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About Takers

Takers is a location-based game in which you can take over your neighbourhood - or the whole world - by using your phone. Get on the move to conquer territories and use the coins you earn to defend and attack.

• Conquer faster with friends
• Squad & personal chat rooms
• Walk to reinforce your territories
• Arsenal of powers, attack & defence weapons
• Local and global leaderborad

Squads of rebels are snatching large amounts of land and claiming it as their own.
The squads fight for the valuable taxes that territories yield - taxes which are being used for weapons of mass destruction.

While some fortify their defences, others focus on rapid expansion. Only the strong will survive.
Some call them Takers. Others don’t call them at all - they prefer to hide. Time will tell if you’re man (or woman) enough.
Take what’s yours.
Take what isn’t.
It’s all the same.

Takers turns your real world into a war zone.
Be a part of the action and drop Destroyers on undefended lands.
Build sturdy walls and other defences around your own lands.
Lay mines or charge your shields.

Knowledge bits:
• Territories cannot be smaller than 0.05 acres and no larger than 50 acres
• Your path lines expire after 12 hours! Close a circuit before they do
• Walk on your territory to boost its Shield Units, walk on other territories to weaken it
• You can only take over a territory after bringing the Health Units to zero
• Path lines aren’t recorded if you move faster than 10mph (Speed Booster allows 20mph)
• You can only move squads once (for 7 days)

Takers is great for:
• Outdoor fun - turn your cycling/jogging route into your territory
• Socialising - attacking, defending and strategizing with friends
• Health - get moving to keep active doctors recommend a 45min walk every day
• Fun - what could be better than taking over the world with your friends?

Get involved!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Takers.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TakersHQ
We’re constantly adding new features, want your ideas featured in Takers? Include suggestions for powers, weapons and defences with your store feedback!

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How to Download / Install

Download and install Takers version 1.1.11 on your Android device!
Downloaded 1,000+ times, content rating: Not rated
Android package: io.takers.app.android, download Takers.apk

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What are users saying about Takers

by I####:

Much potential

by T####:

I love this game!

by L####:

More playersss

by S####:

Its a very enjoyable outdoor game

by G####:

Amazing, quality is 10/10. Found the gps really accurate too. 5☆

by Q####:

Really hooked on this game! Move over players, im gonna take that #1 spot

by B####:

I love the concept and gameplay!! Finally my biking to work helps me taking over the world :) Well done guys keep it up

by M####:

Love it!!! Intense fun and real good interaction with friends. Kudos! When does the iPhone version coming out??? Some Apple friends want to join

by P####:

Graphics are simple but cool nonetheless, concept is amazing. In my opinion the social part is the best bit. Can you please add more on that side of things?

by X####:

I love the concept and the neat graphics! No GPS probs whatsoever for me - I am using Samsung's Galaxy A5. Just wish there were more people playing it near me!! What about some marketing in my area guys? :)

by O####:

Haha great. Good job guys

by K####:

Really cool idea but no one in my area is playing it and when I tried to claim a territory it didn't record it.

by H####:

Finally a strategy game that gets us out of home!! I wish there would be more live graphics but I love the chat and real-life playing with friends. Best of luck guys!!! Nice job!!!

by N####:

GPS signal is really poor. And it's not my phone, area or signal. Great idea and would love to see it take off but the GPS is killing it.

by E####:

The gps on this game is pretty shocking at the moment. It's a great concept and I'm hoping it gets improved but right now it's not enjoyable. I went for a short leisurely walk and only around 10-15% of it was recorded, the rest of the time I got "poor gps signal" and got told I was going too fast. At one point I was apparently walking 16 miles an hour... Please improve it so I can give this game a proper go!

by C####:

Game seems really neat. Thought i would get this as my job has me walking a lot. The gps tracking is poor. Its way to sensitive and i keep popping around, making my travel line break up into pieces. Overall cool concept. Just needs gps smoothed out

by F####:

A few small issues here and there, most notably with the GPS, but since it's new I will be lenient. I submitted my feedback through the email, hopefully the devs read it so they can make improvements to this already-awesome app.

by Y####:

GPS is poor really want to see this game taking off. Tried normal GPS mode and high accuracy both didn't work properly. Don't own one piece of land, except random blue dots where I walked.. I'll try again in the next few updates.

by J####:

Excellent Idea! Where's your marketing team??? This is an awesome app!

by R####:

Hello. I want to report something. Today I downloaded your app and I like it quite a bit. I went out to test it. I made a circle around my neighborhood and connected all the lines. However the app does not indicate that I have claimed the territory done that. Can you check what is going on ?

by A####:

Nice app I will give 5star reviews

by Z####:

Great game really enjoying it and the dev team listens

by W####:

Hoping to make contact with developer. Will mail you after writing this. Had a walk around my town, to make a nice circle yet didn't get the territory. Very anti-climax to go on a 3 mile stroll not to get what I set out to achieve. From previous comments, perhaps the area was larger than 50 acres... Yet that seems like the type of info needed in the instructions? Also noticed that when I'm connected to wifi, I'm being bombarded with the advert for that dry Final Fantasy tower defense game over and over. Really would be interested in helping you guys iron out bugs / build communities. I think you've got the framework here for what could be an 'Ingress Killler'. (Thank god!) - Especially if you add more items and social elements. Oh another initial thought is that the 'watch a video for 25 coins' feature is a little too much. I don't think the game needs this at all in all honesty. Seems like you are either underestimating your future success, or are just being a little greedy when it comes to ad revenue. I'll give it a 4 out of 5 based on first day playing though. Edit: Playing on Nokia 3. No major problems with GPS. Did miss a short line when going under a couple of massive trees, but certainly nothing to complain about so far.

by D####:

GPS signal not found! But it follows me everywhere I go and leaves no trail and takes no land... I tried emailing from their website and it comes up with something like a BMPT error

by V####:

I like the idea gps needs to less laggy I ride my bike around town with the booster on but sometimes my GPS or game will lag cause a gap in the line.over all love the game. One thing would be cool to see where peoples Territories were after they attack you or even if you had your pay huge amount of coins is fine. I live in USA and people from around the world attack me which is awesome and entertaining but I can't find them to send a counter attack, either there country is huge or they live out in the woods somewhere not sure. Awesome game keep up the amazing work. Two thumbs up

by U####:

The gameplay was an original and brilliant idea. Unfortunately, there isn't much marketing for the game resulting in only 3 players in my country of 6 million people. That aside, the app was filled with bugs where GPS signal was often not found, resulting in me not being able to 'take/draw' my location. A massive pity I must say.

by I####:

This shows promise! I was looking for a location-based game that you can still enjoy even outside of well-populated areas. I wanted incentive to go outside and move. I would recommend increasing the default speed limit a bit so that a good biking pace is allowed. I would also recommend changing the flag design system so that each of the colors and shapes can be manually selected, rather than randomly generated. Having a couple shapes for the flag as a whole would also be nice.

by T####:

Excellent idea for a gps game, I am enjoying it so far :) Trying to ride my motorbike under 10mph has been a challenge, people beep at me all the time it's awful, don't they realise war is more important than them. The cheek of it

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