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by M####:

Some growing pains for this start up company, but we hope they succeed! Life in SF has never been easier for our family. When it works, it has been brilliant. Our children enjoy getting to know the drivers, and our use is regular enough that we now have the same set of about 7 women who provide our rides. We have had a couple of Snafus: a driver was caught up in a family crisis and failed to show up (major problem, happened once); and scheduled rides that were never accepted by a driver. Try it!

by B####:

I was very excited by the service, it's so convenient. But you have to fix bugs. My ride was schedule for today and i was concerned not getting confirmation email with the name of the driver. I opened the app to check on tat 4 hours before the ride and found out that my ride is not scheduled any more. And my kids needs to be picked up from the location. I relied on your service to take care of my kid. You can not underestimate SLAs. Any failure creates huge negative impact to families, who rely on you. More over, I can not schedule any more rides. Submit button is disabled. I reinstalled the app, but this problem appears again. The app is not useful at all.

by Q####:

Not clear even if fixed that the are any drivers near us

by G####:

We wouldn't be able to live and work in San Francisco without Shuddle. Our kids are just old enough (7 & 9) that they can understand our daily Shuddle plans and feel completely comfortable getting around the city with a Shuddle driver. I schedule Shuddle rides to get them from school to their after-school program (3 miles away) and then Shuddle brings them home by 6 pm (another 3 miles), where I meet them just in time for dinner. We've never had a single problem & the kids like meeting different drivers.

by S####:

I've loved this app and the service since I started using it. The app is beautiful, easy, and intuitive. The drivers are thoughtful, incredibly experienced, kind, and safe (not only are they strongly background checked, all the ones I've met are childcare providers). Many other busy parents I know use it and are big fans.

by L####:

SHUDDLE is NOT registered with TrustLine (THE REQUIRED State agency that uses fingerprints to run Federal background checks for people working in the child care field) Their status is non-compliance! I researched SHUDDLE after i was almost hit by a driver in Livermore on First St. July 24th @ 11:50am. After contacting them, they refused to give me the business License Number for Livermore. What irresponsible parent would pawn off thier child with a stranger driving for SHUDDLE? BEWARE & PROTECT YOUR CHILD!

by T####:

I'd love to use this app. But when I just installed it, my Nexus 6 phone stopped being able to charge and connect with my laptop via USB. Once I uninstalled the app, things on the phone went back to normal. Eager for an updated version of the app with a fix so I can try the service.

by I####:

Great service for youth and senior citizens!

by U####:

Does not work at, tried several times and support is not helpful either

by V####:

It is a very good and useful app :) just saw it on the fox 4 kansas city kansas news.

by D####:

This is a great service, and I am glad it's come to Android!

by W####:

EXAMPLE: UBER Was just found to have drivers with Criminal Records that include "Child Exploitation" "Manslaughter" "DUI" & "Identity Theft" Why Trust companies like Suddle that mimic Uber with blatant disregard for regulatory laws that protect the people?

by Z####:

After talking with customer service I believe this business to be untrustworthy. Avoid if you can, find another source of transportation for your child... perhaps one that follows laws involving child care.

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