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About Dragon Land

Social Point welcomes you to Dragon Land, the brand new 3D platform game that’s packed with stunning levels, arcade action and awesome dragons! Expand your dragon collection and set off on the adventure of a lifetime!

Jump, dash, climb and glide your way through every episode. Unlock new dragons and learn different skills!

When a mysterious evil appears, it’s up to the plucky dragon Blaze to save his friends and return peace to the world. Inspired by classic games, Dragon Land is a thrilling and fun platformer for everyone!


3D Platformer Campaign
- Jump through over 100 levels full of rewards and secret items!
- 3D graphics and gameplay, just like your favorite oldschool games!
- Secret levels: find keys to unlock these extra-tough, extra-rewarding areas.
- Multiplayer challenges where you race against friends in real time to climb the rankings!

Dragon Collection & Upgrades
- Collect dozens of unique dragons, each with their own special skill!
- Dragons get even more impressive when you level them up!
- Customize dragons with unique skins.

Challenge Levels in Quick Play
- One hit, infinite levels. How far you can get?
- Beat your friends’ scores in this challenging mode!

Stay tuned for regular updates. New levels and features added constantly!

Adventure and action awaits in Dragon Land, the episode based 3D platformer from Social Point! Take control of Blaze and save the dragons!

Download Dragon Land and enter the world of dragons today!

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Dragon Land is FREE to download and FREE to play. However, you can purchase in-app items with real money. If you wish to disable this feature, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet’s Settings.

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How to Download / Install

Download and install Dragon Land version 3.2.2 on your Android device!
Downloaded 5,000,000+ times, content rating: Everyone
Android package: es.socialpoint.dragonland, download Dragon Land.apk

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Game History & Updates

What's Changed
A new episode of Dragon Land is now available. Update and discover the adventures that are waiting for you! We have also smashed some bugs and included technical polishing.
Have fun in Dragon Land!
Version update Dragon Land was updated to version 3.2.2
Version update Dragon Land was updated to version 3.2.1
More downloads  Dragon Land reached 5 000 000 - 10 000 000 downloads
Name changed  Name changed! Dragon Land now is known as Dragon Land.

What are users saying about Dragon Land

by N####:

In every level why do you now have to pay gems it gets a bit annoying and im up to episode 11 now but the rest of the games great but i dont know why everyones complaining about the quick play thing its better now because it got really annoying loosing all those hearts but it would be nice if you got rid of the gem thing thanks anyway

by E####:

In episode 11, the boss battle has "stage []" signs are everywhere. Small bug, I know, but a bit distracting. Good game!

by C####:

Amazing Like, even though I can get past levels for ages (

by F####:

Great Game! Always wanted the cute dragons from Dragon City in a 3D adventure game! As always, your games are great, SocialPoint! Just wished 2 things, that you could change the perspective of the camera, and you could name the dragons! Thanks, SocialPoint!

by Y####:

Very fun game! Plays wonderfully, good variation and if you're a little frugal you get a good amount of gems over time! Don't hesitate, play it and have a nostalgic kick of exciting progressive level platforming at it's finest! Highly recommended.

by J####:

Dragon Land is the best 3-D platformer of all time. Each dragon has their own unique abilities and the levels are well designed, and there's a good challenge added into it. The best part I like about this game is that it runs smoothly, and you don't have to put up with ads. Dragon Land will give people infinite enjoyment.

by R####:

This is really fun and addicting. I really love the game it's fun and challenging. The only problem is that gems are really hard to get and the quick play is really hard, too hard. Otherwise, I really love this game. Keep up the good work!!!♡♡♡♡

by A####:

I think that the game is amazing except or I like the controls to it's just it's a little hard to maneuver but if you guys could just tweak that a little bit I'll consider continue playing it but other than that this game is a really amazing game if you guys haven't downloaded it download it.

by Z####:

