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About Sniper Fury: best shooter game

5/5 “Best graphics and as good as Call of Duty.”
5/5 “Fabulous game with breathtakingly realistic graphics... Way better than Kill Shot & Sniper 3D!”
5/5 “Brilliant game of the year; fantastic graphics. I love this game; it’s like Battlefield on mobile.”
5/5 “Great missions, awesome guns -- I love this more than any other shooter.”


No time for diplomacy; time for war action. We are calling for the best sniper in the world to join us as we take aim at evil, wherever it hides. This is not a game. There is no room for remorse here, so shoot to kill.

• 130+ action missions
• Unbelievable 3D graphics that will bring you to the near future, from urban skyscrapers to exotic locations
• Soldiers, armored vehicles, air units and many more enemy classes
• Next-gen “bullet time” effects capture your every amazing sniper headshot
• Sandstorms, blizzards, rainstorms and other rich atmospheric effects

• Shoot sniper rifles, assault rifles, railguns and top-secret weapons
• Gather components to upgrade your military arsenal
• Unique personalizations for your weapons

• Steal resources from other players by breaking down their defenses in PvP Multiplayer mode
• Build a strong squad to keep your loot safe in PvP Multiplayer mode

• Varied AI behavior makes each enemy unique and challenging to shoot & kill
• Extra rewards for joining the action in special events
• Connect to the game community to discover more content, more contests and more rewards!

The strong, amazing-looking 3D FPS sniper-shooter game you've been expecting is here. Join the war and shoot to kill! Rack up great headshots rendered in fantastic graphics, sharpen your skill set, and upgrade and personalize your weapon as a special ops military agent. Prepare the assault and get ready to kill the attackers. Try the multiplayer game in our special PvP mode. Join the war action, and don't forget to rate the game and share with your friends if you like it.

You can download and play this game for free. Please be informed that it also allows you to play using virtual currency, which can be acquired as you progress through the game, or by deciding to watch certain advertisements, or by paying with real money. Purchases of virtual currency using real money are performed using a credit card, or other form of payment associated with your account, and are activated when you input your Google Play account password, without the need to re-enter your credit card number or PIN.
In-app purchases can be restricted by adjusting the authentication settings within your Play Store settings (Google Play Store Home > Settings > Require authentication for purchases) and setting up a password for each purchase / Every 30 minutes or Never.

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Game History & Updates

What's Changed
CLAN FIGHTS: Battle enormous Skorpios & Molten Annihilator!
PLAYTIME+: PvP now has its own energy, so you can play more!
COLD WAR: Abominable Frostwalkers have taken Moscow! Shatter them with the Ice Ray.
BLACK MARKET: Find new rare gear every 8 hours.
HALLOWEEN HUNT: Cast evil from the Castle in a special event!
RECRUIT-A-FRIEND: Earn bonuses by bringing friends to the game.
MORE FIREPOWER: New Battle Packs & stronger Drones.
DIVERSIFY: Feral & Frostwalker squadmates plus colorful new weapons.
Version update Sniper Fury: best shooter game was updated to version 1.7.1a
More downloads  Sniper Fury: best shooter game reached 10 000 000 - 50 000 000 downloads
Name changed  Name changed! Sniper Fury now is known as Sniper Fury: best shooter game.

What are users saying about Sniper Fury: best shooter game

by F####:

Loved this game until they suspended my account for cheating, yet I have no clue how or why I was accused of cheating. I asked for specific evidence and they couldn't provide me with an IP, Mac address, device info or anything. So they just banned my account. I have spent over $100 on this game, all in game add ons. If someone is cloning my account, some help determining that would be nice instead of taking my money and banning my account. Customer service is horrible.

by C####:

Whenever I try set the graphics quality to best performance the goes into reboot mode and never starts again. In optimal mode guns don't fire well and aiming is not good. It takes a hell lot of time to start and promotional videos don't play even though I am using a 4g connection.

by E####:

Since update 6 the game is so lag & freeze. The worse is keep crashing. And with the latest update GL trimmed down the reward from 30 to 14 now to 2 Supreme Packs. What a ripped off...and what's more...too many ads. Almost every 5 minutes.

by N####:

The crashes were pretty bad before the update, now with this update the game is guaranteed to crash 100% of the time. When you are able to play the grind is just horrible. Spend 90% of the time grinding away to get the next weapon, and with constant crashes after every mission its simply not worth it anymore. So my options are, quit my job and play this game for 10 hours a day to advance levels or uninstall game and have piece of mind.

by H####:

This is the problem with all gameloft games they show error referring no internet while you are using 4g. After downloading a gb of data the games don't work at all. Same issue faced with modern combat. never ever get a gameloft game.

by K####:

It keeps say that i need to delete 972MB to play the game i transfered tons of photos and got rid of old apps and it added up to almost 2gb but game still didnt work stupid game

by O####:

I love this new update!!! You should make it more fun by making us to roam around. By the way... Please make the prices more lower for guns.

by X####:

I install this game and after all the installation. When i start it, it keep stucking on (seciring operation plans...) and after msg appear saying (failes to connect please check internet connection and try again. Error : glnc_9001_-100000_) and my internet connection is working perfect. Can anybody explain why is that

by P####:

Really wish I could keep playing and earning instead of hitting a brick wall and being forced to pay for upgrades or playing millions of mini quests with extremely low payouts. They got too greedy and started cutting the payouts way too early. Should only want to pay to reach certain goals that aren't important to the story instead of being integrated into the story forcing you to pay to even get 20% into it. I haven't uninstalled because it's okay for a quick boost of fun but too expensive for a full game.

