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Snakes And Ladders by PaleblueSnakes And Ladders

Rated 4.11(1,067) — Paleblue

Snakes and Ladders is an ancient Indian board game regarded today as a worldwide classic. It is played between two or more players on a gameboard having numbered, gridded squares. A number of "ladders" and "snakes" are pictured on the board, each connecti

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Hanson and Bella's Connect 4 by Terry NoahHanson and Bella's Connect 4

Rated 0.00(0) — Terry Noah

The Connect 4 game presented by the incredible brother and sister team of Hanson and Isabella. This classic game teaches essential skills that all kids could learn: * Problem solving - make sense of problems and persevere in solving them* Planning a...

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Croco? Croco Roulette by OVJECTCroco? Croco Roulette

Rated 4.60(35) — OVJECT

Crocodile Roulette game bout with friends!If the game is boring a lot laddersTry the game Crocodile teeth!Lunch bet penalties games, assuming the rules thrilling!Try a more interesting minor day-to-day crocodile roulette.Toy crocodile roulette board...

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Draw Despicable Me Minions by Level Up!Draw Despicable Me Minions

Rated 0.00(0) — Level Up!

We have created for you is really convenient and affordable Despicable Me app, which will always be with you directly on your mobile device. And you can play with mobile drawing when you want and as long as you want. Our bank of images can exactly surpris

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Animal Match by EsponjosoAnimal Match

Rated 0.00(0) — Esponjoso

Prueba tu memoria Test your memory

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Ultimate Jack Tracker by Allan DaltonUltimate Jack Tracker

Rated 4.10(10) — Allan Dalton

Ultimate Jack Tracker is an *unofficial* companion app for the "Letters from Whitechapel" board game.Ultimate Jack Tracker will allow the 'Jack the Ripper' player to easily record each players movements across all four nights, leading to the much anticipa

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ISTO by Tejas UpadhyayISTO

Rated 4.31(450) — Tejas Upadhyay

Ahmedabad baji or ISTO or Ashta chamma (Ludo) ------------------------------------------------------------------------Ahmedabad baji or ISTO or Asthachanga game or Ashta chamma (Ludo) is a board game that involves counters or pieces moved or placed on...

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Sweet Wonderland by ASQTeamSweet Wonderland

Rated 4.22(700) — ASQTeam

Sweet Wonderland - Delicious match 3 puzzle game with cute characters & fun adventure on the sugar lands! Help Emma collect jellies and enjoy sweet cakes through many gummy lands, but be careful with the monsters! They try to eat foods & making obstacles.

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The Mill - Classic Board Games by OutOfTheBit ltdThe Mill - Classic Board Games

Rated 3.80(1,703) — OutOfTheBit ltd

Welcome to the best Mill (Nine Men’s Morris) game on the Store!Make Mills by aligning 3 pieces, every Mill you make allows you to remove one of your opponent's pieces. The classic Nine Men’s Morris is a strategy board game, commonly found on the...

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Reverse - Classic Board Games by OutOfTheBit ltdReverse - Classic Board Games

Rated 3.78(152) — OutOfTheBit ltd

Download the new Reverse now! Free!Trap your opponent’s pieces between your own to conquer them! But be careful: your opponent may do the same. Pieces will change sides (colors) dozens of times. You’re the winner if you got the most pieces when no...

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Align It 2 - HD Nine Men's Morris by reglewareAlign It 2 - HD Nine Men's Morris

Rated 5.00(12) — regleware

With around million users, Align It - Board Game already enjoyed by many players around the world!. Now get more of the exhilarating HD Graphics, UX, exciting Levels and Jumping mode in Align It 2!Align it based on world famous Twelve Men's Morris or...

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Nine Men's Morris by krrida.comNine Men's Morris

Rated 4.40(5) —

The game is also known as Nine Man Morris, Mill, Mills, The Mill Game, Merels, Merrills, Merelles, Marelles, Morelles and Ninepenny Marl in English. The game has also been called Cowboy Checkers and is sometimes printed on the back of checkerboards...

