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by N####:

The game launches, gets to the menu and crashes after choosing the new game option. It says saving, saved then proceeds to validate the license and crashes immediately thereafter. I request the concerned devs to rectify this issue ASAP as this is quite an expensive purchase. Once it's done, I shall upgrade my rating.

by H####:

Pretty unique game. Excellent graphics and gameplay.

by K####:

This would have been a very very good puzzle plattformer with a very nice art style and story. But, alas! It falls into the trap a lot of games with jump mechanics fall into. The controls are not good enough to sustain the puzzles. What's even worse is that it attempts to do traditional jump&run sequences with controls which are not good enough. If you can put up with some frustration(i.e. trying and failing a timed jump after having figured out what you are supposed to do) then you should give it a shot. It is nice and it is charming. But it controls badly. And that is my experience using an actual controller.

by O####:

This is getting embarrassing; another NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios release that crashes out to the home screen on the SHIELD TV Pro, no error messages. The entire "hub" seems to reload as it does so, so I guess it may be related to it choking up the memory or something of the device and Android garbage collecting it all. Same deal as with Resident Evil 5. It also fails to perform properly, and are far from at a stable 30 frames per second. Come on, NVIDIA, you got to do better than this for your own platform, with your own released ports. Optimize, give us graphical options, and tone these titles back ever so slightly on the visuals. If anything, "Ultra" can be as-is, and the default can be toned back to "High". Sending a Feedback via the SHIELD TV Pro as well, hopefully it can help locate the issue.

by X####:

The game itself is fantastic. Unfortunately you don't actually get to play it long before you get booted to the home screen with no error to report. Incredibly unstable.

by P####:

Game is unstable. Constantly crashes on Nvidia Shield TV. Literally at every new cutscene. please fix.

by M####:

Runs horribly on shield tablet.

by B####:

One of the best games I have played so far on my Shield TV.

by Q####:

Crashes to the home screen every 15 mins, though enjoyable while it lasts.

by G####:

Fun game about light and shadow with very unique gameplay. Surprisingly challenging.

by L####:

No thanks, sticking with Lolipop. Not like I'm still on Kitkat or anything. Not worth crippling my tablet with Marshmallow. Lol! I'll be keeping my $8, thanks. Nvidia is a joke and will remain a joke with software distribution and hardware compatibility.

by D####:

I been unable to download contrast since purchasing it sometime today a hour or 2 ago. It often gets stuck at a certain random percentage like up to 19% I do have a high speed connection of 50mbps and i did factory restore my shield TV to solve the issue but it has not. All other applications download fine but this one. At this time my one star is simply to get the head sup to the developer and does not reflect my experience with the game so far

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