Can't get the game trailers to play. I've done evetyrhing possible! 1 time they will play & a minute later they won't! What gives?! I went on you tube & set it up to play trailers on line or off line. WiFi is good. Google is good. Whats wrong? I love the game but am frustrated w/it too. PLEASE ANSWER OR HELP? I don't want to uninstall @ episode 7 which I have now passed but can't find the KEY in level 8. HELP!! I have to add that I played several task games for gems & never recieved ANY! I even reported it. NADA!!!! BTW, Where is the supposed "MENU SUPPORT" I can't stand much more of ths garbage but am not a quiter til pushed to far.

by W####:

A fun, surprisingly compitent platformer heavily marred by a hand-holding UI and that aweful socnet stamina system. If you want microtransactions, that's fine, but FFS, use it for levels and characters, not stamina! And I'm fully capable of making my own decisions on the menus, thank you very much! An otherwise good game ruined by the worst practices of mobile development. Took away a star because the tasks don't work. You do what they say and never get rewarded. Gimme my damn gems!

by D####:

Controls may seem a little sketchy but I think that's on purpose, to add to the game. Setting up levels isn't as user-friendly as I'd like, but it's manageable. The gameplay itself makes for all this.

by V####:

I really like it and think it is a really good idea however i don't like having to pay so much gold and gems for the next level because the only 2 real ways to earn gold and gems is quick play and replaying levels you have already done

by U####:

This game is cute, adictive, and so much fun! It reminds me of super mario bros. If you love dragons, you'll LOVE this game! The only downside is you can't look behind you, other than that, it's so much fun!

by I####:

It's great and all, but you have to pay to many gems just to get to the next level. I'll rate five stars once you fix that problem, but other than that it's fun.

by T####:

Omg I live this app sooooo much anyone who has been bored or wanna fun game to play THIS IS THE APP YOUVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!!! 100% worth downloading

by L####:

Hate it i hate it. But if you make the shop gems to buy like tuanky 150 gems to 1 gem i would rate the best

by S####:

I think it would be better if the monsters the ones you have to jump on to festroye them would fight back and so u can play with others and matey make you're own human charter that is the master of the dragons and matey u can talk to friends on this thank you

by G####:

Absolutely love this game!! Such a good way to kill time!!

by Q####:

Enjoying it so far. Then they kept updating. No new episodes past Episode 12. Wondering if any new episodes will be added? There seems to be a couple glitches...but i do enjoy playing this game. Thanks for removing timers.

by B####:

I love it. I think it is really cute, but there is a Huge problem. When I am racing the controls are bad. They work everywhere else. When I pass the finish line at the same time as someone else, I always get 2nd. Even when I think I passed it first. When I use a power up on the computer, it doesn't slow down. When I get hit by a power up I can't even jump. Please fix this problem. Besides that, this game is awesome.

by M####:

The only 2 things I dislike is the waiting time for the hearts and multiplayer not being available till episode 6 but other than that the game is pretty good. Bluetooth controller support would be nice too.

by P####:

I love it! Except whenever, I colllect the big coin to finish the levels now, the game crashes! It also says that the game is not responding, (Which it never used to do.) If this is fixed I will rate 5 and will install again.

by X####:

Worst dragon game ever- Dragon City is probably even worse, you should play Dragon Mania Legends if this is also the worst game ever to you. X . X ( Dml is SOOOOOO much better than this and especially DRAGON CITY. ) DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IMPROVING THE GAME!!!! YOU'LL NEVER BE BETTER THAN DML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #DMLISSOMUCHBETTERTHANTHISCRAP:)

by O####:

I dislike how you have to pay Gems in order to unlock levels, and you have to also use them to upgrade characters. That's cheating instead of focusing​ on how much money you can make; can you consider the players of the game.

by K####:


by H####:

Really good. Kind of like a Mario and Spyro mix with a dash of Crash Bandicoot. Controls are a bit diffucult but to be fair I am a really tired beginner lol. Really fun ^^ i love it! Very cute too!

by N####:

I'm up to the second world, and here are my thoughts so far. The stages follow a structure similar to the ones found in Super Mario 3D World. They're tests of how well you grasp a certain mechanic with a few hidden collectibles here-and-there. It's simple, but it isn't bad. So far, my only criticism is with the first boss. You damage it by jumping on it, but its size and horns make it look like jumping on it would hurt you. Aside from that, though, I'm enjoying it so far.

by E####:

Worst game ever. You can't play online, like you would even need to be online for anything besides the racing. It breaks too much and has unfinished parts in the game that sometimes causes me to die by falling through the floor. And the sharing with friends part don't get me started. They have to pass level 6-8 just for you to get your reward. But ain 1 of my friends gonna play a bad breaking game that makes you work 3x as hard just to get enough money to buy the next level and the next. Seriously though, playing levels and stuff 1000 times just to get enough money to get the next level. It should be free considering that it breaks way too often. I'm deleting this and making sure my friends don't play this.

by C####:

Finished level 12 and it's been 6 months since any new update, even with a the glitchy multiplayer level. What's the deal, are you done? Zero communication on any platform even though people are asking how long till we get the next level? Love this game but it customer support is terrible.

by F####:

Great game! Brings back fond memories of playing Spyro the dragon on PlayStation. The o ly problem I had was with the controls. They don't seem to be as responsive and easy to use like I have seen in other games.

by Y####:

For being a free game , this is a fantastic platformer! Very impressed & i love playing it! So many levels, campaigns& goals to beat. I also luv that you can evolve your different characters & have different skins & attack methods. I like that i don't have to have a fb acct either, cuz i don't. Great graphics too& controls r easy. Ty game developers for an outstanding game that definitely is high quality&lots of fun! This should be game of the year, every year!

by J####:

Facebook log in problem...how am I supposed to play on any other device if you don't let me connect to Facebook no matter what... I don't want to waste time all over again if I'm going to change my phone for example

by R####:

STILL WAITING TO HEAR BACK FROM THEM!!! I have written them 3 times!! This is very bad customer service , and I actually paid real money! Great game great graphics my 7 yr old loves it too. My only problem is I haven't heard back about my purchased dragon dissipated after I reset my tablet. I'll give it 5 stars when I hear from them.

by Z####:

This game is so fun but I'm tired of having to upgrade my dragons every level. It's ridiculous and I'm sure only a few people are going to put money into this game. And I've beaten the game before so there's no point in putting money into it because it's a short game anyway. But it takes forever for me to get the diamonds and like I said I'm not going to put money into it so it's just not fair

by W####:

Why do I have to work my ass off just to get the next Episode!? It's stupid, if I finished the last episode then give me the next one free! I'm not gonna throw all my money at this fame just so I can finish it.

by D####:

The game glitches. So I'm on quick play and I'm using the circle pad, and it goes to the other side of the screen and then I die. Also in the world's I think that if we get the potions then we should get to keep them. Another thing is that I have cried so many tears of frustration from this game it is a joke. Lastly in quick play I'm dying for no reason and its not fair also I hate the ghost in quick play. So I hope you read this, respond and fix the problems. Thank you.

by V####:

I think it is really good, however the first review is ture I dont like to pay so much gold and gens just to get on to the next episode and again then first one is ture their is only 2 ways to get gems and gold and they are to play quick play replaying the levels you have already done, but apart from that I love the game 100% , thank you so so much for making this game. Ifmu haven't downloaded it download it.

by U####:

ITS THE BEST PLATFORM GAME EVER! But the only problem is if you run out of hearts you have to watch a video and the multiplayer levels are the same ones over and over. But also why does the hearts matter, it would be also nice for the extra dragons such as i gris ,Freddy and blakey too be rescue like Rocky or blizzy. But I love this GAME a lot ,I play it every day too. The smaller little bad guys are okay. But ITS the BEST game on Dragons

by I####:

Really enjoy this game. The core gameplay is a neat mix of elements from Mario and Spyro. Controls are surprisingly tight and graphically it looks pretty good, but one of the best aspects is it caters well to whatever time frame you have to play. Exploring the campaign is perfect for slightly longer sessions while quick mode is an addicting platformer survival mode perfect for killing time in short sessions. The only major negative is unless you want to put money in, unlocking the later stages in campaign requires a decent amount of grind. An annoying issue for sure but not enough to derail what is overall a great phone game imo.

by D####:

An enjoyable experience to say the least but I doubt dragons are as cute as this game makes them out to be fire breathing lizards are usually a little more fearsome

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