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Ashta Chamma (Board Game) by krrida.comAshta Chamma (Board Game)

Rated 4.75(63) —

Chowka Bara or Ashta Chamma is an Indian board game, played during the era of kings. This game was used to improve eye-to-eye coordination, and to teach teenagers war tactics and strategy. It also helps in developing counting skills.The movement of coins.

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Gokstad: Norse Strategy by GoHoc StudiosGokstad: Norse Strategy

Rated 4.38(8) — GoHoc Studios

History brought to life, take part in a game of viking strategy upon the famous ship, Gokstad! Five different board types, all originating from around the globe. Play against local friends, computer AI, or online! Muster your strength and climb aboard...

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Cool Jigsaw II by Lavatin GamesCool Jigsaw II

Rated 0.00(0) — Lavatin Games

Great Puzzle App

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Connect Fruit Story by iphone-camera.comConnect Fruit Story

Rated 4.01(138) —

Connect Fruit Story is a classic flow game, but it is especial, when you link the same Fruits, the line will become a line flow, it is funny! Got it Free! Feature, ***5 Models are here for you; ***Yummy Fruits; ***Nice sound; ***Sweet UI; ***Suitable...

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Connect Squares by Artoon Solutions Private LimitedConnect Squares

Rated 4.80(5) — Artoon Solutions Private Limited

The object of the game is to change all of the squares on your side of the board to the same colour to win the game. You do this by selecting a colour from the selectors at the bottom. This changes all squares adjacent to the colours attached to the...

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Family's Game Travel Pack Lite by Soft Motion LabsFamily's Game Travel Pack Lite

Rated 4.43(4,410) — Soft Motion Labs

Come and enjoy our exclusive collection of 40 traditional board games !Discover a wide game set ;★ Chess (2 players, AI available)★ Draughts & Checkers (2 players, AI available)★ Chinese Checkers (2 players, AI available)★ Backgammon...

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Family's Game Travel Pack by Soft Motion LabsFamily's Game Travel Pack

Rated 4.79(103) — Soft Motion Labs

Come and enjoy our exclusive collection of 40 traditional board games !Discover a wide game set ;★ Chess (2 players, AI available)★ Draughts & Checkers (2 players, AI available)★ Chinese Checkers (2 players, AI available)★ Backgammon...

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Connect 4 by Rahul M MohanConnect 4

Rated 5.00(3) — Rahul M Mohan

Connect Four is a two-player connection game in which the players first choose a colour and then take turns dropping coloured discs from the top into a seven-column, six-row vertically suspended grid.The pieces fall straight down, occupying the next...

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App Of The Day

App of the day - Oct 23, 2014: Inbox by Gmail
Inbox by Gmail by Google Inc.Inbox by Gmail

Rated 4.23(376,094) — Google Inc.

Your email inbox should help you live and work better, but instead it often buries the important stuff and creates more stress than it relieves. Inbox, built by the Gmail team, keeps things organized and helps you get back to what matters.• HIGHLIGHTS...

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Audax - Icon Pack by kovdevAudax - Icon Pack

Rated 4.77(1,149) — kovdev

We've crafted a bold and colorful set that demands your attention. These icons deserve to be displayed as large as possible. With unique designs and a brilliant palette, your home screens will be treated to a whole new world of style. Harness the power...

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team by ELECTRONIC ARTSFIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Rated 4.32(5,270,305) — ELECTRONIC ARTS

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team by EA SPORTS features over 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams. Plus, over 30 real leagues and stadiums! Build a dream squad of footballers and put them to the test. From the English Premier League, La Liga, and MLS, to...

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Camera FV-5 by FGAECamera FV-5

Rated 3.87(14,651) — FGAE

Camera FV-5 is a professional camera application for mobile devices, that puts DSLR-like manual controls in your fingertips. Tailored to enthusiast and professional photographers, with this camera application you can capture the best raw photographs...

Photo Lab Picture Editor FX by VicMan LLCPhoto Lab Picture Editor FX

Rated 4.44(867,866) — VicMan LLC

Photo Lab boasts one of the vastest collections of stylish and funny photo effects: more than 500 effects to date! Fantastic face photo montages, photo frames, animated effects and photo filters are here for you to enjoy. Make your image look creative...

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