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Shall we date?: We the Girls+ Free Game

Rated 4.26/5 (174) —  Free Android application by NTT Solmare Corp.

About Shall we date?: We the Girls+

First time ever on SWD!
You get to choose yourself from various different types of girls!!!
Be the famous fairytale princess and enjoy luxury lifestyle with your sweet prince.
A modern take on Otome game begins here!

◆The Story◆
“An unexpected incident occurred one day.”
Happily ever after? So they say.
Your life as a fairytale princess becomes boring once you marry the prince that you literally live the life of a couch potato.
Thanks to moody Hurricane because she sends your prince to another world!
When your luxury lifestyle is at risk, you decide to embark a journey to find your prince...!

◆The Characters◆
●The Little Mermaid
Her sad story ending can’t be read without tears.
With an amazing pair of legs that is often accentuated by high heels, she is hoping to meet the man of her life.
She is an innocent girl with a pure heart that enchants everyone she meets.
“Look at my beautiful feet! I can’t stop wearing heels because they look so awesome!!!
Hey, where has my prince gone?!”

●Snow White
Her story might sound odd as she ends up marrying the prince that steals her dead body.
That may be why she doesn’t know what it is to be in love.
She wants to enjoy being with various kinds of men until the day she meets the love of her life.
“You know, I don’t care much about princes. Looks and techniques are what girls want, right? No girl is as fun as me, that’s why I get to enjoy all sorts of things with boys!”

●Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
Her story ending could be the dreamiest one in the history of fairy tale.
She is madly in love with her boyfriend that she doesn’t know what cheating is.
Though she takes her job seriously, she knows how to balance work and love life.
“I’m running a jewelry business. Working is fun if you can enjoy it. BTW, have you seen Aladdin? My prince has gone missing...!”

More eye candies on the way!

●FREE to download.
●FREE Story Tickets to be given.
●Beautiful illustrations and great music.
●Many different options available for boyfriends.
●Ranking system to compete your look.
●Story endings vary with your choice.
●Amazing selection of avatar items.
●Fun events and special rewards.

◆About Us◆
NTT Solmare is a company based in Osaka, Japan. We strive to make the best dating sim games. If you like romance novels, cute boys, and/or anime then you will love our games. Our Shall we date? titles have over 23 million downloads worldwide – try one of our FREE games today to find out why we are so popular!

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Download and install Shall we date?: We the Girls+ version 1.0.0 on your Android device!
Downloaded 10,000+ times, content rating: Not rated
Android package:, download Shall we date?: We the Girls+.apk

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What are users saying about Shall we date?: We the Girls+

by Y####:

I really love this game it's fabulous

by J####:


by R####:

It wouldn't load at all

by A####:

So far, I LOVVE IT, can't wait for Rapunzel to be released.

by Z####:

I like it very much!!

by W####:

Use my Invite Code:JWavCQUG2n

by D####:

Another amazing game by Ntt Solmare Corp. Keep up the good work guys

by V####:

I have been waiting for this game

by U####:

Doing Snow White route and it's ok so far. EYs5CyRFWN for friend id

by I####:

HUbUx2yRee is my code, please use mine and be my friend! ><

by T####:

I think they should more of them because I love to read them I been read like 4 years.

by L####:

CEXpZvKn8J, Here's my friend ID. I'm doing the Aladdin route. It's okay so far.

by S####:

Needs to be available on more devices I can't even access it on my tablet

by G####:

Here's my ID for some little extra: NVmZEx9LYn

by Q####:

Some the soundtrack is similar to other shall we date game that I have played

by B####:

I wanna ask one question. I wanted to get free coins but when I play the quizes I don't get WG points. Please Someone fix this.

by M####:

Totally annoying. graphics are so disappointing. I mean what's wrong with Aladdin? His right hand is bigger than his body..worst game ever.

by P####:

Great game except when I tried to do the new Halloween themed slot it froze and I never got my reward or my medal back.

by X####:

I dont have face book but please let us use our gmails to save data for the people who does not have Facebook

by O####:

I liked it well it was OK but I didnt even get to the 2nd chapter because (the little mermaid) was a little to boring so I'm sorry but I deleted it

by K####:

Really love it!! The best thing about this game is that you can choose different Main character to play different stories

by H####:

I absolutely LOVE(ed) this game. Along with all the other "Shall we date" games as well. They never seem to dissapoint me thru all these amazing stories! (>^ω^<)

by N####:

Adult humor,sexual innuendos, profanity,fourth wall breaking jabs at traditional fairy tales.Come on even I admit to being extremely picky about art and story but if a game makes me laugh I'm playing it!I absolutely love the characters, I'm so glad they're so different from past games.

by E####:

Here is my ID LXkg6yGBSw let's be friends in game. See you all there :) I'm excited to play this actually let's see what they have for us here

by C####:

Graphics r as usual awesome Super story line as expected from shall we date team, they really dud a grt job in graphics n story. Loved n addicted to this game n I really look forward for other new routes please release more route.

by F####:

