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Rated 4.71/5 (24,708) —  Free Android application by Markus Wiederkehr


About Sudoku: Andoku 3 Free

Andoku 3 Free is a Sudoku number puzzle game for smartphones and tablets. The game contains Sudoku puzzles of various difficulty levels and detailed instructions. It is aimed at beginners and experts alike.


✔ intuitive navigation
✔ appealing design
✔ auto-save running games
✔ unlimited undo and redo
✔ enter notes
✔ numerous assistance functions
✔ many game variations
✔ nine difficulty levels
✔ cloud synchronization
✔ enter your own Sudoku puzzles
✔ game statistics

Game variations

Andoku 3 Free offers numerous other game variants in addition to the standard version of Sudoku:
• X Sudoku
• Hyper Sudoku
• Percent Sudoku
• Color Sudoku


Andoku 3 Free comes with tutorials that teach you many solving techniques. Based on specific game situations, the tutorials explain the solving techniques step by step.

The solution techniques are ordered by difficulty, ranging from very simple (Introduction, Hidden Single, etc.) to very difficult (XY Chain, Sashimi Swordfish, etc.).

Enter your own puzzles

Would you like to solve a Sudoku puzzle from your local newspaper on your smartphone? With Andoku 3 Free you can easily enter your own puzzles.

Cloud synchronization

The game allows you to save your progress in the cloud. This also allows running games to be synchronized between different devices.

You can start a game on your smartphone and continue to play on your tablet later!

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How to Download / Install

Download and install Sudoku: Andoku 3 Free version 1.8.1 on your Android device!
Downloaded 1,000,000+ times, content rating: Everyone
Android package:, download Sudoku: Andoku 3 Free.apk

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Game History & Updates

What's Changed
- New game variation: Asterisk Sudoku!
- Minor bug fixes and improvements
Version update Sudoku: Andoku 3 Free was updated to version 1.8.1
More downloads  Sudoku: Andoku 3 Free reached 1 000 000 - 5 000 000 downloads
Name changed  Name changed! Andoku Sudoku 3 now is known as Sudoku: Andoku 3 Free.
More downloads  Sudoku: Andoku 3 Free reached 100 000 - 500 000 downloads

What are users saying about Sudoku: Andoku 3 Free

by X####:

Great user interface and variations. I have a suggestion for a new feature, though: samurai Sudoku would really add to the app. Lmk what you think if you ever read this, developer.

by O####:

So far I have only played the easier levels but find the app easy to use and great for passing time on the bus ride to work. A good feature that you can stop and start when required and resume games. I have tried a few others and this is the best so far. Can't wait to see the other features as I venture to other solving techniques.

by K####:

I love Andoku 3, it keeps me busy when I'm waiting for something or just passing time. I have one suggestion: It would be useful to make region (green) cells that contain candidate numbers darker yellow than similar non-region cells. That way we can tell that a regioncell lies beneath the yellow colouring.

by H####:

Best Sudoku game on ANY device or OS. Configurable to let me play in my preferred ways. I've played every night for years instead of counting sheep. I purchased one version from Markus but now it seems to be ads only, but I don't care. The ads are unobtrusive and I have clicked and installed just to help him out because I appreciate his configurable user interface. Thanks Markus, where ever you are.

by N####:

The best designed sudoku game i've seen. The reason I upgraded from Andoku 2: this lets you input puzzles from other sources via the camera or directly typing it in. The tutorials and hints are very well done... I've been playing sudoku for years and still learned some stuff. This also has some of the hardest puzzles I've seen, so plenty of reasons to learn them. My only complaint is that in the previous games there was a way to quickly add pencil notes without the computer eliminating a bunch of options for me. While I don't feel it's cheating (there are plenty of simple things it misses), there are times I don't want this assistance and I'm going for speed. An 'all marks' button or a way of inputting multiple marks without it clearing between cells would fix this for me.

by E####:

I was looking for a replacement since my old game did not work on my Galaxy S7. This one is great. Thanks!

by C####:

challenging. no multiple solution. good tutorial

by F####:

Brilliant app. My only gripe is that I need to create a custom category in custom sudoku, so I can analyse the statistics in depth. Keep up the good work.

by Y####:

One-stop solution for all your Sudoku hunger... Never find out of Sudoku puzzles and awesome user control customisation... Less battery consumption... Thanks dev

by J####:

Nicely graded puzzles with useful explanation tutorials. Some tutorials not clear on all points of solution but still a good intro to new strategies.

by R####:

Very quick and simple Sudoku, no strings attached. Great controls, fast to start a game and no extra features dangling around. Also, the hint button gives you skills rather than hints

by A####:

This is the real thing. Many options for puzzles. Highlighting is done just right. Ads are only shown after puzzles are completed. The best Sudoku app I've used.

by Z####:

Im actually programming a solver and decided to download this app to get some grid. Couldnt solve anything higher than moderate. Thanks to the tutorial now i remember other logics i forgot about! Really nice app!

by W####:

I love that this app includes tutorials and tips for solving sudokus- it takes what could seem like impossible puzzles and makes them still challenging, but solvable. If you like sudokus, this app is perfect.

by D####:

Hate the ads. Would pay to remove them, love the game and loved andoku 2. Allow me an option to remove the ads and you get 5 stars.

by V####:

Excellent, lots of options. Uninstalled a competitor app (Sudoku "Fun" Free by Smoote Mobile, which I found was riddled with Malware). Your app is very comprehensive and of high quality. Thank you.

