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by D####:

Reads text (I use PDFs) great and with the "Sharon" voice it's almost like an audiobook reader. There is no better tool on Android. My ONLY complaint is it's not as feature rich as the IOS version. I can understand as it's recently added but as someone that recently switched from IOS to android I really miss those features. Specially the ability to text replace (such as read AL as "alignment"). 5 stars once it has the IOS features.

by W####:

I have been using the iOS app and the writer app for ages and I am a total fan boy! This Android App still has a way to go but I want to make a public declaration of support. The £15 I spent on both Apps in the iOS were life changing in the amount I could read and act on every day. Via Pocket App I read around 20 blogs and articles from my industry everyday and was able to keep up with friends content too. The Writer App significantly improved my writing output too - I was able to proofread my own work faster and the send to someone else for a final edit. This sped up my productivity AND helped me beat one of the greatest blocks that having dyslexia has had on me. Thanks Michael! ;-)

by Z####:

Finally, Android has an app that highlighted words as they are being read! My dyslexic students bless you! Excellent, fair price too, with the included voice. App perfection! Kudos to the developer! One needed addition would be to include the app in the Share menu to facilitate Web article reading. Please add this feature.

by A####:

I Want A Refund. I paid Ten Bucks, Only to wind up having to download a different reader because this one could not open any file I selected. Doesn't appear in share choices from web & doesn't even show how to go to reader from whatever page or text you want read. I haven't been read a single thing from this app, & all for Ten bucks. A whole Ten worth of Nothing. Please refund my money. I give this app MINUS STARS!

by R####:

I started using Dream Voice as soon as it became available for android. I use it every day and I absolutely love it!! There are more options available with the IOS version, but it is still a work in progress for android so give it some time, I think it will be even better in the future.... but honestly, even if it stayed the same I wouldn't mind. Money very well spent! The developer is working very hard to make android comparable to IOS. Be patient! Thank you for the great App!! ☺

by J####:

I get issues when I try to select new places too start seems like a delay if some sort and it crashes.

by Y####:

It's the best study tool possible for a med student. Still hasn't reached the level of the ios version but still beats all the other similar apps.

by F####:

This version is absolute garbage compared to the one available on ios devices. Please fix the glaring issues regarding spontaneous app-crashes. It pains me to think about the fact that I paid $10 for this dysfunctional product. Before I switched from ios to android I used this particular application religiously and with ZERO bugs/crashes. Please repair the program or refund my money.

by C####:

I waited to switch to Android until this app was available on it. Seriously. I understand it is still fresh and look forward to the updates since I know it's potential from the IOS version. Salli is the best voice. She has the only voice I've found on any app that sounds natural enough to get lost in the story and not get distracted by the robotic elements of the TTS voice. Once the Ivona voices are available and I can use Salli to read me bedtime stories, I can sleep like a baby and wake up with a smile :)

by E####:

Voicedream reader for android is a great addition to the google play store. Not only does it allow visually impaired users to use the ETI eloquence engine which they are accustomed to, but it also has easy, intuitive menus; supports different formats; and allows for bookshare and dropbox file imports. What's more, it also plays while the screen is locked, on first try; unlike other reading applications which I have had to struggle with in the past. Admitedly, there are a few bugs that still need to be worked out: application crashes when navigating too quickly when hitting the next button, navigation issues in certain books when using the bookmark section of the app to get to chapters. Over all though, voicedream Reader is amazing; and judging by the quality of the IOS version of this app; I don't doubt that developers will continue to improve upon this one. IN fact, I'm sure that by next year, the android version of VoiceDream reader will be equal to the IOS version. This is well worth the ten dollars, trust me!

by N####:

I know the app is not at the iOS level but I trust them they will manage to reach it! I waited this app to switch to android (it's not a joke since I use it like 2 hours each day commuting) I am sorry they don't offer "Paul" English voice from Acapella (which I found the best on iOS) but try Sharon or Will. Sharon sounds better for me.

by H####:

