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About Lust in Terror Manor - The Truth Unveiled | Otome

Lust in Terror Manor ~The Truth Unveiled~ lets you follow the thrilling love with these handsome men and find a good ending to their love story! You're the one to decide how your destiny will unfold. Choose your love <3

Lust in Terror Manor is about to be revealed?! Read the story, experience the suspense and aim for the best ending. Lust in Terror Manor ~The Truth Unveiled~ sure is a love adventure game you’ll fall in love with!

The story changes according to your decisions. Make the right choices and raise your BF's affection to unlock awesome CGs and scenarios!

Lust in Terror Manor ~The Truth Unveiled~ is the ONE! Join our Facebook for more!

Revamped edition with a newly added route!
The truth behind "Lust in Terror Manor" is about to be revealed!

13 men and women trapped in a Western hotel on a remote island.
Without understanding why, you're involved in an unbelievably cruel game.

Trapped on a land full of strangers... While doubting them one by one, someone appears before your eyes. But who is it?

Why do you know me!?
In this dangerous situation, the secret relationship between you and a handsome man who wants to protect you will be the only thing to keep you alive.
Will the two of you be able to survive on this inescapable island!?

Experience a suspenseful environment full of lust and terror!

-The long-awaited renewal of Lust in Terror Manor, the popular otome game boasting 200,000 downloads!!
Play the new "Naoto Fuyuno" route, and find out the truth behind Lust in Terror Manor!

-New gacha and event scenarios available for the popular ikemen characters Hayato and Rui!
It doesn't matter if you've already played their routes before or if this is your first time: there's something for everyone!

-Lust in Terror Manor - The Truth Unveiled is a smartphone dating sim where you use Story Tickets to progress the story
and is free for basic play (in-game purchases available).
This game is very easy to play, so it's also suitable for first-time players of otome games!
Look forward to experiencing an exciting love story with your handsome boyfriend.

-The choices you make influence the story!
You will be able to experience a captivating story with beautiful illustrations with the man you choose.
There are also many cute coordinates you can wear!
Wear pretty Avatars and catch your BF's attention!
Enjoy this lovey-dovey story in a fashionable manner.

How do I PLAY?
-Install for free
-Free basic play
-You can read 5 passionate stories for FREE EVERY DAY!
-Get hot CGS?<3 LIT!!

-If you love / like otome games, dating sims, romance games or romance apps.
-If you love / like romance novels, visual novels, online novels, light novels, harlequin, romance dramas, romance comics, romance manga, or shoujo manga (comic books).
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-If you are looking for games with awesome CG, art and graphics.
-If you love / like to have handsome, good looking BF / lover to propose to you or if you’re looking for someone perfect to marry, someone perfect for you.
-If you love / like boys love, BL and yaoi contents.
-If you love / like comics, manga, anime, or BL.

Please note that LUST IN TERROR MANOR ~THE TRUTH UNVEILED~ is free to play, but you can purchase in-game items with real money. If you want to limit the ability to make in-app purchases, you may create a PIN in the Settings menu from within the Google Play Store.

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Download and install Lust in Terror Manor - The Truth Unveiled | Otome version 1.0.1 on your Android device!
Downloaded 5,000+ times, content rating: Not rated
Android package: info.otomedou.fwe.lovesusEn, download Lust in Terror Manor - The Truth Unveiled | Otome.apk

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Lust in Terror Manor - The Truth Unveiled is release

What are users saying about Lust in Terror Manor - The Truth Unveiled | Otome

by V####:

Downloaded this game but wouldn't open????????????????????????????

by U####:

Please add a Takuma route

by I####:

Can you transfer information from the old app?

by T####:

who thought of inventing this bull****.WORST GAME I EVER PLAYED .MAKE IT BETTER OR SOMTHING????

by L####:

Really do like the game. 1, because of the story and 2, because I like the characters. But as for the things I hate; 1, in the original game you had a chance to get things you want without all the in-game buying. 2, just to get simple hair or clothes, its mainly WITH real money. 3, these types of games make it so hard just to get something when they know you could but rig it and stop after you play over 12 times. 4, they claim you could earn "rubbies" by watching ads, playing games, sign up for things, and play games to a certain level to get them. I've done two of them so far and I never received them yet. 5, I don't understand why they said on the other game you could play with all of the routes when there was only two of them. Not to get you wrong but, I have nothing against playing with those characters. It's the fact that I was disappointed because I couldn't play the route that I wanted and was forced to play so other route that I didn't like. Plus the fact that YOU people RIGGED it and I was forced to spend DAYS just trying to finish the thing thinking "oh maybe I can't the other routes yet until I finish this last one like that game I played that did that." But NO, IT WASN'T! All those flipping months or I should say f****** months stuck because you wasn't letting me try to finish it until I brought something! Even when I did, your still wasn't letting me! Honestly my god, you really would risk your fans over something like this?! So I deleted the app saying f*** I'm done, whenever they decide to make my routes I'll play it again. And you guys only made one route and so more "graphics" to it. That wasn't the problem with game. Not to mention, you guys decided to make whole other game but made it slightly more worst than the last one. And also why not put music with it as amazing come back? Or maybe voices. If not both, why not make a short show, showing about this to get more fan base?

