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About Helix Horizon

A revolutionary Japanese-style RPG with incredible visuals and a star-studded voice cast!

Dive into the fantasy world of Helix Horizon and embark on an unforgettable adventure! Our all-new Ring Out combat system and hundreds of stunning characters await you!


☆ Innovative Ring Out System
Turn the tide of battle with our innovative Ring Out combat mechanics! Master the tactics and defeat your enemies in style!

☆ Co-op Guild Quests
Battle alongside your fellow guild members to take down the most formidable monsters in real-time! Epic 4-player co-op combat awaits you!

☆ Unique Characters
Hundreds of exquisite and unique characters with amazing skills to collect! Recruit your favourite heroes and create the greatest team of heroes to have ever existed!

☆ Exciting Gameplay
Tired of watching your characters in auto-battle modes? Challenge your limits in the PvP Arena or put your tactical skills to the test in our various interactive and co-op quests!

☆ Stellar Voice Cast
Star-studded line-up of 30+ famous Japanese voice actors featuring the likes of Kugimiya Rie, Uchida Aya, Tamura Yukari, Tomatsu Haruka and more!

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How to Download / Install

Download and install Helix Horizon version 1.0.5 on your Android device!
Downloaded 5,000+ times, content rating: Not rated
Android package: com.diandian.HH.global, download Helix Horizon.apk

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What's Changed
- Fix bugs
- Fix login error

What are users saying about Helix Horizon

by E####:

Pretty cool

by C####:

It's a good game

by F####:

I like this game

by Y####:

Did Tomatsu Haruka really do the voice acting in this game? Fan of her work and I'm curious is all

by J####:

Overall great game, however uninstalled as to get another good u have to poor in a lot of money.

by R####:

Art is great. There are voice actors. But the gameplay is a bit boring :(

by A####:

To many bugs and the developers are not doing anything plus they make events and not giving anything even through the announce the will give something to the winner's

by Z####:

combat is plain and dull... borderline auto/idle genre. its so simple its even hard to describe how boring it is. "story" yeah, well, recycled jrpg script from 1995... somehow a lot of devs find those incredibly appealing nowadays. lazy much? the game offers absolutely nothing new and while at it only a fracture of features and content you can find in any other mediocre-at-best title of same/similar genre. the worst part are the units though: ONLY UR MATTER! forget every grade below that as they have a much lower ceiling and thus are vastly inferior initially and by design can never catch up, hence any investment is a waste... big time. this type of balancing kills a unit/card collecting game instantly -> dead on arrival. the art and vo's are the only okay-ish things here, yet nothing special these days. will shut down in a month or two at most.

by W####:

Decent gameplay ideas held back by dialog and a presentation that seems to rush through itself. No real effort in intriguing the player into continuing through the tutorial.

by D####:

This is my candidate for most disappointing game of the year so far. 595 MB download just to get to a game that is simplistic in every way. Honestly looks like they made the game 10 years ago and finally decided to put it in the market. So disappointing

by V####:

The game has a great animation for the guards and story portion. However, the animation of the battle scenes seem rather clunky and its pretty boring having my characters play on their own. You can execute their abilities but there is no control over them otherwise. The story seems like a typical harem style anime which is what I expected and it's enjoyable if you go in expecting that. However, there is alot of lag in the text speech and in other areas. Has gacha mechanics for getting heroes. My phone is recent gen and I play on strong wifi, so I'm thinking either the servers or the game itself is what causes the lag. A meh out of 5.

by U####:

Good Game. The ringout system really helped me a lot for some parts of the story ( especially the ones with the double healer). The drop rate for UR isn't that bad and the stamina given per day is okay. Only thing I wish for the future updates is more characters and events such as guild war would be nice. Overall, I like this game and would like for the community to grow bigger.

by I####:

The game is okay but why developers consistently try to go down the server route is beyond me. Instead of having one global server you have 10 or more usually. This is a retarded decision that kills most of the servers for no reason. Other than that, the art is good and the gameplay is simple, it gives me very nostalgic Fantasica vibes (not in a good way unfortunately). Overall the game is alright. Not horrible, not good either. From the creators of Valiant Force I was honestly expecting more :x

by T####:

I think this game is great. Many chance for you to get ultra rares.

by L####:

All i get is a black screen so disappointing looks great tho

by S####:

Love the art style and the skill effects look amazing. Im hoping this game gets advertised and more popular.

by G####:

Please fix the constant "Error Entering Guild Chat" issue

by Q####:

The game is pretty great. There seems to be a much deeper game here than you get in the first 5 mins of gameplay. The art is either gorgeous or really cute, depending on what mode you're looking at. Give this game a shot.

by B####:

My game is a bit buggy , during the summon phase after that I'm suppose to pick my cards and my cards it glitches

by M####:

Too much bugs making the game unplayable. I reported the bugs one week ago and it just gets worse as more bugs pop out.

by P####:

Depending on your luck u may get 3 UR in the beginning, Money isnt needed really.. But people who do purchase gets buff pretty fast, on the bright side the pay2pawn people will have to spend alot on gems just to get full stars on their UR. Overall the people who complain should play 10yr old games... what you expect? it just opened recently its bound to have bugs and glitches so report it dont complain in the review.. Graphic type is good with old school feel to it which i like but the actions on skills is also good and effects. Overall play it if u wanna try and not spend a dime till the game is to ur taste. Solid 4 Stars and keep up the good work. P.S its not so bad to give alot of gems in the beginning to hook people into the game, also gives complainers to politely tell them quite please and play and draw your chars in peace.

by X####:

Its ok but I keep getting the guild error every time I move to a new screen super annoying as it pops out of the screen all the time.

by O####:

You guys have what it takes to put out a great game, but you're too greedy with the players money and truly don't care about making a great mobile gaming experience. You guys need to take note of Vespa's King's Raid and follow their example as they are making real money from the support of their fans.

by K####:

The continual guild chat error pop up message makes your game unplayable. If yoh want to save your game rating, you need to fix this like yesterday.

by H####:

The art is pretty, the girls are cute, I appreciate the fully voiced conversations and the gameplay is simple and pretty much automated which is nice for people who are busy and can't exactly pay full attention to the game (At least early into the game, I expect it to get harder and timing the specials will be important I presume). BUT there's a lot that just seems to be incomplete or completely missing. Almost no transitions between scenes and screens. The game hangs for about half a second every time a new animation is to be played as if it was read from the flash/card instead of being preloaded into RAM. The story seems to start very abruptly with little to no backstory and premise to familiarise players with the world and characters, it's like being thrown into the water and told to learn to swim on your own. The translation seems alright as far as the context goes but there are lots of typos and just feels sloppy, as if there was no proofreading and corrections before release. Overall the game seems like it has ambition and potential but feels more like a beta version rather than a finished thing... 3 stars for now, needs improvement.

by N####:

The visuals are the best quality of the game. A lot of good character art with some stinkers, a range of artists contribute. The combat and play is also snappy with a fine UI. Unfortunately everything else is weak. The content is limited, there is a heavy grind, gacha rolls have rough rates, and the story is not interesting. There's just too many characters with not interesting dialogue with a drawn out plot- like something from a bad anime. That said, I can maintain interest in a game just from waifus with big anime tiddy and I want the rest of the game to be good too. Definitely give the game a try but wait to spend money until we see more assured content from the developer. Good luck!

by E####:

Personally, i like it. It's fairly new but it's good enough to keep on playing. Might even invest. But if your a free loading gamer, will good luck finding a great game that is free. Ppl have to make money. If you don't have a job, then go get one so you could have an option to purchase or not. Freaking bums crying about money hungry devs.

by C####:

This game is definitely simple to learn and easy to play. This game sincerely needs a bit more polish with the user interface and the fact that the translation is a little iffy here and there kind of throws me off. Regardless, it's not so bad, but it isn't that great either (yet). If the developers get a bit more support for the game and polish up the game and fix some issues, I will be happy to give it five stars. (Note: The issue I am referring to when you open up the log to back up on what text you missed reading, when you exit the log, the texts overlap one another and you can't even scroll up to read the previous text at times. - Another issue is when I try to select a support friend unit, it doesn't even let me select the box to pick a friend unit. Please fix these issues. I do want to enjoy and support this game. ^_^)

by F####:

595 Mb. FIVE NINETY FIVE. Insane. The card art is on par with other similar games, but the overall game is pretty basic. There are more fun games out there with the "watch your players fight automatically and then activate their specials" play style. Unjustified file size and lackluster gameplay... anime tiddies don't make up for mediocrity.

by Y####:

I really like the game so far. The art style is nice and the game play is pretty fun... but spoiler alert there is a character named Jewell. And um it really disturbs me that the game keeps saying my name. It's even spelled the same. Like its cool and all but I was not expecting that. I get so confused everytime it shows up.

by J####:

It's not bad. My complaint is on having characters that can't all hit max star ratings. Putting rarity on them only makes this end up being a money pit.

by R####:

The game is fun at first as a Waifu collecter...however all of the polish was spent only on the intro of the game. You'll notice that voice acting is only in the intro part and not the rest of the parts. Translations is broken sometimes. Bugs in dialogue boxes on rare occasions. I haven't had much of a stamina problem or p2w problem however unlike other people. However I would rather play Valiant Force if I wanted polish because this game just doesn't feel finished in the QA department.

by A####:

There are ALOT of bugs. Game has potential but omg...they are so slow to fix these bugs. There's a lot of them! Download at your own discresion. Game chat right now is plagued with complaints of bugs and glitches.

by Z####:

Good - The card art is consistently good to amazing. Bad - Just about everything else. - The actual gameplay graphics are awful. The animations are paper doll-style movements on simplistic sprite versions of characters. -The combat is definitely not "innovative"; it's extremely simplistic and boring. You barely do anything. - The story is mind-numbingly dull and trite. Young idealistic soldier with older mentor, mysterious magical girl they have to protect, blah blah blah... -The translation is sloppy. -The UI is basic and spotty in responsiveness. -The game modes are nothing I haven't seen in a dozen other gachas. Disappointed overall. Just another generic gacha with nothing new to offer.

by W####:

Server based money maker, dissapointed at every game that goes this terrible route as its only purpose is to get new people to pay loads to be on top in next server as the older ones die off. Stupid cycle to adopt but good for money sadly.

by D####:

This game has some potential, but the mechanics kinda kill it. The "Ring Out" system feels like a cheat, honestly, and a lack of control over things like troop placement, distance control, or even basic attacks make it feel very much like a game that more or less plays itself. With some work, it could be good. Right now, not so much.

by V####:

Another money grab gacha game. The stamina needed for missions is A LOT and then the refill time takes forever. At level 20 you can barely enjoy the game because you run out of stamina after doing about 5-6 quests. The art is cool and that's all the game has to offer.

by U####:

This company does not know how to make a good game. Completely unfriendly to players. No stamina refill on lvl up? Really behind the times here guys...also gold cost to remove gear? Whats the point of that. The cost is so insignificant it just creates a hassle. This game is about 5 years behind the times of other mobile games. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY.

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