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About RPG Chronus Arc

The Chronus Fragments are needed to prepare for the Time Rewinding, which only takes place once every 10 years. On their way to the Chronus Shrine to get the Fragments, Loka and his teacher Teth are surrounded by a mysterious man named Geppel and his gang. They demand the Fragments. While Teth plays for time, Loka, the main character, rushes out of the cave on his own to fetch reinforcements. He is successful, but Teth and Geppel are nowhere to be found.

Aiming to gather information about his missing teacher, Teth, and Geppel, who is trying to get his hands on the Fragments, Loka decides to set out on a journey with his friend Sarna.

The game features familiar quests, but also dungeons filled with puzzles to solve, and characters who grow and can be developed as the story progresses with the class change system.
Also, in the 'Ancient Halls' in the towns, by using CA points you can purchase extra dungeons and special items.

Dungeons with puzzles to solve
Set skills as you want- but be aware of the limited 'cost levels'!
In the dungeons there are various puzzles which need to be solved. There are boxes and pots which need to be moved, switches which need to be pushed to make something happen, and you will sometimes even need to make use of enemies to get past the obstacles which lie in your path.
Even if you fail to solve a puzzle, you can reset it with just a button press, so it's easy to try as many times as you want to.

Incredible monster animations
You will be amazed by the monsters' spectacular animations!
You will randomly find yourself in battle when in the field, and in dungeons, you will start a battle if you touch an enemy.
Battles are conducted by selecting commands, with a turn-based system.
Some enemies may be surprisingly weak against certain elements. It's always a good idea to turn the battle to your advantage by trying to find these weak points.

Class changes
In the shrine in Iatt, you can change your class.
In order to do so, though, you need to be at a certain level, and you need to have gained certain items especially for class changes, which will disappear when you use them.
After a class change, the character's title will change, and his/her level will return to 1, but any learned magic and skills will not be forgotten, and the character's previous status will be carried over to an extent.
Characters become stronger with each class change, so it's a good idea to change regularly!

The tutorial function makes play easy even for beginners!
There are tutorials for how to solve the puzzles in the dungeons, how to search for items, etc., so you don't have to be an expert to enjoy the game!

Extra dungeons
You can obtain points depending on the number of monsters you've defeated, and with these points, you can access extra dungeons, with many fiendish puzzles to solve!
There are also many items to make your progress through the adventure easier.

*This edition is the freemium edition of Chronus Arc, which includes in-game advertisements. In-game ads can be removed through IAP.
*While IAP content requires additional fees, by no means it is necessary for finishing the game.
*Actual price might differ depending on the region.

[Supported OS]
- 4.0 and up
[SD Storage]
- Enabled
- Japanese, English

Your use of the application constitutes your acceptance of the following EULA:

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Download and install RPG Chronus Arc version 1.1.5g on your Android device!
Downloaded 50,000+ times, content rating: Not rated
Android package: kemco.hitpoint.chronusfree, download RPG Chronus Arc.apk

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* Please contact [email protected] if you discover any bugs or problems in the app. We cannot respond to bug reports left in app reviews. Please help us to support you by using the email address to contact us.
- Bug fix for Android 8.0
Version update RPG Chronus Arc was updated to version 1.1.5g
More downloads  RPG Chronus Arc reached 50 000 - 100 000 downloads

What are users saying about RPG Chronus Arc

by J####:

Wow the last boss is so much more difficult then any other boss. This is insane. Def need to go train some and get all the classes/final classes. Great game tho.

by R####:

Ya know, i gave this app 5 stars originally. But after playing for half an hour? 1 star. Why? Simple. Ads. Normally i don't complain about ads cause i can ignore them. But an ad while im walking through a dungeon? I draw the line there. Could i buy the ad removal? Yes. Is it worth it? No. For a game that once you beat the main story is done and has no replay value it is not worth. (if it was a banner only i wouldn't care, when i enter/exit a city i wouldn't care. But mudway through a dungeon? Get. Out.)

by A####:

out of all free to play kemco RPGs this one is definitely the best out there. combat is much more strategic than you often see because enemies hit you so hard. it's the best written as well, character art is beautiful and the maps are well made. my only complaints would go to combat animations that look weird when fast is active and the amount of ads might be annoying. but other than that it's a great game!

by Z####:

I loved the game but the way you placed the ads in it was just plain stupid. With several of your other games the ads would come up when you saved but this is pathetic. Im uninstalling the game. It could have been a good one but oh well....

by W####:

I've been playing this game for a couple if months on and of and I have no complaints. For a free game its wicked. Sorry to say my game got deleted and im re-installing it

by D####:

WAY too many ads!! I like the game, but its not worth $5 to remove the ads/premium version! Especially if the premium version is rated lower than the free! Ill probly exchange it for something cheaper or free with fewer ads. Good game tho! Lower the price to $2 or less, and ill pay.

by V####:

It's a bit better than average, seems to have good story and options. It has THE worst control pad I've ever used and as the game progresses lag going into adverts is several seconds long.

