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About ARC Browser

ARC Browser is a rom collection browser and emulator frontend that maintains a database of all your games, presented in a user friendly way, and let's you play them using your favorite emulators. Suitable for both phones and tablets (provided you have a gamepad) and of course Android TV!

REGARDING SCRAPING: Currently TheGamesDB is used as the default database for scraping. They do occasionally have issues with their servers though, in which case scraping might fail. To get around this, you can try changing the "Scraper database" setting to "Arcturus (TheGamesDB cache)". It's a per-system setting, so you have to change it for every system you want to scrape.

* A searchable database of all your games, indexed by systems and categories
* Automatically scrape data about your games and download boxart and background images
* Support for native Android games aswell
* Roms with the same filename (excluding text in parenthesis or brackets) are automatically grouped and presented as a single game. When you press Play you can choose which version to load. Useful not only when you have different versions of a game, but also for multi-disc games
* More than 90 configuration templates for different emulators
* Can be used as default launcher

* Boxart, background images and game names in the Play Store screenshots have been blurred or removed to avoid copyright infringement
* This application does not include any emulators or games
* Many good emulators are not currently listed in the Android TV Play Store, but that doesn't necessarily mean they don't work on Android TV. You should read up on sideloading
* Gamepad required
* Artwork and metadata scraping from online databases requires the availability of third-party services. If you're having issues, please check server status first. The developer of this app is not responsible for the availability of such services

Your roms should be named as close as possible to the original game name. There are however multiple settings that you can use to fine-tune the scraping process. For example, converting ", The" in a filename to "The " and ignoring text withing parenthesis and brackets. If no match is found, it will also try replacing any instance of " - " in the filename with ": " automatically.

All of the images in ARC Browser, including but not limited to box art and background, can be customized. For example, if you don't like the automatically scraped box art, you can use your own. You can also further change the look and feel of the app with themes. More information about this is available here:

Send an e-mail to [email protected]!
If you're having problems, please send an e-mail before writing a review. Many issues can be quickly resolved that way.

Be sure to check out for tutorials, image packs and more!
"Official" thread at the GeForce forums:

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How to Download / Install

Download and install ARC Browser version 1.17.1 on your Android device!
Downloaded 5,000+ times, content rating: Everyone
Android package:, download ARC Browser.apk

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Game History & Updates

What's Changed
VERSION 1.17.1
* Fixed issue where the platform setting was ignored when scraping the Arcturus databases on some installs
* New option to protect editing with a PIN
* New setting to use more than one background per game
* Added templates: Real3DOPlayer, IrataJaguar, Uae4arm beta
* Updated templates so they work with the latest emulator versions: VGB, VGBAnext, ColEm, ColEm Deluxe, fMSX, fMSX Deluxe, iNES, Speccy, Speccy Deluxe
* Bugfixes
Version update ARC Browser was updated to version 1.17.1
More downloads  ARC Browser reached 5 000 - 10 000 downloads
Price update  Price changed from $7.71 to $9.99.
Version update ARC Browser was updated to version 1.13.5

What are users saying about ARC Browser

by L####:

This is a great rom browser. When you have alot of games with cover art it can go a bit slow on my GPD XD, other than that its perfect.

by S####:

When launching games in Modern view with a controller attached the splash screen showing game info and Play/Tools buttons doesn't show.. can we have an option to always show that screen as it's useful, especially the Tools button!

by G####:

App is worth every penny if you're into retro gaming on Android. Dev writes back to questions via email quickly and fixes bugs right away once found. A++

by Q####:

Excellent launcher. I've tried almost all of them and this is the best I've come across. Great customization options. Couple of questions: 1) Is there a way to add a shortcut to the android app drawer? I want to use Arc as my primary launcher but sometimes its handy to be able to jump in behind the launcher to quickly work with android settings, apps etc 2) Is there a way to back up my settings for Arc Browser so I can quickly and easily set it up on different devices. I have an Nvidia Shield TV and a GPD XD that I want to use it on and would prefer not to have to set it up twice. 3) Is there a way to manually rename roms and apps? TheGamesDB isn't great with android games and I want to rename certain ones. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work! Edit: thanks for the quick reply. I can see why you've gotten such a good rep from people. Already implemented #1 and will wait patiently for 2&3!

by B####:

Amazing. I no longer use retropie cuz i can i have everything on my shield tv with solid wireless controller. Dont complain over the cost. Its cheap. Buy it. Retropie took me 2 weeks to get metadata 100%. Arc took me 1 day utilizing 2 of the scrapers. Fast setup and sweet modern ui. Search for games with voice. Simply amazing.

by M####:

Best way to organise your ROMs and emulators.

by P####:

Great update! Thanks!!! Update: Backup now working on Shield TV! Thanks again!

by X####:

Good support

by O####:

What a great app. Looks great and runs great.

by K####:

Best one, has templates for the retroarch cores, perfect on Shield TV

by H####:

Great application to organize all my old game roms on Nvidia Shield TV. Thanks

by N####:

I'm an idiot. Thanks for letting me know. No issues with this app, works great

by E####:

Shield K1 added all the emulators tried scraping and no games showed up. Restarted the app only to find no settings and only a collection that is empty. Have no option but to uninstall.

by C####:

Exactly what you need if you want a front end loader. Great support Is there a way you can make the option to just set a custom wallpaper when no game art is available, instead of using random pictures? If that happens this will be perfect for me.

by F####:

Not bad at all. Can be little slow on scraping and hard to find guides. but other than that not mutch to complain about

by Y####:

It's the best game frontend for Android, just wish you would add other premium paid emulator apps like nes. That would be awesome. Awesome app though, love it and well worth the asking price!

