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The Muslims believe that the Holy Qur`an is truly the words of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala (Exalted and perfect is He): a complete record of precise wordings of Allah brought by Archangel Gabriel to Prophet Mohammad (peace and bless be upon him).
The Holy Quran serves as the primary source of the Muslims’ faith and practices. It relates to all subjects of our concerns as human, comprising wisdoms, doctrines, worship practices and law, but the basic theme stays on relationship between the Creator and His servants.

Allah has promised some heavenly benefits to those who are willing to memorize the Holy Qur`an, as below:
1. The Qur`an will manifest as an intercessor to those learned it by heart
2. Hifzul Quran (Quran memorization) will put the person in an honorable position in heaven
3. A hafiz/hafizah will be gathered with the respectful and obedient angels
4. Hafiz and hafizah will be highly respected and will be given the crown of admiration in paradise
5. Both parents of hafiz and hafizah will be granted the highest admiration
6. Hafiz and hafizah are people gaining the most reward from the Qur`an
7. The guardians of Holy Qur`an are people successfully gaining

profits in their commerce and shall not suffer loss As for the earthly benefits are:
1. Being able to memorize the Holy Qur`an indicates the granting of divine joy from Allah
2. Quran promises goodness, blessing and satisfaction to hafiz/hafizah
3. Anyone who memorizes the Quran is truly receiving a special award from the Prophet, peace be upon him.
4. Quran memorization is a special characteristic ascribed to the people of knowledge
5. To respect a hafiz means being compliant to Allah

Juz 30 – ‘Completing Quranic Verses’ Quiz (which consists of surah An Naba', An Nazee'at, ‘Abasa, At Takweer, Al Infitar, Al Mutaffeefeen, Al' Inshiqaq, Al Buruj, At Tareeq, Al A'laa, Al Ghasyeeyah, Al Fajr, Al Balad, Asy Syarh, At Teen, Al 'Alaq, Al Qadr, Al Bayyina, Az Zalzalah, Al 'Aadiyah, Al Qaari'ah, At Takaathur, Al 'Ashr, Al Humazah, Al Fil, Quraish, Al Maa'un, Al Kauthar, Al Kafirun, An Nasr, Al Lahab, Al Ikhlas, Al Falaq, An Naas).
It is an exclusive application in the form of interactive quiz that helps a hafiz/hafizah to better recall his/her memory as well as to examine his/her memorization quality.

This is how to play it
1. Push play
2. You’ll be given 107 questions. Please answer one of the choices of several random passages that belong to a surah in the Section 30 of Quran, if your answer is correct then push ‘next level’
3. You lose if you make mistakes three times consecutively
4. To replay, please push the ‘try again’ button and answer any different question as we have randomize them on purpose
5. If you are able to answer 107 questions, you win this quiz
6. To try the other Quranic quiz (identifying quranic passages from section 1 to section 30, tajweed quiz, mentioning precise verses or surah from section 1 to section 30 of Quran) you may push ‘more game’ button on the first screen display.

Hopefully that this application will be very beneficial in exercising Quran memorization of a hafiz/hafizah and anyone who are willing to memorize the Quran.
Happy learning! May Allah bless us! Ameen… ^_^

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