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About Freeways

You are a freeway traffic engineer.

Draw freeway interchanges with your finger.

Optimize for efficency and avoid traffic jams.

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Download and install Freeways version 1.1 on your Android device!
Downloaded 1,000+ times, content rating: Everyone
Android package: com.captaingames.freeway, download Freeways.apk

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What's Changed
Added support for small devices. You may now play Freeways on your phone!

What are users saying about Freeways

by S####:

Can't go beyond the first level.

by G####:

A bug prevents me from going further than the first level : the map button simply closes the menu :(

by Q####:

A straight up master piece! Made with Cap. Games' minimalistic approach to games. Nothing superfluous, all game play from the get-go without any pesky settings, menus or logins. Awakens the civil engineer inside of you. AAA, Would play again.

by B####:

THIS is the game I've been looking for forever. I am fascinated by traffic and construction mapping and wanted something where I could build my own roads without having to go into SimCity and so forth and so on. My only complaint is that the world is too small. I've already wiped the whole ecosystem and redone it. Twice. (Well, except for one that has no ability to be "done".) Would love some additional levels and challenge.

by M####:

A sublime and satisfying puzzle game. Make connections and see the traffic flow. Your designs are not approved or rejected, they're subjected to statistical analysis and rigorous testing. If they work, they work. But there's always a subtle tweak or a new style. The desire to apply an aesthetic. After later breakthroughs, return to previous maps armed with innovation. Three roundabouts stacked, ring-road-encircled concentric dial, a diamond switchback. As the map grows, houses and factories appear. Power plants, connectors, country roads, malls. There are forests to be skirted, rivers to be bridged. And also the compulsion to play one more level after level after level as your network of interchanges takes elegant shape.

by P####:

Love the game

by X####:

fun traffic simulator

by O####:

This is a good game.

by K####:

Came from Nerdcubed

by H####:

Spaghetti Simulator 2017

by N####:

This game us beautifully satisfying. But it NEEDS an undo button!

by E####:

Map button don' ????️roke

by C####:

Can't proceed past first map

by F####:

Great game, worth the money! Wish there were more features though, once the game is completed.

by Y####:

Needs an undo button urgently

by J####:

Great game but a bit buggy and with no back button it gets frustrating sometimes

by R####:

Lack of a ability to undo kills the game.

by A####:

Love the game, would have given 5 stars but the lack of undo button infuriates me.

by Z####:

Bought this amazing game thanks to Nerdcubed. My word is it wonderful!

by W####:

Unplayable on Moto G5+, because the navigation bar covers up the right side of the screen, making some roads unreachable

by D####:

It's very finicky. I wish there was an undo button. I also wish you could force the one-way direction. The cars just go in the wrong direction on my roundabouts.

by V####:

Excellent execution of a concept. I could see playing this on PC or something with a bigger screen would be easier and you could get very accurate on your lines. But on the pixel 2 and using my finger it feels like I don't have enough room.

by U####:

Can't get past first level. Map button seems to be bugged. Looks fun though.

by I####:

Map button doesn't work. Real shame because it looks like a great game.

by T####:

What could be a great game ruined by REALLY crappy controls (builds roads when you touch another part of the screen sometimes but there is no indication of whether you are laying it or not as yellow icon frequently disappears, no way to erase roads, no budget and no idea how much concrete we have left. Can't see roads under bridges so groundwork frequently destroyed when said icon vanishes...) Put it this way- Q: How much concrete is there? A: Sorry, we can't tell you that. Q: UM, why? You asked us to build you roads...we need a budget, or at least some kind of ballpark figure? The machines are really old and dont work well...please? A: No. We are Ash-hole.Inc. Ok boys, lets go find another employer. Let us know if you improve your business strategy but in the mean time? Build your own damned roads.

by L####:

Incredible game, 5 stars when an undo button is added, and I would LOVE the ability to zoom in, so that I can be more precise. Good work overall!

by S####:

I love the idea but unfortunately the controls are infuriatingly bad. Completely ruins the experience. And no undo?

by G####:

Good fun concept but should not have been released. It needs more precise controls and a eraser tool! Also should have a undo button and possibly a line and curve tool for people who want the roads to look nice.

by Q####:

I feel like I'm missing something, the map button is non working, so, I've done the first road about twenty times, but... That's all, can't go anywhere else

by B####:

Great concept. Controls can be a bit clumsy and there's the occational crash. But overall a pretty cool game.

by M####:

Addictive fun, but there's some flaws that make playing frustrating. For starters drawing lines on a smartphone is difficult to do precisely, so a mistake or glitch in drawing means starting a level over. Really need an undo button or eraser. The biggest flaw in my opinion though is that you have limited concrete, but it doesn't say anywhere how much is left. You just run out at some point, usually right before your design is finished. Time to start the level over again. And finally nothing indicates how busy a street is going to be before you connect it. You might think connecting two highways is priority, but then for some reason hundreds of cars poor out of a neighborhood instead.

by P####:

lots of glitches and missing feature, like for god's sake add an undo button. More concrete for harder levels

by X####:

It's a good game that is crippled by the inability to erase roads, or at least undo the last move. This issue makes the game almost unplayable on mobile.

by O####:

It's a neat concept for a game but there's a few flaws. Controls are imprecise, and lack options like erase and undo. It'd also be nice to be able to change elevations BEFORE putting down inital roading. There are some bugs too. On-ramps that are placed too close to bridges sometimes interact oddly. The cars will block cross traffic even though they're on different elevations. The game also doesn't like running in the background. When I've come back to it after switching to another app, it'll often just be a black screen. Sometimes half the screen is stuck in the portrait orientation. Overall enjoyable for a few hours, but expect to be frustrated by some of the problems I've mentioned above. 3/5

by K####:

This is a great puzzle game turned moderately sour by several small problems. There is no undo or erase, and combined with the slightly erratic and unintuitive control makes it easy to ruin a solution and be forced to restart. Some concepts aren't shown, like the concrete limit (which I didn't know existed until a later level, and which this game absolutely does not need), how exactly your score is calculated, or that some connections have varying levels of traffic. Once, a solution that was obviously about to jam passed in a very unsatisfying way. It's also sometimes hard to see all of the connections between endpoints because my finger gets in the way, and a button to see all of them at once would be nice. Overall, however, the game is fun and addicting despite those flaws. The game is almost worth the $3 pricetag.

by H####:

For the most part the game is great but it's held down by one major flaw. No erase or undo button. I've got bigger fingers so I was constantly making mistakes in my road building that required me to restart a whole level. The game felt more monotonous than fun because all it was was me redoing the same pattern over and over because I had made a small mistake which caused the road to not connect properly, making all the cars slow down, failing the level.

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