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About ARC Browser

ARC Browser is a rom collection browser and emulator frontend that maintains a database of all your games, presented in a user friendly way, and let's you play them using your favorite emulators. Suitable for both phones and tablets (provided you have a gamepad) and of course Android TV!

* A searchable database of all your games, indexed by systems and categories
* Automatically scrape data about your games and download boxart and background images
* Support for native Android games aswell
* Roms with the same filename (excluding text in parenthesis or brackets) are automatically grouped and presented as a single game. When you press Play you can choose which version to load. Useful not only when you have different versions of a game, but also for multi-disc games
* More than 90 configuration templates for different emulators
* Can be used as default launcher

* Boxart, background images and game names in the Play Store screenshots have been blurred or removed to avoid copyright infringement
* This application does not include any emulators or games
* Many good emulators are not currently listed in the Android TV Play Store, but that doesn't necessarily mean they don't work on Android TV. You should read up on sideloading
* Gamepad required
* Artwork and metadata scraping from online databases requires the availability of third-party services. If you're having issues, please check server status first. The developer of this app is not responsible for the availability of such services

Your roms should be named as close as possible to the original game name. There are however multiple settings that you can use to fine-tune the scraping process. For example, converting ", The" in a filename to "The " and ignoring text withing parenthesis and brackets. If no match is found, it will also try replacing any instance of " - " in the filename with ": " automatically.

All of the images in ARC Browser, including but not limited to box art and background, can be customized. For example, if you don't like the automatically scraped box art, you can use your own. You can also further change the look and feel of the app with themes. More information about this is available here:

Send an e-mail to [email protected]!
If you're having problems, please send an e-mail before writing a review. Many issues can be quickly resolved that way.

Be sure to check out for tutorials, image packs and more!
"Official" thread at the GeForce forums:

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Download and install ARC Browser version 1.13.5 on your Android device!
Downloaded 1,000+ times, content rating: Not rated
Android package:, download ARC Browser.apk

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What's Changed
VERSION 1.13.5
* ARC Browser can now be set as the default launcher
* Fixed graphics glitch at the bottom of the screen on certain devices
VERSION 1.13.4
* Bugfix to correctly handle permissions in Android 6 and 7
VERSION 1.13.3
* Android 7 bugfixes
VERSION 1.13.2
* Reorganized settings
* Added option to switch to the settings from a different template without having to recreate the system (or do a lot of typing)
* Experimental support for Android 4.2
* Added template for Retroarch P-UAE
Version update ARC Browser was updated to version 1.13.5
More downloads  ARC Browser reached 1 000 - 5 000 downloads
Price update  Price changed from $5.26 to $7.71.

What are users saying about ARC Browser

by G####:

Had rated 5* but then had a flickering issue on loading box art. Emailed developer and a fix was done in good time! Great emulator front end with great developer support. Bravo.

by S####:

Turned off my nvidia tv after spending hours setting it all up and when I turned it back on everything had disappeared, too late to get a refund too ,,,

by L####:

Using this in fire tv box with the fire tv gamepad and can't for the life of me figure out how to exit a game. All I can do is press the home button on the controller which takes me back to the amazon home screen. Would love some help with this :-(

by T####:

This is such a great looking front end, compatible with an incredible selection of emulators. One thing I'd like to see added is a random game button.

by I####:

great purchased. can give me link on how to theming this frontend

by U####:

Great frontend for emulators, recommended

by V####:

This app makes a great front-end for all my emulators. Works well and if you have to report any issues or feature requests the dev is there to listen.

by D####:

The support team helped me through my problems. The app works better. Still some room for improvement but it's best frontend loader for android tv out there

by W####:

I've tried every other emulator frontend on the market, and this is by far my favourite. Incredibly easy to set up, but still flexible enough for your personal touches. The only problem I have is an annoying visual glitch; but changing to grid view solves the problem.

by Z####:

This is a really good app the customer service is outstandingly good and since the latest update the icons no longer mess up when scrolling thtough them

by A####:

Can be gorgeous if you are willing to spend hours getting through multiple tutorials and setup processes. This app needs a setup wizard. Integration into the main OS is seamless and beautiful. *Edit after dev reply* I'm not having a "bad" experience per se; more like "it's ok". Can't say I "loved it", nor "liked it"..; it's ok. People tends to put either 1 star or 5. I don't do that.

by J####:

New voice search feature isn't working. It always brings back no results. =(

by Y####:

I love this app and have just recently been introduced to theming and adding my own box-art so I can really make it my own. My only problem is with games for consoles like SNES and N64 where the boxes are rectangular. Is there a way for the bounding box around the box-art to fit the actual graphic itself? Those two consoles look a bit silly while the rest look great.

by F####:

This app is probably the best of the fe apps available, I've tried them all but no other supports as many emulators as this or is as configurable. The dev himself is very active and responds to questions in various forums. Keep up the great work :)

by C####:

Great work. Integrates with all emulators. I don't like that you only show a single letter at a time. Can you add a setting so that you can show at least 3 rows at a time without the selected game showing a huge banner?

by E####:

Love it but with genesis plus gx via retroarch if I don't close the game first in Retroarch if I try and swap to a different game via Arc then the last game continues.

by N####:

Really great app. Works great on the Shield TV. Only thing I would suggest is more than one scraper. The gamesdb seems to be down more than up.

by H####:

Very nice. I have tried other ones, and this is the best. The only thing is the scraping database sometimes is down, would be nice if we could add our own site. And the first time set up can take a while. I found it is best to add them a few at a time to the directory. Other then that, it works great.

by K####:

Would be great if it could be installed on adopted storage without wiping my data, as is my database takes up over 5GB of storage which prevents me from installing other apps on my nexus player if i leave it on internal. Despite that i'm still giving it 4 stars as is as i can disable automatic updates for now and it still works far better than other emu front ends i've tried.

by O####:

Excellent app for the shield tv! Makes most of the process automated as long as your files are named properly. Updates are constantly occurring making the interface smooth and bug free. Great work!!!

by X####:

Difficulty handling 600 NES games. Slows to a crawl so badly is crashes. Stores artwork locally with no option to store remotely. Unusable. Shame, it has the potential to be the easiest and best looking rom browser on the market. Upgrading my rating. Author responded to me with a request for more information to troubleshoot. Very professional. Will work with him to address my issues.

by P####:

Fantastic UI, looks great, great selection of Emulators, works smoothly, lots of customizations. Well done! :)

by M####:

Works great, makes it so you don't have to separately side load other emulators.

by B####:

Seems to work for mame with zip files. Retroarch natively supports 7z so dont know why this wouldnt work.

by Q####:

this app is one of the reasons i got into Android tv. i finally got my Nvidia shield tv and installed it.. and it's amazing.. thank you

by G####:

Pretty basic flaw I have , can't use this app with no controler ? But I want to configure it at work with out the controler and pretend I am working :) any help ?

by S####:

I had a problem with the app and the developer was quick to respond and he was able to fix the issue.

by L####:

Really like it on the whole. Struggling to add new systems, tried adding Mame4all as an alternative to Mame4droid as it doesn't work on my Kitkat build. Added the Emulator component and action, when I try to launch an arcade game it says emulator not found. If you could add Mame4all as a supported emulator for the next update that would be great! Would also love the option to launch Android games from the app as I plan to use ARC browser as arcade machine front end. Thanks for for a great app!

by T####:

This was well worth the money! Gamesome was a free emulator frontend, but it wasn't very good. But this was awesome! The games are accurate when scraping them. Also pretty simple to use if you just want box art. Will be making a video about this awesome emulator frontend! EDIT: My fire stick works with it perfectly. Thanks for asking :D

by I####:

Thanks for the fast response! Is working perfectly again. I wasn't aware of the tgdb status, but even so this new scraper is way faster than the previous one. Hope that it keeps improving and thanks for the hard work!

by U####:

This is the simplest and most complete front end option available on Android. By far the most reliable and cleanest looking as well. Greatly recommended. Hope to see a Windows PC port in the future(maybe). Thanks for the great Application.

by V####:

Superb, makes your game collection come alive. As far as I can gather, there are only two frontend apps on the play market and this one is lightyears ahead in presentation and functionality. It looks spectacular - seriously sweet eye candy - and it makes your rom collection come alive. Instead of playing my emulators, I spent hours just looking at the BACK of box covers - memories I wold have thought have been lost, given away or sold. WORKS PERFECTLY ON PHONES AND TABLETS as long as you have a physical d-pad or an external controller, which is pretty much the first thing you want to get after installing an emulator on your phone. Now I have the ultimate retro gaming machine!

by D####:

Great job bringing all my emulator organized to one place

by W####:

Amazing way to pull all games/systems together!

by Z####:

Really enjoying this app, great job.

by A####:

This seems like a wonderful app for my retro needs, but whilst it catalogues games incredibly fast, scraping info is taking minutes at a time for each title and yielding nothing. Clearly something is broken somewhere, which is a shame because if the scraping worked, it'd be an easy five stars. Oh, and support for the best Spectrum emulator, Spectaculator would be much appreciated. :) Edit: Appreciate the response, let me bump up the score for the app (as it is great) and fingers crossed for some Spectaculator action. :)

by R####:

Im really in love with this.Awesome FE and beautiful...the ability to theme it is one of the best features...

by J####:

Massive vertical scroll improvement and overall great so far, one issue though, when scrolling slowly through covers something randomly moves (hard to describe) but it throws your eye and definitely wasn't present in the last version. Also only seems to happen when scrolling right to left and not left to right through covers. Still awesome update though.

by Y####:

Best front end I have seen so far, everything is great, but the lag needs fixing . Nvidia shield TV PRO and a very large ROM Library. EDIT the lag has been fixed, can't fault it, dev is very good and active

by Q####:

Great app. I'm using it to catalogue my roms on my shield tv. It's very easy to use and extremely user friendly. The user interface is clean and simple, and updating lists is a breeze. The dev is quick to respond to questions and add support for new emulators. Well worth the money. Only thing I'd like is an option to export or back up settings! Looking forward to more updates!

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