This game is great! It integrates music from a lot of other shall we date games, including Niflheim! The graphics are well done also. A very good story line, I'm almost half way threw Jane's story. It's humor is closely related to what you're used to in The Niflheim too! Very well done! Niflheim is still #1, and I would love a sequel! Please!! This game is a little slow at first, but it gets better the more you read it. Definitely worth ☆☆☆☆☆, ♡ it! Please use my code: FAvJggQf7q Thank you and Enjoy this game!

by Y####:

The genre for this otome is mostly comedy. If you have no sense of humor or is always serious and you want heavy drama, this is not for your taste. But if you wanna read and laugh, this is for you! If you're curious/interested about the premise (what if my prince and I are thrown away in the modern world with a whole new different personalities? How would the characters in our old tale help/destroy our modern story?) Then this is for you too! The graphics is not that bad for me. Even though some of the BGM and background are from other SWD games, at least it suits the mood/ atmosphere in the story. I actually don't mind. This game flushes my stress away so I'm keeping it and support the devs. (Don't get me wrong, and just to be objective, if ever I have to compare it to other SWD games in terms of quality comedy otome story, I prefer Nifleheim coz it's originally made by Solmare and I find it more creative. You know what they say, nothing still beats the original)

by J####:

IT'S MOVING TOO FAST I just met the guy and I'm already trying to seduce him at his workplace. This whole game is giving me an asthma attack

by R####:

This game is so much fun. Although there are a few Grammer flaws, I still love the game! I would like to see better graphics in this game, the art and backgrounds are a little bland. I'm reading Aladdin's story so I wish it was a little more challenging to win Aladdin.

by A####:

Friend ID is JCT5Ufc48i if you're planning to stick with it for a bit like me. Honestly, so far I'm disappointed. I'm running the Snow White route and it's cute but the translation is worse than usual and, more importantly, the story is silly and so far unimpressive. Not at all the quality I've come to expect through years with Solmare. Nifleheim had a more engaging story and better artwork while still being silly. :( Not impressed and hoping this is a fluke rather than a trend...

by Z####:

I've loved all the SWD games but this is terrible. Wish we got more from the other games like Guard Me Sherlock rather than this cliché one, the characters are flat and the premise is a joke.

by W####:

Hii my invitation id is "DTYQGq40t6". I'm loving this game. I'm on sirena's route and so far it's been kinda fresh. Blanche is too bold and can be a good choice. I like the concept of three different MC this way you get more female friends. The only things that I like less about this game is it's music which is good but not brilliant and its also taken up from some other ntt solmare's games and its artwork could have been better like we expect from solmare games. :) :)

by D####:

It feels like they tried to rush to make this game. Like most of their games, it's been translated into English and they proofreading is terrible. I couldn't even get past the trailers for each route to pick the one I wanted- they were that horrible. They also don't follow the formatting of the most recent shall we date games, making it seem outdated. It's on the same level as SWD: Angel or Devil, another poorly made game. NTT Solmare- You can do better. I've seen you do better.

by V####:

Code:DiAZiSJmUA The game is just amazing, the graphics look fantastic, and I love the diversity in skin color! There are many otome games that I play that doesn't give you the option to choose a color skin for your avatar. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this in the shall we date games.

by U####:

I'm so in love with the ridiculous setting and the graphics is just as amazing as always, sometimes the story can be a little funny which is nice. Basically, this is a better version of my fairy tales+ and I'm enjoying the hell out of sirena's route I picked her because she is painfully honest as I am. XD

by I####:

For those who don't like stories that are self-referential, slightly fourth wall breaking, and VERY tongue-in-cheek, you're not gonna like this. But if you like self-aware humor, this is the otome game for you. It is just so silly, so absurd, so over-the-top, AND self-aware of how silly it's being! The art style might turn some people off but the humor is gold.

by T####:

I'm honestly a little disappointed in this game and I've barely read 3 chapters from Aladdin's route. In only 3 chapters it feels like the only focus in this game is how a "ideal" body looks and how to get into Aladdin's pants (for the "lamp"). One thing I do find interesting though, is that you "become" the girl depending on which story you choose, however, I did expect more than this...

by L####:

HEDTtFtqCe here is my code,u can use it up ^^ It's really interesting to see different plot of stories rather than having a usual fairy tale stories.It contains Love,comedy and drama which keeps me entertaining.I'm on Snow White route now,so far so good.Each character got interesting characteristic,even though they use background music of other games,I don't quite mind it as long the story is good,although having their own music theme is probably the best but I don't wanna complain too much about that.NTT Solmare corp. had done so well in making this game,I hope there's more in the future!

by S####:

No romance at all. One character begins screwing a guy before even kissing him once WHILE he has a FIANCEE then wakes up in love after their first time. Come on Solmare you can do better! The game had potential to be a good game considering it had good graphics compared to your other games.

by G####:

I love all shall we date games and I have been playing them go nearly two years now . I think the quality and details are superb and the character as awesome. the only problem is that with the previous 4 or 5 games including this these ones haven't had link account with google account so if you release new games please add google account link as I lose all my data when I delete my games. plus i don't have Facebook and I don't really want to get Facebook this would really help me out. thanks

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