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About A Wizardry Enchantment

Is it a contract that ties to your eidolon? Or love?
This School of Wizardry will witness uncountable forbidden lessons between wizards and eidolons…

Which fixed couple love affairs will you follow?

In this world, humans with magical powers attend the School of Wizardry in order to amplify their skills.
With the necessary knowledge, anyone can get in. However, just a few make it all the way to graduation…

In order to graduate, students have to summon an eidolon and tie a contract with them,
which allows them to borrow the force they need to pass the graduation exam.

Yuzuki, Asato and Takeru are three School of Wizardry student about to graduate.
They will need to summon an eidolon in order to pass the graduation exam, and this will change their fate forever…!

Yuzuki is paired with the strongest unicorn, "Kaede". But why is he so fond of him…?
Takeru is paired with the beautiful incubus "Rui". But what kind of secret past do they share…?
The playboy Asato is paired with the tsundere werewolf "Mao". But what truth hides behind his carefree appearance…?

Many love stories going on between fixed couples. Are you ready to watch over them?

■Character Introduction■

・Yuzuki Urai
Route: Unicorn Route

He's at the very bottom of his class.
For some reason, the unicorn Kaede grows very fond of him, and the two form a pair in order to pass Yuzuki's graduation exam.

Route: Unicorn Route

The strongest between all eidolons.
An arrogant and selfish unicorn.
Summoned by Yuzuki, he agrees to pair up with him for his graduation exam.

・Takeru Shiga
Route: Incubus Route

A reticent honor student.
He was looking for Rui, who he had already met in the past.

Route: Incubus Route

A devoted incubus.
The past ties him to Takeru, who he treasures
More than anyone else.

・Asato Saionji
Route: Werewolf Route
A playboy, and a wealthy family offshoot.
He's very carefree.

He pairs up with the tsundere werewolf "Mao".

Route: Werewolf Route
A tsundere werewolf. Despite his appearance, he's really strong.
Apparently, he participated to another graduation exam in the past.

Which graduation exam will you follow?

■How to Play & Game Features■

・Aim for the ending as you go through "A Wizardry Enchantment" story. This is an love adventure game targeted at females.

・Use story tickets to read through the romantic scenarios! You will be give up to 5 tickets every day.
The tickets will let you live an exciting graduation story!

・Use avatars to increase your BF affection towards you, and if it's high enough, you will unlock special CGs and scenarios!

・The story changes according to your decisions. You can enjoy this even if it's your first visual novel!

Enjoy time-limited events with amazing scenarios about your favorite couple. Check it out!♪

■Collect beautiful CGs!■
Your decisions throughout the game will affect your relationship with him!
You might be able to read more intense scenes the closer of you are?!

■Recommended if you…■

・Like magical, fantasy worlds!
・Want to enjoy forbidden love stories between hot guys! ♡
・Enjoy fantasy & juvenile stories
・Want to find out more about ikemen eidolons x wizards pairings
・Are a BL(yaoi) games beginner!
・Or are crazy about BL(yaoi) games!

◆Basic Info:
[Category/Genre] Romance Adventure/BL
[Fee] Free for basic play/Items chargeable
[Scenario] Kai Ochiai, Yuki Minabe
[Illustration] Komichi

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How to Download / Install

Download and install A Wizardry Enchantment version 1.0.0 on your Android device!
Downloaded 10,000+ times, content rating: Not rated
Android package: info.otomedou.fwe.mahokareEn, download A Wizardry Enchantment.apk

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What are users saying about A Wizardry Enchantment

by G####:

Well Everything is awesome! It's just I dunno where I can find my Pre-Registration code :(

by Q####:

The game is adorable and if I could I would try all the routes at the samd time. My invitation code: 07NuEng/23Vnc

by B####:

Abit short on the chapters but overall great Heres my invitation code: 07U2WwM.xy7ho have some gifts

by M####:

Awesome game please add me as friend and recieve gift 072u4GIxYUXBE

by P####:

Here's my invitation code: 07F3i5gMZCSyE I got nothing to say! Almost everything is perfect!

by X####:

Unable to input friend codes. Please fix!

by O####:

Rui should be an incubus not succubus, because he is a male not a female, incubus is the male version of a succubus, don't believe me look it up.

by K####:

Well its awesome and good but the controlling actually hard to handle like difficult to find some option

by H####:

Cute game~ Use my invitation code for a small gift! :D 07jKnXLaFWUbs

by N####:

How do I get preregister presents? There's the banner with 'serial code' but it just for transferred data and invite friend but nothing to submit serial code please help me I really looking forward to the presents

by E####:

I'm not getting the love passes so I'm unable to continue But damn it is so addictive

by C####:

Great game, story writing, characters, and it definitely made me laugh! I adore it! Invite code: 07IVhhDK2jORY

by F####:

OK the game say at 4am I well get 5 tickets but I still don't have them but love the game

by Y####:

The game is easy and it's so good I love this than before omg and the story is interesting and this is my invite code 07L/.LnOmevTg Use it for prize ;)

by J####:

Code: 07UqlPUoRVYwU Not your typical otome gameplay however so far its worth the download. Interesting story and art

by R####:

Honestly best one yet up love their story plots always a juicy grab

by A####:

