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About Acid Ape Chess

Acid Ape Chess is a chess application that combines online and engine play in a carefully designed, stylish and responsive user interface.

Acid Ape Chess is aimed at serious players. It will not explain you what the en passant rule is nor display a shiny 3D chessboard. Instead, Acid Ape Chess provides you with the best chess user experience available on Android.

Acid Ape Chess is 100% free: no in-app purchases, no advertisements.

Acid Ape Chess features include:

• Play online on FICS/ICC/Lichess or offline against chess engines.

• Support for external UCI and CECP (aka. WinBoard/XBoard) chess engines, with pondering, adjustable strength and access to engine-specific settings. Supports the Open Exchange protocol (Komodo, Texel, ...) for easy engine registration.

• Three strong builtin engines are provided: Arasan (ranked #26 on CCRL 40/40, ELO 3054), Cheng 4 (ranked #32 on CCRL 40/40, ELO 3020) and Scorpio (ranked #56 on CCRL 40/40, ELO 2884).

• Uses an online service to provide Syzygy 3-4-5-6 men endgame tablebases. The use of an online service is the only practical way to benefit from state-of-the-art endgame tablebases on a mobile device, as the complete Syzygy 3-4-5-6 set requires more than 1 TB of disk space.

• Engine-aided analysis with real-time best move display. When there are less than 7 pieces left on the board, the online Syzygy 3-4-5-6 men endgame tablebases are automatically queried, immediately providing you with the perfect solution of the game.

• Automatic analysis: in this mode, the best move is automatically applied every x seconds until a checkmate or draw position is reached.

• Connect to your DGT e-Board via Bluetooth or USB and record two-player games; play against engines or remote humans.

• ECO opening information is displayed.

• A multi-page interface: multiple chessboards and utility pages can be opened simultaneously. You can for instance watch several tournament games concurrently, or analyze different variations. Pages can be switched by swiping left/right or by using the page list.

• Easy move list navigation with large previous/next buttons.

• A LCD chess clock modeled after real hardware, with sound and flag display.

• Configurable board and pieces appearance

• Non-disruptive in-game chat using a subwindow at the bottom of the chessboard.

• A scratch board for testing ideas and variations.

• A board editor for creating specific positions, which can be analyzed or played against an engine.

• A game database where all the games you have played or watched are saved. Saved games can be displayed, analyzed, or even replayed against an engine from any position. Moreover, you can view all the games you have played against a specific opponent.

• When a game starts, your personal record against your opponent is displayed. You can also view all the games you have played against that opponent.

• FEN support: copy/paste.

• PGN support: copy/paste, load/save.

• Edit variations, move annotations and comments.

• Full Chess960 support.

• Blindfold mode, using speech synthesis and an advanced speech recognizer (moves are recognized with near-perfect accuracy). This mode can be used with online games, engine games and tactical puzzles.

• Watch live games from major professional tournaments.

• First-class support for many chess server features: list games and watch other games, list users, display user information, display rankings, chat with a specific user or in public channels, edit finger notes.

• FICS/ICC timeseal support, for negating the effects of network lag.

• Premove support.

• Engine duels: have two engines fight eachother from the initial position or from any game position.

• Simuls: play simultaneous exhibitions against chess engines.

• Solve tactical puzzles of varying difficulty and import additional puzzles from PGN files.

• Share your games on social networks or via email.

• Advanced move indicators displaying engine evaluation scores.

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Download and install Acid Ape Chess version Beta on your Android device!
Downloaded 10,000+ times, content rating: Everyone
Android package: com.acideapestudios.acidapechess, download Acid Ape Chess.apk

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Game History & Updates

What's Changed
- An advanced opening explorer has been added.
- The game info subpage has been facelifted.
- Analysis now displays the engine-reported distance to mate.
- The displayed ECO is now that of the currently selected position.
- The ECO of each variation is now displayed.
- PGN Site and Round tags can now be edited.
- Arasan has been updated to version 20.2.
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What are users saying about Acid Ape Chess

by T####:

Human vs Engine seems to work fine now. ☺ Cleared the cache and data then uninstall and fresh install.

by L####:

This is probably the best chess app by far - and the blindfold capabilities are insane! Love it! For serious chess players only!

by S####:

Wow! Why haven't I heard about this app? I'm loving it. A lot you can do with this app with NO adds. I'd pay for this app but it's free. I still have no idea why I haven't heard of it.

by G####:

Superb!! My request has been granted and I loved the other features. Thank you very much..You made me love more this game because of your continous updates. Im excited for the engines tournament soon.

by Q####:

I like study chess and I found that this app is good to practice tactics and use my own pgns, but I ask you developers to make it in a more Comfortable way, I just can see the next tactic just if I solve last one, but if one of the tactics has some error I just lose the possibility of seeing the next tactic or other on the same pgn, I think the jump button is a good idea as the possibility to go anywhere on the pgn when I desire, this is so good, but can be better, please make it better to the trainers as me, thanks for creating this.

by B####:

The Best Chess experience on android. Watching engines battle each other is more satisfying than watching some movie. M7st have for any Chess player at any level.. You can add different engines.. analysing a position with multiple engines is soooo much easier.. has puzzles.. supports 960.. so far, excellent chess software. Feature request: 1. As the app already has bluetooth permission, could u add a feature to play against friends via a Bluetooth connection..?? 2. A way to sync game databases across multiple devices..