by S####:

The first version was good but this is a mess. The layout is busy. And you never receive your free rubies no matter how many apps you install. Im disappointed because I played Hayato's route once before and it was a cute storyline.

by G####:

Code: 11j2K0/kbAucU. Nice improvement. If the previous Lust in Terror Manor was a beta, this one really is better than before... still has room for improvement with minor name and gender specifications, but very nice nonetheless.

by Q####:

Great story had fun ????????????????

by B####:

Code: 11xhp/MxBXQtw Use this to get reward.

by M####:

This is an improvement from the beta.

by P####:

I really love it but I can't get rubies no matter what I do

by X####:

Please please put in my code???????????? 11GiZHSIWFKc

by O####:

Its kind of not my kind of games.

by K####:

It's to creepy I'm 9 and I won't sleep

by H####:

Is there anyway to play the game without stating from the beginning again

by N####:

It would be nice if they had more routes, but other than that i like the game

by E####:

I love Naoto's route. Invite code: 11Ae5SCU3gUmU

by C####:

Only thing I can say is I'm so happy with this version! It totally rocks!

by F####:

Finally a new route! So excited *0* Oh, and here is my code guys, let's get itens /o/ 11R2f8NxqKA6s

by Y####:

Hey use this code to get some gifts: 11tXFyi7dqkew. I am so excited for this game. Played the 1st version and loved it, can't wait to start the story again.

by J####:

It got to the first Avatar challenge and I can't get past that. I don't receive scenario tickets. It's just that screen no matter what I do even exiting out and restarting the app it's the same screen I don't even know what the challenge is.

by R####:

It keeps kicking me out.....would like to play but can get past the home screen.

by A####:

Code:11.cKMYTh2LWI Okay ehr- i exchange my 15 chips for x5 tickets and when i look at my present box it says Scenario ticket x0. i didn't get any ticket. Please fix the problem.

by Z####:

It's good so far and I like Noato but I wanna know where my code is on the title page. The deal ends in two days and I really want to get the code deals so can someone please answer and help? Thank you

by W####:

I love this game! But I'm absolutely desperate for a route for Kazutoshi, I feel like it would be a really good story

by D####:

Please use my code for freebies 11TUAQwCDYUL6. So far it's exactly like the original. Same story, same routes. I'll try to actually finish it this time.

by V####:

I don't know if you guys are working on something, but the app keeps on quitting. I've had this for a couple of days.

by U####:

I like the game but for each gacha that requires the metal it tells me I collected them all when I know I did not. I have changed my rating! Thank you for being on top of the problem!

by I####:

I AM SCREAMING. THE NEW ROUTE IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR FOREVER. I reinstalled the app for this route omg.

by T####:

Code for freebies: 11Hid2ltJqWpE ^.^ I've been waiting for this since they announced the release~ I'm glad they added more routes and I can't wait to get into it~ feel free to use my code for free items at the end of the tutorial ^.^

by L####:

I like this story and i hope you open more routes for the other guys. Just don't make a new app, you can add onto this app. That's what other otome apps do once they add a route they update the app, so please just update with new routes instead of creating a whole new app again. If you create a new app every time you add a route, readers who spend money for premium stuff will stop supporting you, people in general will stop supporting you because every time you start a new app you make us rebuy everything we spent on what ever path, in our minds it'll feel more like you just want our money instead of our support. If people love this game they will spend money on it if they can, you do not have to create a new app every time you open a new route. I hope you open new routes on this plus version of the original app. I am looking forward for more routes to open, because this is a good story!

by S####:

How wonderful, ive literally been waiting forever for a new character. Lol it had to be a new game but that fine, i enjoy the story so were good. Heres my code if u actually read this, its a good game try it???? 11Zd3yb4Cp4hY

by G####:

The story could have been longer and the price could have been less. But I actually love the mystery I kept on wondering how the story would end like is the boy I choose is a murderer or is the girl a murderer. I just can't wait until it end.

by Q####:

I really liked this game at first but every time i exchange chips for scenario tickets it takes my chips but i dont get the tickets this is REALLY annoying and just ruins the whole. Pls fix this problem

by B####:

AAAA I LIKE THIS GAME SO MUCH- YOU DID A GREAT JOB ON IT , I Hope you will add more characters soon tho!

by M####:

It was a good problem is that even though i exchanged the chocolates for a special story in the event SWEET AMUSEMENT PARK.i received it in the present box but could not get in my i could not read it.That is what is making me frustrated.

by P####:

I love the game and all but I don't have money for more rubies and all the actions I did to get free rubies didn't work I downloaded games I did surveys and I still got nothing ????????????

by X####:

Use my invite code and get free gold! 11JDQKmrv4ODY At first I was skeptical about trying this game, but since I absolutely ADORE murder mysteries I just had to download it. And it's great, I love all the characters, especially Naoto. I kinda wish there was a route for Kou though. The only downside for me would be that this game tends to be slow and glitchy at times, but that might just be because it's fairly new. I hope to see new routes and more cute avatar items in the future!

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