by M####:

You released a new update with new problems. Fix the problem's you already have and then you can add more stuff. If I could give you a zero I would. You try to scam us by having us participate in FAKE contest's then when most of us get the right answer you only say "someone won" but no one knows who or if it actual ever happened. That person who "won" NEVER confirmed that they won=FAKE. The league rewards where never received by alot of us. No weapon part's to be found = US being stuck! FIX THESE PROBLEMS!!

by B####:

Too many ads popping here and there. The gameplay is not balanced specially the PVP on base rush. If it doesn't want you to win, it won't matter even if you have a better weapon. One day of this crap is enough.

by Q####:

This game f**king doesn't work even after connecting to a stable internet connection it says internet not connected, I've checked it with wifi as well but of no use. Very diabolical game.......

by G####:

Crappy update... Keeps crashing, and the new "black market" is a joke. Also, in events you shouldn't have to restart the whole chapter if you fail one mission. It's really annoying!!!

by S####:

It would be better to make screen left side for moving, and right side for zooming. Now it's so difficult to zoom up and down. And while in zoom movement speed is very slow, so adding one more option on zoom level will gives better play.

by L####:

I was very excited to play this game after downloading it for a long time but when i was playing at one stage i can't click at anything Guys help me out i can send screen shot if u want

by T####:

I don't understand how to utilize inventory. I like it but sometimes it gives me task what is impossible. And I would love to get feedback from gameloft!!

by I####:

Gameloft!? Seriously?! First the loading in Modern Combat was crap already, then this?! Gameloft what is wrong with you. Fix these problems now or I will delete both apps and will rate 1 star on both.

by U####:

I don't know it doesn't work very well with a T2. And a bit spendy. Keeps crashing in missions still base to. Don't get me wrong it's a cool game . Ok even though I don't like the glitches good game. Ever since the update now it starting to rip me off.

by V####:

Since last couple of days I'm getting an error "No internet connection available. blah blah blah. Error: glni". It works fine on my Wi-Fi but not on mobile internet. Device : Asus ZenFone Max. Android version : 6.0.1 Can you crack that ?

by D####:

The game is good but I haven't been able to get past the 1st level considering no matter what i do i need to spend real world money to progress. I put an endless grind into getting a $8000 sniper, just to know that in the very next mission i need a new AR which costs $10000. Beyond unfair n wrong! Change the awards system so its easier to earn in game cash and il give a full five star but until then 1 is all this game will get!

by W####:

latest update did gave enough plays for us to be hooked up ..great job by the game developers would be much exciting on graphics for those headshots will give heads popping or bursting because of bullet impact :-D ..anyway more power to you

by Z####:

Love the graphics and the gameplay but unfortunately after every game play whether it be a mission an attack or an event my game completely crashes and has to be restarted. This used to only happen during advertisements but now it happens after every single Mission or gameplay

by A####:

Greedy developers make it almost impossible to get new weapons prices for new guns are too high would like to see to be able to trade in all weapons and if you want to make a five-star game instead of charging too much for the weapons charge for new maps and keep the game going, new update cause lots of lagging my tablet has 1gb of ram no lag before update

by R####:


by J####:

When all the things are installed i can't play the game it shows 'No internet connection error:glni'. Make it correct.

by Y####:

70% of sniper games are really boring low healt, bad graphic, minimum ammo, and expensive weapon. But this one is insane and cheappy weapon and second change, multiplayer but can u guys make an offline mode hate it need internet

by F####:

It keeps shutting down after 1 mission. It was working fine before the last update. Very disappointing now.

by C####:

I'm not sure if it's the real game plan or a glitch but is the cursor supposed to swing away from the cocktail when it is thrown . I don't have time to react before losing a life . Pls resolve this matter

by E####:

Finding parts of a weapon takes for an UNREASONABLE amount of time now that Base Attack is the only Free option; it's only either you get rubies or upgrades for your goons.

by N####:

In it there is much study instead of playing there is bad levels, esily victory, and unentrest,, there is no zeal to play, and takes alot of time and MBs too. Dont download it .. Waste of time

by H####:

It was bad enough when you had to buy weapons & find protective gear now we have to find blue prints?? This make the game less interesting. Change this blue prints crap. I am not far from deleting this game for good

by K####:

Interesting and very good graphics but don't make updates so frequent as it takes up huge amount of data for those using carrier networks or you could make it that one can still play if they atleast have the 2nd latest update

by O####:

After every mission, the game stalls and crashes. It can never go back to the main screen. Always stops at the reload screen. Takes the fun out of playing this game. Totally sucks big time.

by X####:

Even after a 4g connection. Game is saying that pls check your internet connection. R u serious. Adding one more thing. Same problem is occurring with modern combat.

by P####:

Once you get to aircraft level, it takes ages to upgrade sniper rifle, unless you pay for elite battle packs, or buy red stones wich are mega expensive.

by M####:

Noticed that the exp points are not moving from 2700 and cant move the game to lvl 55 this it the game or is it me? Bdw game got hell lot better

by B####:

After the last update about 3 days ago the game won't load all I'm getting is a crash error

by Q####:

I download all file and when I try to play showing securing operation plan , and told internet error when I am using 4 G , just I waste my time and Internet Data , any solution available please send

by G####:

The graphics are as depicted, it's the real McCoy no phony. This game is for those all around camping snipers out there, great choice EXTREMELY recommended.

by S####:

Amazing and very addictive game. Its just that at times you really need to wait for upgrading/crafting your weapon or you have to play for days your support games to earn money to buy in a new weapon... Wish it be somewhat cheap.

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