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About Gods of Rome

An epic fighting game set in an age of myth and legend that shows you exactly what your mobile device is capable of!
The souls of the most powerful gods have been summoned to brutal battle. Fight to restore peace in the most graphically amazing game for mobile. A pantheon of champions is yours to train to new heights and take to war as you enter an epic story full of daily challenges, mystical prizes and PvP combat.
Gods of Rome pushes the limits of the mobile platform by offering the best 3D graphics possible on a mobile device.
Enjoy an experience tailored to the mobile platform – the entire screen is at your disposal, with fluid Tap & Swipe controls that deliver merciless chain attacks and combos!
Join the lofty ranks of THE ASCENDERS – the supreme summoners of ancient legend!
As an Ascender, you can summon, upgrade, and manage gods, monsters, heroes and other mythical warriors in a blood fight against a dark force that threatens to enslave them all! A legendary clash of Titans!
- Greek and Roman gods such as Zeus, Hades, Vulcan, Atlas, Medusa, Spartacus the gladiator, and many more form the most powerful gathering of fighters the world has ever seen!
- Undertake your journey through the ancient world's most incredible locations – Mount Olympus, the ruins of Pompeii, the Coliseum, and many more!
- Discover the unique Bonds shared by your fighters to unlock powerful bonuses.
Explore exciting world maps where formidable new opponents wait to challenge your fighting skills…
Begin your quest to defeat the dark demon Tenebrous, an ancient evil who has unearthed the artifact known as the Chaos Vessel. As he threatens to enslave the world’s greatest warriors with its power, only the mighty summoners known as ""The Ascenders"" can rise up against his new regime!
Engage in online VS battles and PvP Events to conquer your challengers; win rewards, upgrade your pantheon with new abilities and special moves, and become the top-ranking Ascender!
Win Spheres to discover the loot and treasures within: rare fighters, gems, valuable resources and other amazing rewards!


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Download and install Gods of Rome version 1.4.1a on your Android device!
Downloaded 10,000,000+ times, content rating: Not rated
Android package: com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftGOHM, download Gods of Rome.apk

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What's Changed
- The personification of violence and war challenges you in the most brutal event yet!
- Collect Shards as you complete quests. Then fuse them into monumental Spheres to unlock 3- & 4-star champions for your roster!
- Fight united with your allies towards a common goal and reap great rewards for your victory!
- Romulus & Remus
- Artemis
- Guan Yu
- Centurion Julius
Version update Gods of Rome was updated to version 1.4.1a
More downloads  Gods of Rome reached 10 000 000 - 50 000 000 downloads

What are users saying about Gods of Rome

by X####:

The game itself is good, graphic is awesome, game play is not that bad. Unfortunately, whether u spent so many diamonds, it is bloody hard to get 4 Stars character. Also, it combines so many many gods and heroes from various legends which far from gods of Rome.

by P####:

I actually really like this game. The characters are very unique. They are constantly updating and the variation of gameplay keeps you interested. Then there are the constant adds wanting you to spend money. And they happen at the worst of times. The ads will freeze your phone and cause the whole game to lag badly. Way to ruin a decent game!

by M####:

Enjoy the game alot, just don't like the fact that matter how many packs I open I get the same set of people. Tired of getting duplicates all the time. And the multiplayer does not feel real, feels like I'm still playing against an a.i

by B####:

Initially I liked the game because it had good graphic but later I realised that not only it has lot of bugs but inbuilt cheats by Gameloft like match results being decided before match has even started. There customer care is fake too, they will always reply back with auto replies. My piece of advice don't install and if you do install don't waste a single penny from your pocket just play for free

by Q####:

I'm bringing it to one star. Because the game is non entertaining. We struggle to get the keys or gems and when we take the orbs the shuffle is just based on 2 star characters. I lost soo many chances like these. Now it's just getting very annoying to continue because the chance objective orbs are waste of effort. Plus you people are not giving other options to make more coins to at least let us upgrade our characters. If you rectify the above issue its back to 5 starts guaranteed.

by G####:

I am changing my rating bcoz of the immediate response i recieved from the gameloft support team on my problem of the missing 4* vulcan. I still don't like the fact that the game becomes increasingly difficult when playing pvp but it's fine now that i have some good players.

by S####:

Now I love this. These gods are cool its a little confusing because I only seem to run into Roman fighters and not the gods in there Roman forms. But love the fighting system so easy. Except they forget to teach you a few things

by L####:

Now game is too easy.Newbies get 4star easily which when I started it was tough to get.I feel like why did I waste energy on pvps to get 4star fighters if I could have got them by epic spheres or 4star sphere.Atleast keep some better fighters in pvps or special spheres.People who play hard for pvps and are high level are disappointed.Also nectar events be kept as it was earlier.