by U####:

I've played most old school jrpg's but this one is tough. Be prepared to grind for days. Difficulty progression is off balance. Difficulty is reminiscent of the original dragon warrior on NES. Very fun game but am not willing to grind it out. Progressed to the third town. Still plenty of game left too. Don't have the patience to grind.

by I####:

Puzzles in this game ruin it for me. Frustrating and overkill of complicated puzzles. I want a RPG, not a Rubik cube. Bring back the good old days of Kemco when it was just solid Role Playing Game action. Stop trying to be Tetris or Minecraft please.

by T####:

Great rpg. The character animation reminds me of chrono trigger. Great combat system, the class change option keeps ya playing rather then rushing through. Good story..funny dialogue...ad pop ups r kinda annoying..but still a great mobile rpg

by L####:

I liked this game as well as many of Kemco's other games such as Asdivine & more. Initially I had an issue with learning new spells or skills after being lvl 26 & a class change but now everything is fine. It doesnt take long now for my characters to learn. Thank you Kemco for all your great games!

by S####:

Awesome Kemco Titles I've been playing Asdivine Menace,Dios,Heart,Cross glorious savior journey to kreisia keep up the good job! Kemco but i think its kinda difficult with other titles without map and with fast monster spawn its kinda confusing and i liked the characters and their movements!!! And the battle mode Im hoping for more RPG Games! But please make your guard for the one who really dont install your game cuz its will be on waste i've been seeing that others game titles are modded and free install even if its a premium one..

by G####:

Managed to defeat Galbure's monster. Game is kind of similar to Machine Knight except I feel that Machine Knight has a deeper storyline compared to this one. King Milka is like Pokemon's Team Rocket, humorous and odd. Endgame isnt funny though, the very last boss of Milka seem to demand alot grinding and there isnt much decent exp monsters for that. Music is nice though I would have prefer usable items in chests. Kinda like the peaceful music of world map. If anyone is playing this, ya might want to keep an eye for books and documents for class change since it affects stats. Overall, okay. Ever thought of continuing the storyline? :)

by Q####:

This game has the best music from all Kemco's games that I have played... The animation design here is very good... The puzzle thing is also good... You should start to make 1 online game with turn based rpg genre like summoners war.. where all of kemco's game heroes are gathered there.. :D but please don't make it with vip system..

by B####:


by M####:

great great game

by P####:

Cool game

by X####:

Very cool

by O####:

Amazing Story

by K####:

For brunch ffnc

by H####:

Great mobile rpg

by N####:

Good game

by E####:

Good game finished it in 7days

by C####:

Good game, and very engaging.

by F####:

Awesome game thank you for making this game

by Y####:

So far no major problems

by J####:

Old fashion hard to find game like this

by R####:

Excellent story. I love kemco. Keep it up!

by A####:

To much advertisement

by Z####:

Not bad so far only played for ten mins

by W####:

I really like it but i hope is will improved bit this game ????

by D####:

I love any game like final fantasy the old days very good job.

by V####:

It's alright I like how I can make decisios mid game

by U####:

Minor bugs and needs some fine tuning. A great game! I Recommend it!

by I####:

This game is very addictive and I personally like it

by T####:

The concept is great though it is a little aggravating that everything hits for like half your health

by L####:

Love it! The game mechanic is different than any other Kemco RPG. Worth to beat it

by S####:

I like the game over all but I think I am getting ads that are broken. Every once in awhile the game just freezes goes black and nothing happens. I don't have a ad blocker... So it's either your ads are broken or the game is freezing randomly for an unknown reason "usually at the end of combat" occasionally just when I change maps. Most likely the ads but the issue isn't whether or not you put ads in the game I could care less my issue is the ads appears to be breaking the game every time "I assume" an ad pops up I just get a darkened screen and a frozen game. Which means I have to exit out of the game completely and restart it then I typically lose quite a bit of progress. Usually only up to my last fight but it appears to happen every three fights and there are a lot of fights so I am having to fight 4 fights for every 3 enemies and which means the game breaks after every 2 new enemies meaning progress is slowed and the experience is ruined. Meaning I am wasting my time redoing a third of every single fight in the game and occasionally having to restart the game because a conversation ended or zone changed. Meaning I have to do the whole conversation again or change zones again. This is extremely agitating I have quickly gone from liking the game to hating the game simply because your ads break the game. Now I am not complaining about the ads I'm cool with that 100% go all out with that if you want. Just make sure they don't break the game and actually work. An ad I never see isn't very effective after all. I like to see ads because usually it's about other games and sometimes I see games I wanna try as a gaming nomad of sorts I am constantly searching for games that do not seem boring to me sadly stories are not endless and other games that have no end have a clear goal and leave nothing to the imagination so I have no actual entertainment from the experience after a certain point.

by G####:

It's no Chrono Trigger but still somewhat enjoyable. Game play is okay. And the ads. Man. I understand they keep the game free but I get an ad every 30 seconds!

by Q####:

In-game Ads take longer to disappear compared to other kemco games

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