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About Miner's Idle 3

3rd Installment of the Miner's Idle series!

•Lots of new content, artwork and ongoing development based off player feedback!

•Tap your way to arthritis or hire miners, autominers and unlock abilities to do all the mining for you!

•Discover lots of new ores, each worth more than the last!

•Travel through differently themed realms of rocks - Can you make it to the end?!

•Leveling system that rewards you every single time you level up - Spend your skill points wisely!

•Find rare treasure chests containing unique items to boost your mining power and other multipliers!

•All new task system - Get assigned tasks and complete them for permanent rewards!

•Unlock and obtain various pickaxes to mine more ore at once!

•Earn 30+ Medals - Each giving a permanent boost!

•Advanced prestige system - Play over and over to unlock more of the game, including -
The Ore Vault, Time Travelling, the infamous bonus shop and over 15 unique prestige items each giving special bonuses!

Artwork by: My Sister!

Background Music by: http://incompetech.com/music

No Permissions & Tablet Support!

Enjoy! - Feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions for the game via:

•Google Play Store comments
•Twitter: @Incremental_Inc
•Email: [email protected]

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Download and install Miner's Idle 3 version 1.31 on your Android device!
Downloaded 5,000+ times, content rating: Everyone
Android package: com.minersidle3t.incrementalinc.minersidle3new, download Miner's Idle 3.apk

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Game History & Updates

What's Changed
New app icon!
Bug fixes - Autominers now correctly work after prestiging!
New bonus upgrades added!
No more accidental task menu purchases!
Gems can now be gained at a much higher level!
Typos fixed!
New Bonus Upgrades!
New Prestige Item!
Improved & more detailed stats menu!
New Ability!
Can now upgrade speed of Autominers!
Auto-Task kicks in on app launch
Version update Miner's Idle 3 was updated to version 1.31
More downloads  Miner's Idle 3 reached 5 000 - 10 000 downloads

What are users saying about Miner's Idle 3

by I####:

Please move the material upgrade button (green arrows at the bottom of the screen) somewhere else, I keep accidentally clicking it, especially when I try to hit the home button to exit. Which reminds me, please allow a prompt to exit the game when hitting the back button. Samsung Galaxy S4

by U####:

Great clicker/idle game. I love how often this game is updated and all of the changes that are being made. Keep up with the good work and the updates to keep the game fun and fresh! EDIT: It's been about two months and I'm bored. Time to move onto the next app. <3

by V####:

So rare to find a game that doesn't want every permission you can grant, isn't full of in app purchases, and doesn't have obnoxious ads. Incremental just makes fun, simple games that do what they say. Keep supporting this great creator!

by D####:

Every couple of minutes, the games freezes and stops responding. I have to reopen the application each time but it doesn't save anything that's happened in the last 30 seconds before the crash. I have lost many items now due to the freeze and it's become unplayable. This needs to be fixed.

by W####:

I have played 1 and 2 as well and this one is good also. There seems to be a lot unlock so it will keep me entertained for quite a bit. Also I like how it doesn't take much storage space.

by Z####:

I enjoy this game alot. You have to be very active in the beginning and nothing happens when the game is in the background which is very unfortunate. You can make the game idle once you build up some cash and buy idle miners. Overall fun and id recommend to those that like interactive games :)

by A####:

There's not much to look forward to. When we finally reach the next pickaxe the upgrade isn't that great at all. I would of liked 4 times as many pickaxes with much better bonuses. The store could have armor. Obviously to include all these bonuses the prices would have to increase accordingly giving us the opportunity to increase our networth to ridiculous numbers. My feedback is quite negative, but I gave it 4 stars for a reason. Despite the lack of rewards it's still a good game.

by R####:

I am now earning currency way slower than I used to. I've prestiged 3 times now, and it seems that skills has also increased in how long it takes to cool down. Basically it used to be fun, but now it's so slow that it's painful, and even when I'm not playing unlike other idle games it seems it is earning barely next to nothing.

by J####:

XP bonus from task points has exponential yield but linear cost growth. Combined with the design of uncontrolled, distributed automine (lol why.) and you encourage people to spam tin. Gets to trillions xp/tap, instant prestiges.

by Y####:

It's good so far. I'm one prestige in, and I'm enjoying it. I wish the menus were a bit more fluid to navigate. It's awkward always having to reach so high on the screen to get to the most important menus.

by F####:

