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Rated 4.51/5 (32,179) —  Free Android application by BebopBee, Inc.

About Snapimals: Discover Animals

Discover extraordinary and quirky animals, snap their photos and build the greatest museum on Earth in Snapimals! With incredible animations, a heartwarming cast of animals and a relaxing soundtrack, kids and adults alike are sure to love the safari photo snapping action waiting to be discovered in Snapimals.

Join The Captain and venture to the ends of the world to photograph the rarest, funniest and wildest animals ever spotted!


* EXPLORE Distant Exotic Lands: From the Dino to the Wilds, explore unique islands and discover amazing wildlife.

* SNAP Photos of Amazing Animals: Cute, funny and ferocious – There’s an animal for everyone waiting to be discovered in Snapimals!

* ENCOUNTER Prehistoric Wonders: Travel to the island of the dinosaurs to see what life was like before man – and capture it with your camera!

* BUILD Your World: Expand your museum and collect new photos to become the best builder. Visitors will come from around the world to see your gallery!

* LIVE the Moment: Experience a vibrant world through the lens of your trusty camera.

* GO WILD: Venture among the animals and see what they really do when nobody's watching.

* PLAY with Animals – See the wild side of your favorite animals! Toss goof-balls to discover rare hidden behaviors.

* GIFT and SHARE special gifts, including a possibility of Camera Rolls from your friends

* UPGRADE your Camera – Unlock upgrades to zoom in and get up close and personal with the animals. Use special 3D Touch controls for Zoom and ‘Peek and Pop’ for iPhone 6s.

* COMPLETE the Captain’s Collection - Snap and Collect all the Captain’s sought after pics

* CONSERVE and Collect: Spread awareness of natural wonders, one photo at a time.

Most recent update:
*NEW* LEADERBOARDS - See who is the leader among your friends and players world-wide.
*NEW* DAILY SNAP EVENT - Complete the Daily Snap challenge to unlock tours to yet uncharted lands!
*NEW* FERRIS WHEEL OF FORTUNE- Engage in delightful Spins for rewards like Gems and Golden Tickets!
*NEW* SOCIAL GIFTING - Send and Receive Gift Postcards to your friends
*NEW* Social platform supporting Google Play and Facebook
*NEW* Multiple Devices Support
*NEW* FULL LOCALIZATION for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Korean, Japanese

Snapimals is a wildlife adventure unlike any other! Join your favorite animals in the wild, snap pics to fill out your collection, and build the most amazing museum the world has ever seen!

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What's Changed
- "Popcorn Times" - Daily feature to get more of what you love - coins, gems and rolls
- Performance improvements: Snapimals will run faster and consume less memory
- Network and content download improvements
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What are users saying about Snapimals: Discover Animals

by J####:

Its a good game but theres some glitches when you first start the game. The animals dont show up at first but after i restarted it multiple times they finally appeared. The camera controls are a little hard yo control because of the shifts when your character is moving. However, overall, its a good game but it could be better though. Kudos to the creators!

by Y####:

The tutorial said you must pick 1 picture with animal or skip review but I can't do both. There's always no animal in the first picture from first tutorial. Try to relaunch the game multiple times and no differences. So I'm stuck in here.

by F####:

You can only play 3 times, then you have to wait for hours to play again, so replay value is lessened a lot. Very slow progress. Costly upgrades. I like the game, but there are days when I just don't play it, just because I know it can be played just 3 times. If the number of times was unlimited, I'd played it whole day.

by C####:

Like the game, very reminiscent of Pokemon Snap. I just wanted to also throw out a little bug fix: for two days now on my galaxy s7, even without having played this game at all, not having it in the background, etc. It keeps saying it's stopped working when I open other apps, which is kind of strange to me. I'll clear my cache and update if it changes. Great Game regardless, tons of fun

by E####:

Game is great unless it fills with glitches. I have had this game over a year. Got a new phone. And cant sync my old account because i cant get thrpugh the tutorial. It tells me to take a picture of a chimp. There is no chimp. Thus i can not get thrpugh tutorial to even access settings.

by N####:

Completely original and addictive! Hillarious animations, as well as snapping pictures for your museum! A great time killer and sim park builder. I have only just scratched the surface of this game as it is huge, But had to give it the 5 stars it deserves. A must have download!

by H####:

This WAS Super fun for me and my grandbabies. Unfortunately, i am ready to uninstall. There are pic glitches all throughout range, cave and floes. Also, now that i have saved enough coins to start the EXPAND on Dino Island, when i try it states that i have to expand Frost Island....but EVERYTHING is max upgraded on both frost and the wilds. I am at a loss! And bummed that i can't play on my Android. Any issues by others? Ive posted to the facebook/messenger but no replies

by K####:

Constantly freezes..either when it's first opened or a short time after. .I've literally spent more Time having to manually force stop the app then the kids have spent time playing it. ..beyond frustrated. .it's a shame

by O####:

Awesome game With great concept.. Only thing I hate about this game is we get only 3 camera rolls and then we have to wait for is little slow..and also there should be option for the photographer to stop for taking the snaps.. Apart from this ,game stop unexpectedly many times..please do something .. don't ruin this wonderful game..

by X####:

its basically pokemon snap, so i love it. that being said, the controls are a huge problem for me. it takes pictures when i don't want it to, and won't when i do want it to. when the shots are so limited per trip, that is a HUGE problem. i really want to fully fivestar it, but i find that aspect way too frustrating thus far.

by P####:

Awesome and fun game. Wish there was an ad watching option to use more rolls instead of waiting. It would be a great source of income for the developers while also lowering wait times for players. Despite the long waits for more rolls the game is absolutely amazing, wish there were more like it.

by M####:

I used to have this game and I loved it! I had to get a new phone and start over but now going through the first guided tour when you are supposed to take a picture of the chimp he isn't there. Then when the tour is over and you are submitting your photos it won't let me because it wants me to put the picture of the chimp but he isn't there so it says please select photo with animal in it or what ever but it won't let me add any other pictures so I can't okay the game. I am very sad as I love this game and really want to play it. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and I can't get the chimp to show up so I can't more past the intro tour. Please help I love this game!!

by B####:

The very first tutorial on the game is to take pictures,the tuturial said that look at that theres an aninal,take a picture. I take the picture then he said again go take a picture by yourself the he teach me how to control the camera,after that there is no animal all of my pictures,the tutorial said again,let see what you got,i see all of my pictures i captured with no animals,he said agin,lets take this first photo,drag the photo to the 3 empty photos(not sure what he said)i drag the first photo the it say's there is no animal on this photo,try select the next photo that has an animal. Thats why i cant play the game. I thought this is a nice game then it really is, you should fix the bugs on this game.

by Q####:

Great game. Beautiful graphics. Wish it was easier to get rolls. Otherwise it's great.really worth your time. When I first got it there was no animal in the first picture but after I reloaded I could see it.Just a bit of advice for those who encountered that minor bug

by G####:

When i start the game it takes me through the titorial . When it comes to tell you to take a picture of the chimp there isnt anything there. So i then click it and take the pic and i continue finding nothing when i get to the part were you have to select your pictures the photo that they tell you to give in says there is no animal

by S####:

Reload is too slow. Sometimes it captures pic when i move left-right. Crash notification appears very often, should force stop the apps to avoid notification.

by L####:

I have bad news. The bad news is it kicks me out of the game. But, I still love the game. Cuz I love photography and animals. Please fix it. And I will rate this five stars. Thank u. Im looking forward to the new updates in the future.

by T####:

Good game overall, there are some things that seem a bit cheesy. Like if you swipe too quickly at the end of a tour (when you are picking your 3 pics) all pictures get deleted. I can't think of a single reason why you would go on a tour and then decide to not select 3 pictures. Besides that, the game is cute.

by I####:

I love the game. Its alot of fun but there is one thing that is extremely annoying which is you have a limited amount of camera rolls. So when you run out you have to wait 30 minutes to receive another 1. This almost ruins the game so please change this. You could even make an upgrade to increase the amount of slots there are. ... Well i did like the game. In the end it wouldn't let me open it, it would just freeze or flash back to my home screen. This really ruined the game!