by M####:

Best Chess with tactics

by P####:

Best chess app ever. Go Developers! Name of app is some mashup! Got me curious about your app. You have got to explain me the theory behind it :) ***** all 5 stars for great efforts!

by X####:

How to make engine vs engine please reply

by O####:

The app is worth 5 - star, simply because of it's features.Supported both offline and online play on FICS, ICC, Lichess, UCI engines compatible , practice tactics and you can easily analyze your games.

by K####:


by H####:

Works fantasticly with DGT board!

by N####:

Why do I get !!! Marks when connecting to dgt board.?

by E####:

Perfect apps for the beginner like me thank Lord

by C####:

This used to be a fantastic app but now almost without fail when I play Lichess games weird double games start (of the same game), protocol errors occurs and the app crash for no reason.

by F####:

very nice and well-designed chess app with a lot features but I have some suggestions.Please make the color of the other boards(brown,green,etc.)lighter because the darker hues of these colors are distracting to the eyes.Please add different chess pieces and boards.The chess piece is too small,please make it bigger.I suggest that in the blindfold mode,typing the input notation is better and hearing what's going on while visualizing the game without the board

by Y####:

The problem with this otherwise great app is that yI can't log into FICS with my Nick. I can't log on and the process of connection goes on forever. I believe that you didn't provide an alternate port such as 23 instead you kept the old 5000. Sorry, otherwise a nifty app.

by J####:

Stockfish and komodo takes too long to make a first move when playing a white piece always consuming seconds or even a minute.. in that way , opening book are non sense.. pls fix this sir.. stocfish did not work properly with this app

by R####:

It is an awesome app for Android. I've been using it for more than a year, and really like it. I've had hours of fun with it playing against Arasan Engine at 15% strength. Just one suggestion: I'm not sure how practicable this is, but if you could also develop a light-weight web-based widget that could embed a PGN and replay it, that would be a lovely tool to showcase our games on our own blogs after we get clobbered by an engine! Edit - July 7, 2017: Thanks for the quick response. Good to know this feature already exists. Shall try it out. This is not a complaint, but there are a good many features in your app, but some very useful ones seem tucked away under the hood, or as a small icon in a corner overshadowed by other options. For example, I discovered the Edit PGN (and add move comments) options accidentally after about 1 year of use, though that little pen must have always been there staring at me. :) Perhaps you may consider adding a help file to the app, highlighting the available features. Thanks, again for the awesome app at the price, and for active responses. Cheers!

by A####:

Only for professionals. Lots of functionality and details. Truley professional grade chess GUI for Android. Now we have a real quality chess app almost equal in functions with a full scale desktop​ chess app. Only missing features r chess video making tools for online publishing and puzzle creating tools. If these two comes in then desktop apps will be no more essential when u travelling or out of station. 1 more thing y engines r not using more than 2 cores even after manually choosing 6 cores in both engines' settings when they play each other?...Thanx a lot. By the way can u pls improve the looks of the UI!?...

by Z####:

How do you choose pawn promotion? Auto-queen forced me into a stalemate.

by W####:

Nice and Complete

by D####:

Quick response, many options

by V####:

Can you guys add blindfold feature to this app, that would be perfect.

by U####:

Phenomenal and highly recommended.

by I####:

Take Too Much Battery. Also Become The Cause Of Phone Hang.

by T####:

Works great on my galaxy tablet with dgt board, would it be possible to rotate the graphics for landscape view ?.

by L####:

This is the coolest chess app that i have ever seen. Is it possible for you guys to add a feature which the app can read chess pdf files?

by S####:

Stockfish don't seem to be using opening book Be nice if for blindfold option of added text command option also Voice is nice but sometimes gets frustrating when it does not recognise your voice input correctly I use it for playing over the board Deffiantly is an amazing app tho

by G####:

When I go into settings and change number of cores, the analyze view still shows maximum number of cores. Also is there a manual online how to use the UI?

by Q####:

Excellent code feel! The user piece selection and moving can use a lighter user input. Theres no undo move for Scorpio. Online, Engine, Simul icons are bigger than the window for the engine list.

by B####:

Crash always

by M####:

Great app!!.i hope you add more engine's in future.

by P####:

I've tried several online chess app. This is really amazing!

by X####:

How do i stop the clock on my side and make it the computers turn

by O####:

Awesome app... A lot went into this app very polished and lots of of options, love it; great job...

by K####:

It is my number 1 chess mobile application. I love it. When can you include chess engine tournament mode?BTW, thank you very much. It is helping me to improve my games

by H####:

This app has potential to be one of tbe best apps, but it would be nice if engine vs engine games can have more than 1 core when playing, or chess piece fonts.

by N####:

I don't write app reviews but this is the best chess app by a mile across android and ios and not only that but totally free without ads. Thank you guys so much.

by E####:

Great UI for chess engines that also offers features that most other chess engine UI's do not offer. This is a great all-in-one chess engine UI/playable chess app. A feature that I would love to see implemented is the ability to dictate multiple chess moves using voice recognition. You can currently play a game using voice recognition, but you can only play one move at a time. Being able to dictate multiple moves would allow over the board players that notate their games on paper to easily convert their written chess notation into portable game notation (pgn) format. I'm not sure if this is something that can be easily implemented, but this feature would make this app a must have for every over the board player that notates his/her games on paper.

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