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About Lotte's Forest ~The Tale of Love~

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Otome Dating Game "Lotte's Forest ~ The Tale of Love ~"

◆ Story
This is a love story between a girl and unearthly creatures..

This is a story from a long time ago.
Once upon a time, there was a girl name Mel.

She loved books, and one night
she came across an extraordinary book, completely covered in black ink.
She took the books in her hands, and was forced to face unfathomable consequences--

The girl was about to close the strange book, when
a dazzling light came flowing out of it.

The girl closed her eyes, and when she opened them again
she found herself in an unfamiliar place

There she met a young man, a cat and a beast.
They all called her "Princess", but who were they?

Lost in that dark book's world,
will the girl be able to find
the true end?

◆ Character Introduction
The Frog Prince: Licht

"I will protect you with all my might"

King of the White Forest.
Smart and gentle young man who is like gentle waters.
A wise king who is impeccable but turns into a frog when distracted.
While fulfilling the duties of a King,
his dream is to spend a quiet life together with Mel.

Puss in Boots: Orkan

"Well well! Ladies who admire me give me inspiration"

Cat knight who travels through the forest with the princess.
Holds pride as a knight.
A boss of his Shoes Firm and loves to make money.
Hot-blooded, always pushes forward while dragging others with him.
He hates being called "furball"or to be petted,
he likes to be held in Mel's arms.

Beauty and the Beast: Schwarz

"Love me. That's the only way I can help you flee this place"

King of the Black Forest.
He's been called the Dark Lord and considered the Evil
who should be defeated in this world.
After having a second chance to meet
the "Princess" who once loved him,
he decides to imprison Mel to prevent her from escaping.

Wizard: Ubel

"Mel... You'll see that this story isn't at the perfect state…yet"

He appeared in front of Mel all of a sudden.
Has uncanny laughs.
In this world, he is considered to be an evil wizard
but his true identity is a mystery.

◆ How to Play & Game Features
・ Read through the story and aim for the perfect ending between you and your unearthly boyfriend.
This is a love adventure game for girls.

・ Use story tickets to read through this romantic story.
You can receive up to 5 free tickets every day.

・ Dress up your "Doll" avatar.
There are more than 200 pieces of clothing that you can use to make your avatar super unique.

・ The story changes according to your decisions. Make the right choices and see your boyfriend's affection increase.
Enjoy 3 different endings according to your affection level.

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How to Download / Install

Download and install Lotte's Forest ~The Tale of Love~ version 1.0.2 on your Android device!
Downloaded 10,000+ times, content rating: Not rated
Android package: info.otomedou.fwe.MeruhenEn, download Lotte's Forest ~The Tale of Love~.apk

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What's Changed
Lotte's Forest was released on Dec 20th.

What are users saying about Lotte's Forest ~The Tale of Love~

by O####:

Love the art! It would be more amazing if there was background music. P.s: Schwarz reminds me of Zoroark

by K####:

The story and art is really nice... Really like the free gachas everyday I'm enjoying the game???? (anyway you may use my invitation code: 10sbtXmQxLQqo)

by H####:

Overall, everything was very good! The graphics are great characters realistic.. I loved it! My code is 10fg2xqclGeKc. My avatar is named Emi Smith just in case you want to friend me

by N####:

Why do the tickets only restore at 4am! Ugh.... but I love the art style! I just started playing the game so I not really that far into the story..... I've been looking for a new game to play for sometime now!!! ????

by E####:

Beautiful artwork and storyline. I fell mostly in love with Schwarz route. Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite fairy tale.

by C####:

I like the story, but the rest of the game kind of ruined it a bit. I think the controls are too complicated and its kinda hard to find some things, also i think its weird that there isn't any music

by F####:

I'm really enjoying it but I find the episodes too short and I've had the same episode play twice. Can't use my country's currency at the moment

by Y####:

The story are too short for 1 ticket and the rubies are hard to get even the tapjoy is impossible..i would rate it 5 star for the story but the gameplay is just 0/10..

by J####:

The game is charming, from their beautiful graphics to creative storyline. Every game has their pros and cons and one con that a majority of people have noticed from the beginning of this game is the lack of music, but fortunately this is the single thing that I am against. I recommend this game to all people that like or love this types of games. • ` ☆ ○° • 10ruzWKpKuQoc • °○ ☆ ` •

by R####:

Love to play this game but I currently can't get past the "start" button, it basically just froze. Using Note 8 and higher than android 4.0

by A####:

Baru mulai main, ceritanya bagus, animasi bagus, cocok buat yang suka fairytale dan bosen sama cerita yang biasa. Buat yang mau dapetin free 5 tiket invite : 10 Aauz.D7THzl 1 chapter awal lebih dari 10 cerita jadi bisa buat bantu selesain lebih cepet. Enjoy!

by Z####:

Starting to love this game!! I chose Orkan and I cannot wait to see how this 'unique' love tale goes ???????? Invite me and put in this code: 10aHsTCOxN2PY to get some awesome gifts ????????

by W####:

Way to short kf game play. You need to give more tickets. Seems more like a cash grab game than anything, hard to play and enjoy it.

by D####:

Closet is filling up... can't buy Rubies - USA store doesn't work and Tapjoy is garbage - and the one closet I got in the free Gacha I accidentally dismissed with a misclick (why no confirmation?????) Like the game but mechanical issues are killing me

by V####:

I love the plot and the characters along with thw beautiful artwork. So far Schwartz is my babe! But with every new game there are problems.. There seems to be some kind of lag with the buttons, the episodes within the chapter is too short that it feels like you'll have to pile up story tickets or get through half the chapter each day. I would prefer to pay for the characters route instead of buying a whole pack of "goodies" to make up for it. Also I want to know since there's a doll system in this game like many other mobile otome games. Will there be any future event gachas and spin off stories? Would be cute to see really.

by U####:

First off, the art style of the game is beautiful! The pictures are just lovely. The story is interesting so far, and the translation is ok. I'm looking forward to seeing how each story will end. ♡

by I####:

In the past two times I've edited my comment, the first time I just couldn't get the game to work due to updates going on my phone, and the second time I was able to get it to work afterwards. However, once again, the game won't open. I'm sure it's because my phone is updating again, but I just don't have the patience for that. It's just ridiculous. This error should really be fixed. As for what I did get to see, it was cute. It had a very humorous beginning. Sadly, I've lost interest due to problems trying to load it. Maybe I'll try again in the future, but until then... I don't think so.

by T####:

Invite code for free stuff for both you and me - 10I4CFxxwM1r6 Have always loved the Disney story of Beauty and the beast. This version is so interesting and has me hooked!

by L####:

I don't like the tickets, we dowloaded it for reading a story not taking over a month just to read maybe 5 things being said a day. But either way I do like the story, but the tickets get frustrating after awhile.

by S####:

I love it! But the story is short tho but I still love it!❤❤❤ Here's my invitation code for u: 10gSR51QJnM0o We can get both gifts and Prizes, And I like to get friends with you!

by G####:

The games really nice and the artworks great, their story plot is amazing but their english grammar is kinda messed up and there's no sound making the mood lacks its charm

by Q####:

The art is gorgeous and I loved the concept of the game. However, after playing one route (Schwartz) I found the plot to be a bit lacklustre and like another review said, it jumps around a lot. I also felt no connection to the characters at all. Not sure if I want to try another route but maybe that might up the current rating I'm giving it.

by B####:

No sound and it was kind of boring. The art looked pretty but sadly the tutorial was way way to long and I didn't understand anything going on than a story that seemed interesting. Wanted high hopes for the game but it was slow and boring.

by M####:

I love the game so far but hate the ticket system. I think more dating Sim should be like Mystic Messenger. There are set times throughout the day where you can access a new part of the story instead of waiting for tickets that give you a short run through the story.

by P####:

I LOVE the game itself, but why does there have to be tickets? I get that it might be so people have the game longer and don't dash through it, but I HATE waiting so long just for 5 tickets. It would be better if it was 10 or 15, but 5! All though I love the game and the graphics. IT'S ALL BEAUTIFUL! Loved everything, but the tickets and tooo much extra stuff like, why do we need a contest? OR EVEN FRIENDS. I just don't get it. But that's just me. Keep doin what your doin, and Happy New year!

by X####:

From what I can tell, to get the good ending you need to answer EVERY prompt with the correct answer, no room for error. I wish it had more leeway, so I don't have to Google a walkthrough just to be able to play it in an enjoyable way. Also, story is jumpy and muddled, with no character development, nothing to make you care for them. Most lines have poor grammar or make no sense at all.

by O####:

Few oddly translated sentences that didn't flow but beautiful, beautiful story and art. I love the game and, honestly, I'd pay for a pc or handheld port so I could replay certain chapters over and over (since for whatever reason my scenario album is still empty)

by K####:

Story and art are great! Controls are a little laggy but thats okay. I do hate how you have to wait so long to get more tickets to play the story tho

by H####:

The story is nice but the dress up doll is really ugly. Have she to be this ugly? The tutorial wasn't long and I really appreciated it. I hate long tutorials but your was really ok. The story is interesting. The art is great but the male characters are ugly. Especially the frog prince who is the only one to have human form

by N####:

I love the art!! But the story doesnt make any sense to me. I feel like it jumps around a lot and the characters are not well developed. Maybe thats just the character that I chose, so I hope if I choose a differen chaacter, it will be better.

by E####:

This has potential. The art is beautiful and the story is pretty well translated. The premium currency is the only problem. They offer it to you through ads by Tapjoy. Most of these ads are not ads at all but scams. There are only a handful of video only ads and once you watch those, they never come up again. Also video ads are only worth one ruby when it costs hundreds of rubies to buy anything in the game. The only ads that pay out 300-3000 rubies are the ones that will insist you pay for something with actual money in order to be rewarded with fake money. One of these ads even tried to install malware to my tablet.

by C####:

I love the idea, it's a beautiful game and weirdly enough found I love puss in boots but the time you use your tickets is so short I feel like I have to either spend a fortune or wait a month to get anywhere. I would rather pay money for an entire route than being nickel and dime to death.

by F####:

I love this game!!!!

by Y####:

The characters are so beautiful and unique.

by J####:

All good but i didnt receive some outfits... One for normal ending, and event clothes

by R####:

I really love the art in this game. I also really liked Licht's story towards the end, it became really good. Also, I just started Ubel's story and I'm finding it really interesting. I'm looking forward to as how the story will unfold.

by A####:

This game is beautiful and has a fun story. They give you plenty of opportunities to get useful items without it being a pain like most mobile otome games do so that's great. There does seem to be a bit of an issue with buying Rubys though as I bought some but they never showed up as accessible, but I'm sure that'll be worked out.

by Z####:

im having a bit of audio issues, i cant hear anything at all! Though if there's no sound to the game, then that's cool! I just wanna make sure my game isn't broken

by W####:

The storyline and art is excellent and the menu system isn't bad, but the coordination checks are ridiculous, as well as the measly amount of lines you get per ticket. If we get only 5 tickets a day, can't they be at least one conversation long per ticket? And the story is chopped up almost arbitrarily for that, too.

by D####:

I'm really enjoying it! My only criticism (which is super minor) is that the characters look a little too pink sometimes, for example their scleras. But that's it, I love the artstyle and concept. It also has an easy to understand gameplay. I have only cleared one route but I look forward to the rest and perhaps more accesories and clothes. And in the distant future perhaps more routes?

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