Code: 07CMbBaeLvqnI Loving it so far. The characters are nice and the graphics are great. Only thing is, wishing there was sound. But that is it. ^^

by Z####:

Its cute i just dont like the way the affection points are kinda hard to get. Other then that its a very fun game i enjoy it alot.

by W####:

INVITATION CODE: 07K7dogF/mnB2 If u want a starting present put this code in. Go to MENU -> OTHER -> "Invite a friend" button -> Then there is a link where u can input this code. This game is really cute and enjoyable. You don't get tired of the couple's chemistry~ <3

by D####:

Great BL game, like always abracadraba is doing great! My invite code : 07q3Jch2Gsj0g, we'll both get items if you use it, so feel free~ The plot is great, and this is one of the first times I enjoy ALL couples in a BL game and want to play all their routes. Greatly made!

by V####:

Invite code: 07xp0djcVZvGA to get bonus item. I am really enjoying the game so far. The characters are interesting, the art is lovely, and the translation is well done.

by U####:

I love the game but when I played a game to earn rubies, it didn't gime me my 600 rubies even though I completed the last within the 48 hours it gave me. I still really love the game but I'm missing rubies.

by I####:

Downloaded the game last night. Entered my pre-registration gift code. Began to play. Now I try to log on and it says request denied for security. I uninstalled and reinstalled the application. No success. I fear I lost everything already. What's wrong with my login?

by T####:

Invitation Code : 07X9BkoSiHpTM Use this code and get free gifts. Actually I'm coming for the succubus but after the intro changed my mind for the werewolf..he's a cutie pie..♡♡

by L####:

So far, love it! Especially the background stories! For free prizes, make sure you use invintation codes including mine, helps majorly for future chapter checks for both parties! 07VrN6WUcaRu6

by S####:

Its my first time playing this type of game and so far I've been enjoying it, but it does take patience since you only get 5 scenario tickets a day. But over all its a great way to enjoy your leisure time. And I am loving the fan services. Feel free to use my code 07F5EdE1cksnU , so we'll both get gifts.

by G####:

I like the game, well actually I'm loving it but I can't for the life of me figure out how to put in the pre-regeneration code. The banner is there but when I click it it takes me to the "other" category where there is no option to input my code. Sorta dissapointed to be quite honest but I guess it's not gonna change much.

by Q####:

The game is very good, so far the only problem that occurred to me is that i cant receive the present from entering invitation code :( it says that my gift is in the present box when i entered the code, but when i checked the box there was nothing there. Anyone have the same problem as mine?

by B####:

I downloaded the game but couldn't get past the starting screen. Im severely disappointed. I was looking forward to playing!

by M####:

It's a pretty fun game, but the ruby system is annoying and sometimes doesn't work. I don't like how hard it is to raise the affection even when you make the right choices in the story. Other than that, it's pretty good. Invite code: 07ryOBPiSZSJ

by P####:

My code is 07NZWffES.u8w if you want to use it. This game is fun and good, however the content you can access for just 5 scenario tickets is short, if you ask me. But that's how these games work, and I haven't deleted it yet.

by X####:

I like the art, the pairs are cute and I like the story. The interface is a little confusing but is tolerable. I have a problem with inputting friend codes though, hope you can fix it. :-)

by O####:

Invitation code: 07rSB7OHnlayk use this code and we'll both get presents. I think this game is good. I like the story and characters the only thing I feel is lacking is the amount of reading you get a day. I understand why it's so short but I find it disappointing. I get busy and forget to read one day so I don't get to read as far I could have.

by K####:

I'm really enjoying this game currently. There has been a few grammar mistakes, but nothing too big to actually discourage me from playing this game. Also, these stages you can actually get past-enter my invitation code, '07Cxnm.oKT9Yg' to get a present. ^^

by H####:

love how the story goes so far. the pairs are cute! just need to get use of the entire interface, I suppose.. got lost for a bit there just to find the right button, but overall it's lovely!

by N####:

Invite code 07CikYzeFV/JU love the story, characters (especially Kaede >w <) the art is amazing too! The only thing I worry about not getting too much affection points from bf gatcha ;w;?

by E####:

Issue: I'm not receiving any gifts for friend invites. Anyone else having same problem? So far I like the game - it has a new feeling about it different to other otome games, which is probably due to the fixed pairings, an interesting idea. I like that the MC is different based on route.

by C####:

edit: i can pass the name entry already after i reinstall it but it seems quite a time to load from one chapter to another compared to the previous game(love P). a/n: the werewolf guy is sooo cuteee

by F####:

If you'd like to get a little prize, feel free to use my invitation code: 07Q3WPecrhEmk You can enter that after you finish the introduction and choose your story. Really cute so far! It as a similar set up to the other Abracadabra games, so it isn't too hard to figure out. Has a few spelling mistakes, but nothing real game breaking. Would totally recommend.

by Y####:

Invitation code: 07pe/hV8YwT6A. If you'd like to get a present in the game, just type in my code and get the little present. The game is cute and interesting, each of the couple's personalities blend in so well with each other. I'm hesitating to take either Yuzuki's or Mao's route, but in the end, I go for Yuzuki. Though, all of the plotlines seems to be interesting and the graphics are beautiful also. Great job!

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