. It does not work OK on a Motorola g phone well actually some of it does. When you take a photo it doesn't capture it on the app. The hypnosis works on the first track you play then you need to close down the app before you can play another otherwise you just get the music hopefully updates can address this otherwise I wasted my money.

by B####:

Easy to follow, very relaxing. Very good variety of hypnosis sessions in this app. Definitely recommend it. Great support group too.

by Q####:

I cannot recommend this app enough. I'm using it alongside of the VGB and I'm finding it to be powerful stuff. Each of the hypnosis sessions speak to individual problem areas so you can choose which one is relevant at the time. The junk food crusher is particularly powerful. As a stand alone 8 week course this app is brilliant and very effective but using it alongside VGB can only mean there is going to be an influx of extremely happy slim, fit, healthy people emerging. And what's more it only costs £4.99!

by G####:

Have used other apps from this company with great success and it's so easy!! This new app is amazing!! Already having an effect after one day. It's life changing and the 24/7 support is brilliant! Sue and James are awesome :)

by S####:

I've only had the app a couple of days, I have no idea what it says, I fall asleep and have been sleeping all night, which is a miracle in itself! Time will tell if I actually lose weight but the app is very easy to use and the relaxation before bedtime is a good thing if nothing else.

by L####:

After purchase would not play very disappointed

by T####:

Great to use the different sessions depending on how I'm feeling

by I####:

Life changing stuff. Too good to be missed. I'm in awe.

by U####:

My fave app. The sections to choose from are great. Relaxing and results can be achieved :)

by V####:

As I said in my last message this is not downloading, keeps coming up with a 905 error ? I have over 2GB of space on my phone so I ha e plenty of room

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