by U####:

It's fun. It's a little irritating to have to wait for rolls, especially when you're broke and trying to kill time, but I understand the devs gotta put food on the table. 8/10, entertaining and cute game.

by V####:

I have experienced many of the other problems i.e. no animals would show up when I first started etc. It is now happening again after I just upgraded yesterday. Before and after the upgrade the game was crashing as well. I enjoy the game and I just spent money on resources but my frustration levels are rising. Sometimes photos are snapped when just navigating trying to find n angle or animal.

by D####:

So far it seems like a Cute Game... Which isn't saying much because I have made it past the first roll of Film. It tells me to take a picture of the Chimp. There's no Chimp there but I have to take the picture anyway. The old man reviews my photos and tells me to put the Chimpless Photo in Slot one. The game then proceeds to tell me I can't use that photo because it doesn't contain an animal. I then can't find anyway to Skip the Review! So, I'm stuck! Please help!

by W####:

This game was fun for a short while. Upgrades are costly and it takes too long to get another island. Just to get the other areas on the first island takes forever. By that time it's already stopped being fun.

by Z####:

The game is just incredible. The idea is very unique. The only problem is that the game needs a few bugs and glitches removed, which I'm sure the devs will take care of.

by A####:

When loading game it would go and just get to the hot airbollon landing and go to the homepage.

by R####:

i love the game so far and the 3D I love 3D! It's kinda based on Micky mouse designs like the tigers face is and good controls I pictured the stones by mistake. Well I am gonna give a thumbs up for this one!

by J####:

The game is overall pretty good, it's cute. The problems I have with it are when you take pictures, it's really sensitive so you sometimes accidently take a picture and the game should make it easier to get camera rolls

by Y####:

Not overly complex, engaging and cute. A fun game for all ages which can be taken seriously or just for fun! Photography buffs, animal lovers and perfectionists will love it the most! Game pause lost 1 star. Otherwise a great little game!

by F####:

Love it, one small issue though. It takes far too long to get rolls, maybe make it so that you can earn them by watching an ad. Otherwise, great!

by C####:

I was looking for a game to keep my hands busy while I watched TV and I got more than I expected. Great graphics, very cute, and fun to play.

by E####:

I love this game. The only thing keeping me from giving five stars is that it has bugged out and shut down on me a few times. Nothing that would keep me from playing though!

by N####:

Fun game, super cute. Good time waster. Only reason I gave it four stars is that it takes forever to get more rolls of film

by H####:

Snapanimals is such a fun, cute, and a time killer. It has many levels, so you can play for a long time without restarting. I recommend you try this game! ^_^

by K####:

It's a fun game but after a little while of playing this game it because glitch now every time I open it, it crashes. It's very annoying since I want to play the game. Please fix

by O####:

Game is awsome but it freezes a lot. I am also not able to load my previously saved game. And please in next update make thw account link before showing all the tutorials . thankyou

by X####:

This was a good game, it's help us learn how to take a pic... So far so good, but just give little rolls, have to wait for long time to get another shot...

by P####:

Well the truth is it's swell but is'nt the best game ever sooooooo ... I dont like how you have to wait for the rifles to come to the camera , also I dont understand why the other places like: hubo , frozen place , and dinosuar land is locked. PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!!

by M####:

This game is very cute. Makes me sad when I'm run out of film rolls.

by B####:

There are only 2 negatives I can think of. 1) You can't buy unlimited camera rolls, so you have to wait hours in between play sessions. I wish they weren't so expensive with real money to speed up. I'd gladly pay $10 for this game; it really has that much content. Second, I wish there were a shutter button instead of tapping anywhere on the screen. I can't tell you how many times I just want to reposition slightly, and it registers as a photo. When you only have 5 photos every 20 minutes, that's a big deal. It takes thousands of pictures to complete the game.

by N####:

A really new n unique game to me. But the loading time to me is way too long and complicated. Every time when I done the shooting, need to load to main island, and then load back to the shooting adventure. Too complacted! We need instant and sharp aCtion for a new game play in this era, no More waiting arrrrrrrrr

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