Everytime I attempt to do homework the app freezes and lags. I always report the problem and never get a response. Nothing gets fixed or better. I have to delete my textbooks and re-download then and lose all my highlights and bookmarks. Sometime I have to Uninstall the app and reinstall it. For explain I uninstalled the app over 3 times and re-download my textbook over 10 times. No one response to your report when it acts up. I wish I could get my money back

by K####:

Please add support for kindle. The app is superb.

by O####:

Worth every buck. PROS - checked off a lot of books - no more eye strain - clear voices - satisfied for clearing years long list of book collection. CONS - none

by X####:

Not much like the iPad version that I actually uses. The speed is now arbitrary (changes with zoom in/out in PDF), no default normal speed option. No way to replace text for pronunciation yet, e.g. regex to remove hyphen at end of line, I had hope for the PDF extraction, otherwise only plain text with ePub etc: not a viewer.

by P####:

Although it crashes frequently, it is still a better TTS experience than any other app. It also has great note taking features which are very useful for students. I find that it is more stable when reading plain text files than rich text or pdf. Be sure to export your notes regularly in case it crashes and refuses to open the file again. I have had to reinstall the program once to recover from issues and have had to give up on certain files, but when this app works, it is like magic.

by M####:

It's not done yet; it's basically a beta. *But*. This app understands TTS better than any other app I've used. If you rely on TTS for your ebooks, this app is 100% worth it, despite frequent crashes and missing features and so on. I'll update this review when it's less half-baked, but even now it's worth 5 stars for me for the TTS focused nature of the app.

by B####:

Although the android version is still being developed, I have the original one for Ipad and I love it. I understand it's potential.

by Q####:

100% unusable. I want a refund! Have yet to get it to open. Consistently crashing and I have to reinstall each time. I need something that works. I'm in school and don't have time for unfinished, overpriced apps.

by G####:

it is absolutely an amazing app. When taking into consideration that those are initial releases, we could expect a very bright future for this tool. great set of features and easiness of use. we still waiting .doc and .docx support and more polished and stable way of managing voices.

by S####:

great for momemt...want money back...should be free or not avaible until works...

by L####:

This is a great application for reading PDFs epubs and Daisy books as well as other types of formats. I have gotten in contact with the developer to developer is working hard to improve all kinds of features that users request for the application. Looking forward to seeing new features are being developed for the application and future updates.

by T####:

I've use this app on my iPad works fine, I'm happy but there is room for improvement. Android however so far I am very disappointed. First of all manage voice crashes the app. There is no way to stop the program from reading the same headers and footers on every page for example I read lost of manuals with the same header and footer on 30 pages where the only difference is a page number. The pronunciation of some words isn't perfect but there is no way to edit it. The user guide is a joke. The search doesn't work for me, to find a page or chapter I've had to scroll through many pages manually. My final thought, it could be a very app at this moment there is a hole lot of room for improvement especially at that price.

by I####:

This has the potential to be a greatly product. Voice qualuty is excellent. HOWEVER many of the features advertised appear to be missing from the Androud implementation and integration with the Android TTS environment would help a lot. Should be worth the money when its finished. For now even e stars is being kind

by U####:

I used the Iphone version which is amazing. The developers must address the issues here. App has great potential but in one word it's JAMMED. Looking forward for an update.

by V####:

This app almost made me leave Android cause I loved it on Apple. Worth every penny.

by D####:

This app is wonderful. It's intuitive and very accessible. Excellent!

by W####:

Needs improvement, but it's the most useful app I ever bought, well designed, great work guys!!!!

by Z####:

Get your reading done faster, anywhere.

by A####:

Very hard to get started with no instruction On how to get the books into your library. I will try a bit more before finding something I can work.

by R####:

For a $10. App I would think it would allow me to change the sound of the voice reading. Some material is harder to follow with certain voices. I tried changing the voice and wasn't able to. When I selected a new voice which cost another 4 bucks, it would just skip around and not allow the selection.

by J####:

Got a message it is a corrupted file & would not open. Got a refund...thank you. Work out the bugs & I'll be sure to check it out again.

by Y####:

It sounded great But everytime I tried to change the voice, the program would Crash and yoi could not start it again without restarting mu Samsung Galaxy Note 4. So I had to get a refund.

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