by J####:

Great front end emulator browser! Covers pretty much the mainstream emulators and the scrapping feature is really convenient. Only issue is that PPSSPP Gold seems to be no longer working. Awesome otherwise .

by R####:

Really awesome way to organize all my ROMs. Would be nice to be able to specify a secondary system (for example, when scraping Sega Genesis, also scrape Sega Mega Drive if the game isn't found in the Genesis database)

by A####:

The greatest front-end and a must-own for any emulator enthusiast! Besides a few hiccups in terms of it's failure to recognise some games with badly named files (ie: numbers or symbols preceding the title) the app otherwise works flawlessly and is incredibly robust! It quickly and accurately found the titles, box arts, info and screenshots for about 500 different games across half a dozen systems. Truly incredible. Beats the interface of the 3DS, VITA and Switch. Also having the game details even when offline is a huge bonus for handheld gaming! Perfect partner for my GPD XD. Thank you creators, it was worth every penny! And it looks so impressive. Any gamer friends will be green with envy.

by Z####:

So amazing! Screenshots in play store don't do it justice. It works with every emulator imaginable. And it was not nearly as complicated to set up as I thought it would be considering that high compatibility. All the retroarch cores open up flawlessly. The only suggestion I might have is to make a mappable hotkey to get back to Arc Browser. Some emu's exit nicely back into Arc Browser, while others exit into their own menus (PPSSPP for example). Also, PPSSPP gold seemed to have trouble with this. But those are minor things. I highly recommend this purchase.

by W####:

Such a great frontend. I love how it works seamlessly with a wired 360 controller.

by D####:

This would be an awesome front end app if it worked properly I can barely get 20% of my games to appear in the library for each system when I go to the emulator not using the front end app all my games are there and playable. With some more work this could be great

by V####:

Exactly what I was looking for. Great front end looks good and is well organised decent amount of customisation. Scraping was a little slow but I think the GAMES DB has been slow lately. Took a while to set up my whole collection but well worth it.

by U####:

Arc browser is cool

by I####:

Latest update is a welcome with the ability to run emulator​s outside of retroarch. Setting the launcher as the home launcher is brilliant in creating a retro game system. Works on nougat​ as default launcher however causes kitkat not to boot if you set it as the default launcher

by T####:

good app. but can you make an option that you can change a data directory to Nas

by L####:

A must have for a real retro gamer

by S####:

Great front-end, but can't seem to navigate the menus on my S8 + without having to use a Bluetooth controller

by G####:

The Dreamcast Reicast is not supported well by arc browser.

by Q####:

This is the biggest load of crud I've ever downloaded

by B####:

Really like it but can't figure out how to hide the psx bios from appearing on the game list and how to hotkey a way to exit out of emulators. I'm using it on an Android TV box

by M####:

Once you have all your Console systems setup, it is an awesome launcher. You just need to put a little bit of time in to set it up how you like. I have used other "Free" frontends and glad I paid the money to have this on my Nvidea Shield TV. Thanks

by P####:

Best frontend by far, though I have an issue in that PSX games via fpse as loading with "the bios is not loaded" message, though loading the games via fpse works using the bios, any idea? Thanks EDIT - Will try out ePSXe thanks mate.

by X####:

Hi. I am having problems with fpse. When I run the emulator threw arcbrowser I get an error. It says no bios loaded... Or I gt a black screen and sound only... But if I start the emulator alone, I don't have this problem... CN u help?? OK. Fixed using the epxe emulator. Thanks for the fast answer. You gained one more star... Now I am having problems with reicast... It doesn't load if I played another emulator before... Example: if I played psp I have to enter reicast from outside arc browser, then I can launch reicast games from arc browser until I play another emulator, then I have to open reicast outside again... Do you know what s the solution also here?? Thank you

by O####:

Love this app sorted all my retro roms out on my gpd xd but fpse keeps saying no bios loaded when started from the app. If you can advise how to fix, and yes roms work from fpse.

by K####:

This app is great but how do you stop save files from showing on the game lists? For example, I have a Gameboy game (.GBC) which shows on the list, but it also shows the save file (.srm) too so the game appears twice. How do I hide save files? If I try to hide the file on its own it hides the ROM file also.

by H####:

Fiddly to set up, and does not support Sega 32X as a system. By default, it does not detect zipped game images. For some system types, the default extension is particularly bizarre (such as .iso for Sega Genesis games). Also, if you want to use Retroarch Picodrive as your MasterSystem emulator, you first have to select a different emulator, and then go back in and choose the Sega Genesis template. When you select a Retroarch emulator, it defaults to the core Retroarch cfg instead of the system specific one. It's a shame I wasn't able to try this out before spending money on it, but it's sadly nowhere near as easy to use as Gamesome. Very disappointing.

by N####:

UPDATED REVIEW - the interface is by far superior to any other front end on the market. I had issues scraping and gave the app a one star review but after swift communication from the developer I've now resolved this. The response from the developer is brilliant and I'm really happy with this app. Thank you.

by E####:

My nvidia shield looks superb.. Best front end by far.. Unfortunately on my Samsung S7 there's an issue on the main menu.. As soon as u scrap the games u are not able to come back to the menu and select the platforms or the menu database and re scrap other games... Any idea what's going on?

by C####:

It's not fair that some users giving low rates because they didn't know how to do particular thing. This app is MAGIC!! guys.. all you need is retroarch ..that's it ..I'm impressed how much this app can do. My only request is to be able to add a single game. Because after hiding some games and some files and after all this work. If you scan to add one game. It will spoil all your work for this particular system.. pls reply to my email

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