by T####:

If developer don't intend to give a 4 star or 3 star fighter to a newbie then just say so on the face. Why show the fighters in the spheres if you won't give them to me. Just make an mechanism for unlocking 3 star and 4 star fighters, don't fool the user.

by I####:

The games ok but i'm sick of saving up for characters with gems only to get common characters every single time, never get cool players like the new gods even when i do buy the special packs. Other than that i'd 5 star this game

by U####:

I'm reducing stars to 4 because the game is still dope but the new update isn't going on well with me. My app is always crashing. Sometimes I can't open spheres with a fast network. Loading can take forever unless I reboot my phone. Fix the problem cause it's pissing me off. The previous was far better.

by V####:

So I started the game up as a joke, thinking it would be an insta-uninstall, but it turned out to be an alright grind fighter with cool enough fighters to make you want to get ahold of them all. If the support is constant, I can see this rivaling Jurassic World easily.

by D####:

Its hard to get good fighters that are 3-5 stars. Either get the same fighters that are 1&2 stars or get coins or the energy restorers. Its pretty garbage that I tried to get one guy that is the only fighter in the sphere and not even get him once. After four tries. The only crap I got was coins or the energy restoring crap. Not what I wanted but 4 tries I couldn't even get a 1 star. That is lame..would rate better if there was more of a small but better chance of getting a good fighter than now.

by W####:

I wish I could give this a minus score it's that bad!! I like the game itself but it uses very unstable servers & just when you think it can't get any worse you update & find out you were wrong!! Many people like me spend their hard earned money on in game gems, so it's hardly a free game at the extortionate prices you set. It's about time you app companies were held accountable!!!

by Z####:

Okay so I decided to reenter my opinion on this game. This is so fun. Kind addicted. You don't need to pay to enjoy it. Ads are nonexistent excluding promotions. Only problem is it requires constant Internet . would also like to see me norse gods but still been telling my friends about it. WOULD BE AMAZING AS A CONSOLE GAME

by A####:

Whoever design this game really needs to get back to school and do more research. All the gods look like there are overweight , stupid outfits , armor and what's up with all the weird grunting. By the way fighting combos need a lot of improvement.

by R####:

I like the game lots of fun. But it has no Roman gods! The are greek! And I know the Romans adopted the Greek gods but the renamed them (Zeus to Jupiter, Artemis got demoted to just the goddess of crafts and the Romans created Minerva to take her place) but still different god's so point being I'd just like to see some Roman aspects of the god's

by J####:

Everything was good, its not an hard game to get a grip on, all u need is a practice an all. Lil bit issue tho on the connection. Sometimes it freeze on a certain loading when u on the map, its regulary happen on special event map. Should have been 4 star if u can fix the prob

by Y####:

The game was good and all but was getting monotonous and slightly boring. Then came this latest update. The best thing about this update shards. Loved it. Now atleast there is a way to earn 3 or 4 star fighters which previously one could get by mere luck only.

by F####:

this game has a lot of issues it just stops a lot a times while playing. the login rewards aren't granted always. don't even know why you have them there if you don't grant them. the rate you get a high quality hero is 0.0001. or even lower I think. Furthermore after the update they said I should receive 100 gems never happened. And to top everything up it's just a rip off after Marvel.

by C####:

Last week this game was going pretty good but suddenly today when i downloaded this game again you won't believe...the graphics are so worst all i can see is blur pictures on screen and when i completed the tutorial it tooked me to home screen, why??

by E####:

An error pops up showing message of no internet connection. After clicking retry dis game crashes down. I have 4g internet connectivity nd phone is asus zenphone max. So plz help me out.

by N####:

Despite the good story line and great graphics, the game is somewhat demotivating. The chances to get 3 and 4 star characters and 3rd & 4th grade of ichor from spheres are very rare no matter spheres and how many times we try to open, it is not fair at all. Increase the chance and possibility to get them, it will make the game a lot more enjoyable

by H####:

Great game, great graphics there are lots of fighting games like this like immortals, MK x etc but this one is best. One thing i love about this game is u can play well without spending real money. One thing missing is real pvp, we dnt want to play with bots give us real time multiplayer experience on local network or Internet

by K####:

Ever since update v4, it's now almost impossible to play the game as can't connect to the server to battle, pvp or even open spheres in Temple. Can only do this when connected via WiFi. My handset is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

by O####:

Overall the concept is very interesting as well as exciting because I'm a huge fan of both myths and history. However, I just wished that you couldn't get a duplicate of a hero you already have. That was a bummer for me.

by O####:

The PvP's are open to more players and also 4* are easier to come by. Alliance Events are refreshing and enjoyable. Shards are also added. But, the Honor Sphere and Virtue Sphere is still stupid. Nobody wants to throw away 2000 coins for Ichors/Panaceas/Ambrosias. Honor Sphere was pretty good before the 3rd Update (Egypt Update)! And why do we have to wait for 24hrs to collect points for Virtue Spheres and I can live with the low probablility of getting something useful from it!

by X####:

It's a decent game that's easy to play. You're mostly rewarded for how much time you spend playing the game (Daily login bonus; PvP comes to mind). You can get a decent amount of characters through normal gameplay; you do have to put up with the random nature of getting characters though. What does irk me though is the maintenance of a streak in 1v1. After a ~5-game win streak, your opponent becomes impossible to beat, which sucks because outplay becomes a nonfactor in the outcome. Still, pretty fun game.

by P####:

With each new version rollout come great new characters. I've been playing for almost a year now but not have been fortunate to get my own 4 star player. So I can only imagine the day I get my first one. And now with the crystal shards addition it's only a matter if time before I get my own personal 4 star character. The graphics are unbelievable and now it takes up way less memory. Will be playing for a long time to come.

by M####:

The game should be given 5 stars but.... The game needs some improvement.. Like.. 1).the game should be offline.. So more people will download it..... 2).. The fight should be of two rounds.. Not of one rounds.... 3).. When i bought some player then how could i fight with the same player........... I hope i gate some improvement in next update... And finally most important...... Give more combo and fighting skills when fighting

by B####:

Great game could not ask for a better fighting game on a phone and it has a good storyline. But the updating is aggravating which u see that with larger games especially when they have graphics that are amazing, for a phone. So enjoy u will not be wrong to get this game u will love it. But when it recommends wifi use it if possible. But I don't have wifi and I still play it, it don't freeze up or nothing but when it does the update without wifi or highspeed data it will take awhile I'd say.

by Q####:

It's a great game, but what makes it hectic is that it's not like any fighting games where you can basically access all characters available in the game. Here, it's not. You basically have to be lucky enough to obtain powerful and great characters. Also, grinding is too intense here. Oh and I still don't know why it's named as "Gods of Rome" when most of the characters are non-Roman (but I still like it though) and Greek. Most characters are misinterpreted, judging by their design and concept art.

by G####:

The alliance update have brought best of the game till date. The newly introduced 3 percent benchmark for winning 4 star player is really great. You get rewarded for each and everything that you do in game. Now you are not at mercy of Chaos vessel anymore. It's a good single person fight game out there.

by S####:

For a fan of mythological stories and creatures like me, I am hereby declared big fan of this game. Love Athena! However I must say, I don't like the random character acquisition. I would love this game even more if it had a shop where you can choose who you want to buy.

by L####:

The most fun I've had playing a freemium in years. The recent update has brought minor issues to some Samsung users but as recent news updates have shown that appears to be rooted in Samsung and not in Gameloft. Overall still great fun and geared to allow for Endless play without the restrictions on energy common to many games.

by T####:

I gave you one star only because one of the most beautiful and popular gods is missing! Bring Apollo and you get 5 Stars straight!!! If it would be possible..huge mistake! Think about it! Many characters has so less to do with this.I suppose you have troubles in creating the character...only because he's archer? Handsome... Fight techniques...? Well for body-to-body fight his bow could be edged by beautiful gold blades and for special kicks he could use some explosive Light arrows... For example. Thank you.

by I####:

They have just put an automation machine on the mail which just confirms you the ticket ID and then nobody cares for your problem. It's been 2 weeks since I'm waiting for their reply. It's just ridiculous and pathetic. Very frustrating

by U####:

Still i think the game its to much about money.. i like it i enjoy it but please explain me how the f*** i spend 1700 gems in spheres where it should be supose to have a chance for 4 stars God and, im gonna say again, 1700 gems its 17 spheres guys.. 17.. and not even one?? Just 1 and 2 and couple of copys that i had already.. i was colecting all gems for this??

by V####:

Hi guys, please help. I keep losing gems when I try to play the 3v3 PVP events. When I select 3 players and try to continue, sometimes my phone's internet connection drops, I get an error message, I didn't even get to battle and I lose 5 gems. I estimate to have already lost 35 gems. These are hard earned gems that I put in hours of work into. Please help me, awesome dudes. I'm getting really frustrated.

by D####:

I had been playing this game for a while and enjoyed it. When the game got updated I can't seem to update it, it has used over 1.8gigs of my data as I have tried to update it 3 times, when roughly 15mbs is left to download it just tells me there was a problem and tells me to start the download again. NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL

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