Same old, same old. But if you are a true fan of this game type, then the same old is why you are here.

by C####:

Well, I just got a new phone and discovered I could not, as far as I can tell, back up my progress. Also applies to Evolution. Very disappointing. I love the game, but now I have to start over. Sigh.

by E####:

Half the time I'm offline it continues, and half the time it doesn't. Progressing normally is far too time consuming when you can just sit on tin ore and prestige off that. I haven't played the other 2 but there is no tutorial or anything. This is the first "idle" game I've bought, and will most likely be the last. I can't recommend this game when there are so many better idle/clicker games on the app store that are free.

by N####:

At level 300 the prestige points are capped at level 350 now but a bit boring without the points. Only takes 10 seconds to get to level 300 for me now.

by H####:

When you get a chest from clicking and you exit the game it goes away . I had this happen twice to me both she. I had about 5 chests . . why is this

by K####:

I miss looking at how many taps I need to go forward after each rock. It's like a goal to keep tapping to get to next stage. Without it I'm constantly tapping those green arrows which kind of put me off the game. I know you had it before,just don't get why you took it off. I do like the game though :) Just put that tab back lol

by O####:

This is how all games should be. No in app purchases, just one smooth payment and that's the end of the harrassment. Great game to pass the time

by X####:

Satisfied and enjoyed it so much right now. Hope there would be tons of update in the future or it would go boring really fast

by P####:

So pretty easy game if you stay on tin only, but my issue is that i can get to level 300 now in about 45 seconds or less, but past it there are zero gem rewards so max gems in a run is 1431 @ Level 300, as well above 999.99 trillion the exp bar starts to bugger up..... Currently getting 26 trillion exp per/click on tin, and I've only been playing for about a week or so lol.

by M####:

Extremely addictive and although I'm about to point out some flaws it is simply to improve it, the game is easily worth the purchase price. However the game does have a few annoyances with UI, the reliances on the task system, and the worst issue is in regards to the tutorial. The tutorial is thrown in your face at the beginning but there is no way to reaccess that menu later on if you dont play for like a week you might have trouble remembering what certain things are and/or do. I.e. miners and autominers.

by B####:

It kind of gets boring after a while... I'm going to keep playing hoping it gets better.

by Q####:

I love this game.... I just don't like ...how it doesn't mine when the app isn't open. Your tree miner does cut trees when the app is close

by G####:

Nothing bad to say about it right now. Just done my first prestige, and it is fully worth the dollar I paid for it. I recommend it!

by S####:

Good idle game, simple, intuitive, engrossing. Haven't got too deep, but very enjoyable to begin with. Good job developer.

by L####:

Awesome game! Even though it costs, it ends up cheeper because there are no in app purchases :)

by T####:

If this was really an idle game, it would need offline production. Please consider adding that. Also, if your other games have it, then there is no reason this one shouldn't.

by I####:

Decent idle game, mostly runs well in the background. No complaints, but nothing really stood out as innovative or eye catching.

by U####:

When upgrading to another ore, the message will stay on my screen until I turn my phone off and on again....

by V####:

I love this game the best idle/clicker I have played in a long time and I was wondering is there anyway to get xp faster? Thank you for getting my thru my school week

by D####:

Game play is great and repetitive without the allure of in app purchases whispering in your ear.

by W####:

Though the instructions could be a little clearer. It's not clear what prestiging really does initially. However, love the concept and the growth curves. Good fun!

by Z####:

I like the game but having a charge on the game makes it less fun knowing that once I'm finished that's it

by A####:

As a veteran of these types of games I can honestly say that this game is one of the best...lost 1 star

by R####:

Great game for a great price. I haven't been able to put it down since I got it.

by J####:

I bought the second 2x multiplier on the bonus list for 300 gems but it does not seem to add to the first multiplier in that list. I thought I had to buy the pickaxe in the picture to get the second multiplier to work but it still does not and prestiging does not fix it.

by Y####:

I play alot of idling games and this one is a good one the best part is the pacing feels smooth

by F####:

does not continue to collect whilst offline so can not continue to progress offline and dont get enough gems as u level up 1 every 5 levels after level 40 is not enough

by C####:

I've been playing alot of idle games and I have to say one of the best I have ever played I am very greatful you guyd have created it

by E####:

Bit hard to make money and wish somd things has better descriptions but worth it

by N####:

Could someone tell me how to get my ore out of the storage? I can put it in but can't figure out how to get it back. Thanks in advance.

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