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by Q####:

Great app. I'm using it to catalogue my roms on my shield tv. It's very easy to use and extremely user friendly. The user interface is clean and simple, and updating lists is a breeze. The dev is quick to respond to questions and add support for new emulators. Well worth the money. Only thing I'd like is an option to export or back up settings! Looking forward to more updates!

by G####:

Nice easy to use interface and very snappy too. Would like to see better support for scrapping MAME roms as currently the rom names do not scrape too well and renaming prevented them being loaded in my case using mame4droid. Also would be nice if you could pick the emulator you wish to use from a list of installed apps, not just the pre-set list or using the option to configure one, which involves filling out paths, etc. Great app though, recommended. Keep it up!

by S####:

So far I don't know what to say. There isn't much support documentation. I've watched the install video but it was just OK.

by L####:

I find this much easier to use on the Nexus Player than Gamesome, which I had used on my touch screen android devices for a long time. It works well and is easy to set up. The only thing is that I wish that the game rows didn't take up the whole screen. Similarly to the Netflix app I think it would look nice if you could see the background art in the upper portion of the screen and have a bit cleaner nav., or at least have the option. Great work!

by T####:

I love this app, only wish the Icon was better, looks off next to other high res images in on my android tv.

by I####:

Awesome Start. Things I think it really needs are as follows. *Voice Search *Fast Scroll (a-z) on the side of the grid layout *A better Icon - Material Design guidelines *Colorize the description card with color pulled from artwork *Indexed into the main launcher so games shows up in suggested row. *Index into Google App Search so you can search for games from the home launcher.

by U####:

Until recently, I had been using Gamesome as my frontend for my emulators with my Nvidia Shield TV. I decided to give Arc Browser a shot after hearing about it in one of Nvidia's forums, and the fact that the latest Gamesome build introduced some bugs. It turns out that Arc Browser has more features, flexibility, and customizations than Gamesome. The presentation of my games looks better and fancier (which is a big plus for me). I also have the option of having all my emulators accessible on one page if I want to. It is very impressive and easy to use. In addition, the developer quickly responds to our suggestions. Floating Point has done an outstanding job with this and I suspect it will even get better. Suffice to say that Arc Browser has replaced Gamesome as my new frontend. It is simply awesome and worth every penny!

by V####:

If you're looking for a developer supported, extensible and easy to use front end to maintain your emulation needs on Android TV? Look no further. Easy to configure, automatically gets images and data - works with the emulators you already use and love. You will not be disappointed.

by D####:

Already a nice app with great potential. Nice work!

by W####:

GPD XD. Nice launcher, just not snappy enough and loaded up multiples of many rooms and missed some. Takes a long time to set up. I had cave story in my PSP library and it stuck on loading the cover art fr the entire folder.

by Z####:

Why not support the shield portable too?

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