by U####:

Addicted. Endless fun. No issues with functionality and easy to use. Don't even mind the ads too much, easy to get past them and get on to the next puzzle.

by I####:

I'm new to Soduko and this app is really helping me to learn. Never been able to grasp it before. Really pleased and now getting addicted.

by T####:

It's not only great to play it's puzzles, but you can enter those from the paper, etc. It's hints are great to learn from. Best sudoku game I've played!

by L####:

It's just ok. If you don't mind the mundane, this may work for u. That being said it has some Great tips & tricks. Not only are the puzzles truly challenging, It also has the LARGEST variety/selection of Sudoku board types that I've ever seen on an app. Solid Sudoku :), Just NO bells and whistles :(.

by S####:

Absolutely great sudoku game with brilliantly explained tutorials and hints. Nice to have light and dark themed options. If I could request one thing, it would to have an option to colour squares myself to help with solving.

by G####:

There are as many Sudoku apps as there are flashlights apps, but this is the one you should get. It is the best! If you don't believe me just check out the tutorials to see the detail they have put into the game. :)

by Q####:

Speed and ease of marking and adding notes is key and this was done very well. Plus cloud support is a bonus. Branium is more snazzy but is (IMO) cumbersome (not intuitive) when marking and note taking. Thanks!

by B####:

This is a wonderful app. It delivers what it promises and I havent had one single glitch. The only thing I dont like about this app is the ad to install random app after every game when it finishes.

by M####:

Can't give a great review because of lack of ability to color cells. Shows coloring in tutorials but there is no way to do it in the gameplay. Also would like option to highlight cells with only two candidates in them. Otherwise pretty good app

by P####:

Perfect Sudoku app. I've gotten much better both within the app and on paper, thanks to intutively helpful hints. The layout and controls are clean. The difficulty curve is fair. Ads are non intrusive to gameplay.

by X####:

Such a nice game, shame there is an error with the cloud sync!! As this feature is useless! I changed my phone and unfortunately lost all my progress..Disappointed :/

by O####:

I think this is a great app to challenge your brain and try to beat your score. It shows the highlighted numbers to help if you want to turn it off, u can. I also like that you can pause and come back to it. This app is great!

by K####:

This is app has the most variety of Sudoku types. I love everything about it, except they do not have: a) something that hides/shows candidates b) something that fills in all the candidates for the easier levels of difficulty, but this encourages you to find them yourself c) something that allows you to give squares color/s manually. This s a really good app, though!

by H####:

Decide to delete when an ad came blaring through with audio while my phone was silenced. Guess I won't see any more of your ads.

by N####:

I really like the setup in this game despite the fact that it is opposite of my other games. It took a little getting used to but is easier to play. Lots of levels at various degrees of difficulty.

by E####:

Great version of sudoku, lots of different types od puzzles. Really like it!!! Suggestion to developers, it would be nice if there is an option to chose the number and then select blank cells where we want to place it, it would save some time to players at the near end of solving the puzzle as well as in some situations during the playing of the same. :)

by C####:

Best app I've run into, for classic Sudoku. It has a lot of advanced options I haven't even used. Also it can give you extensive help IF you want it... or none at all if you don't.

by F####:

This is a great sudoku. I would have given it a 5 across the board but the sync between devices is sporadic. Many times will resync a completed game as unfinished which is frustrating.

by Y####:

Amazing. though I think the tutorials could use an update on the wording. The parts where it says that [a cell can be either X or Y. If That Is the case then it is indeed X (this is a trivial case)] is confusing to me.

by J####:

Decent interface. Works smoothly. Ingenious add-on but one big hitch. Captures from paper but doesn't save the captured game. There is no prompt to save or nothing said in 'Settings' also. Please issue an update to remove this only draw back - Sankaran, India

by R####:

This app is amazing if you want to get better at sudoku! I was playing it like a normal app first, quitting and starting a new one when I got stuck, before realising there were clever tutorials that talk you through different examples. And I've only just discovered the Hint option, which doesn't just tell you the next square, it shows you how to find it yourself. Cannot rate this app enough!!

by A####:

Beginner friendly, fantastic intuitive interface. I really like the assists it provides, which I can turn off when I get better at Sudoku! The highlights and auto candidate removal are my favorites, I feel like it's just enough help without spoiling the challenge. The tutorials are also wonderful, very detailed and visual with clear descriptions. Ads aren't terribly intrusive, and don't interrupt or distract focus from the gameplay (they only show in the menus or when you exit/pause a game). Other free apps could take a hint from this one on how to do ads right.

by Z####:

Great for learning - go as far as you can without a hint then eventually give in, but learn from the hint and apply next time. Also you can stop mid game and go to a tutorial which is applicable to the level you are doing. It also has a tick button so you can check as you go and not get to the end and find you've gone wrong somewhere! Just love it! Totally addicted!

by W####:

If you're looking for a Sudoku app, stop looking right now. This is the one you want. The interface is clean, controls are easy to use, hints are always close at hand, tons of games and variations are available, and the training materials are fantastic. There's even an associated/integrated camera app that will allow you to take a picture of a printed Sudoku puzzle and work on it electronically. I can't recommend this app enough. It's fantastic! My only suggestion is to allow users to purchase an ad-free version of this app. I would pay good money to be done with the ads - and to support this designer!

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