Survivors of the Magic Firestorm (BETA) Indie RPG

Survivors of the Magic Firestorm (BETA) Indie RPG Free Game

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About Survivors of the Magic Firestorm (BETA) Indie RPG


The Firestorm: Survivors' Land is a fantasy role-playing game

The devastating magican Firestorm destroyed the world. Only a small piece of land remains, which survived the apocalyptic disaster for some reason.
Explore the Land of Survivors!

The "Firestorm: Survivors' Land" in a fantasy-action RPG game. Create your survivor on a scorched world, and discover the land of survivors! You can fight the firestorm survivor monsters, and invent special weapons and armor to face the challenges of Survivors Land!

Take part in the weekly Olympics, where reveals, who is the mightiest adventurer!

Found a guild, and develop guild abilities to get permanent bonuses for all of your characters. More adventurers can join to your guild to be stronger together!

Wandering on the survivors' land you can undertake quests, you may write the history of this world with your adventures!

You can level up during your adventures, can collect more and more gold, more and more glory, you can be the living legend of the survivors' land!

Play the game every day, and take the daily free gifts, and collect free gold and free credits with the daily tasks. Marketplace awaits you, where you can buy rare items, and you can sell yours.

Discover the world of Firestorm, where climbable walls, battlefields, dungeons, and lock protected chests, as minigames makes your adventures more colorful.

The game is supports the Cloud save and load, to migrate your game between devices, or restore your game on device failure.

What the game offers:
* Free game
* Fantastic RPG feeling
* Unique graphics from the Golden Age of Role-Playing Games
* Unique, a huge explorable fantasy world, unique monsters.
* Lots of weapons and magical equipment
* Weekly gladiator fight in the Olympic arena, where you stack up against the other gladiators
* Metals, skins and other objects that are combined together for invent new unique items
* Exciting missions
* Free-customizable characters
* Puzzles, decryptable texts for the puzzle games lovers

Explore a Land Scorched with Fire: An Epic Fantasy Adventure of Survival!

* Brave an open world adventure, and develop your character as you explore the land!
* Tools, weapons, armor can be crafted from the materials you can find.
* Countless monsters await defeat at your hands, through arms and magic!

The world has become engulfed in a vicious fire, caused by the Firestorm. As one of the few survivors in this cataclysm, make your way through a land of heat and heroism as you start your own legend.

In an open and free roaming 3D fantasy RPG; explore the lands, and gain materials as you travel and craft them into useful gear such as weapons and armor. This easy to grasp battle system lets you unleash spells and martial prowess using quick access options.

Begin your quest by learning the controls in a tutorial. Here, discover the basics of the game including combat and questing. Once you get a grasp of the game, head out into the fiery world, and discover its secrets.

Some monsters: skeletons, goblins, spiders, ghosts, demons, armadillos, bugs, insects, scorpions, orks, fungi, animals, oozes, elementals, worms, giants, yeti, undead, gnomes, mages, warlocks, golems

"The Firestorm: Survivors' Land" playing on "Survivors' Land", with the permission of copyright owner, the Beholder kft.

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How to Download / Install

Download and install Survivors of the Magic Firestorm (BETA) Indie RPG version 2.39 on your Android device!
Downloaded 5,000+ times, content rating: Not rated
Android package: com.WildcardGames.TF, download Survivors of the Magic Firestorm (BETA) Indie RPG.apk

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Game History & Updates

Version update Survivors of the Magic Firestorm (BETA) Indie RPG was updated to version 2.39
More downloads  Survivors of the Magic Firestorm (BETA) Indie RPG reached 5 000 - 10 000 downloads
Name changed  Name changed! The Firestorm (PUBLIC BETA) now is known as Survivors of the Magic Firestorm (BETA) Indie RPG.

What are users saying about Survivors of the Magic Firestorm (BETA) Indie RPG

by ####:

I love it! I really love the crafting system and how you can make so many items! The digging for stuff is cool too! Wish I didnt die so much lol. Maybe have more then one of those things spawn when you die so it doesnt take too long to come back. Or atleast make resurrection potions craftable. would like to see woodcutting, fishing and other crafting non combat skills that can make money. Also how do I get gold and if the only way is buying it then thats not fair because only paying members can use the auction. Atleast make that free. because that will ruin a game fast. Maybe being able to watch ads for credits that would be nice too.

by ####:

Great job so far! With the way resurrection is set up and monsters so hard to kill/health regen taking so long, I've found that a lot of gametime is spent trying to resurrect though :/ and monsters are too hard to find to finish quests in a reasonable amount of time. Stat point choice would also be a cool addition. More story quests, too. Those are just suggestions though. This game has so much potential. I really can't wait for updates. Super fun premise. Great work :)

by ####:

Not bad but when a quest to get certain items comes up sometimes the monsters that have that certain item is very far away and might be in more dangerous territory so by the time you get back you probably died a bunch of times and I wish we knew what powers well would get for worrying which god

by ####:

It's a good start.The guild,part is dumb,Why have guilds if you don't see or have any control over your members?Also the quest take to long to complete.

by N####:

Controls are clunky, and after I finished collecting 10 spider legs for my first quest. I am just left wandering around with no guidance on where to go. Also there needs to be some sort of explanation on what's shown on the map.

by ####:

Great concept, huge potential. Food has VERY LITTLE affect on health, almost not even worth messing with. Would be fun to have interaction between players other than the weekly battle.

by N####:

Ugh, so sluggish and snooring. Had to uninstall!

by Y####:


by ####:

A Táborozás alatt tolvaj járt a táborban, és ellopott valamit (ököl). Ez vicces. ;)

by ####:

So far I like the idea of an open world feel, discovering things, different spiritual "classes" and soothing BGM (although repetitive). And the character customization is amazing in diversity. I just think that the storyline can be more polished and rich. The map and monster search should be made easier to navigate and have a zoom option. Also will we be able to see other players in the game in the future? I wanna play with people :3

by G####:

I like it. Good old TF. The healing a bit weird, % of max hp regeneration getting slower by levelling. Unlimited mining locations are really weird. But still awesome game.

by ####:

Not really sure what to do besides wander and kill stuff. Level 10 now no skills? Other than that mechanics are fun and it runs smooth. Got a quest no idea where to go quest pointers and minimap be good.

by L####:

Maybe add mini map? Good rpg so far.

by L####:

Keep on working ;) it will be a good game :) i'm happy to see TF things on my mobile :)

by ####:

Sudas ne zaidimas

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