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by Y####:

As others on here have said: DOES NOT WORK on Galaxy Tab2 10.1 Does Not Work App does not open even after uninstalling and reinstalling. Would love to use. Please update.

by F####:

App does not open even after uninstalling and reinstalling. Using Galaxy S6. Would love to use. Please update.

by C####:

Great companion app for people who don't have confidence in their reading out loud skill, hides the consequences of each option until a choice has been made, which is nice but would like an option in the future to show the consequences as well. The app seems to be not reshuffling well, I've tested the app. I went through 10 crossroad cards and then reshuffled and did this 3 more times. The majority of the cards I went through were the same (Got Sophie crossroad card all 4 test). Needs to be better shuffled.

by E####:

This app is awesome and all the cards are read out by Eric summerer! Win! Only gripe is that I wish everything was read out by him including the results. Also I'm not sure if any of the promos are in the app? I hope that they are or will be included in future updates

by N####:

It was nice to have the app read the flavor text so you have to make a choice based on whats happening and not the outcome. It doesn't read the outcome of the choice you make though, so you only get half of the card read. It could have been so much better. I am hoping this is still a work in progress.

by H####:

App does not open on Galaxy Tab S 5.0.2

by K####:

I thought Eric Summers read the cards to you , but he doesn't.

by O####:

This is a cool app. Either I'm misundstanding what it does, or it will not let me choose any option. They both blink, but when trying to touch them and move forward to show the results, nothing happens. (Samsung S6) I'm hoping it is just a bug that needs to be fixed. I definitely want to use this in our games.

by X####:

Got to implement the app mid-game as it was just released. Very impressed with how smooth the app is. The background music provides an even more immersive experience. I didn't notice the voice over option during the game, but an option to play the audio comes up only when the crossroads is triggered. I wish you could have the option to set it to auto play in settings instead.

by P####:

The, falling snow, sound FX and brooding narration have added a cinematic layer to an already atmospheric game. Brilliant.

by M####:

The voice acting is solid, the animations are smooth and professional. The background sound effects are a nice touch but they are cut off once the device is locked; I'm leaving them disabled for the time being. Companion apps for games are a most welcome addition to the table, and this one performs greatly. It would make my gaming group very happy to see the card text offered in different languages.

by B####:

Overall great app. The way they set it up with trigger event, then card text, followed by not knowing the result before you choose an option makes it a great addition to the game. Needs the option of adding promo cards though and maybe creating your own crossroads card too.

by Q####:

The app works great on my smartphone, but not on my tablet. I'm a little worried leaving my phone active the entire game will probably drain the battery.

by G####:

Screen flashes and closes immediately on startup (samsung galaxy alpha). Hoping this is fixed soon as I'm looking forward to trying it out with my group.

by S####:

Great app but needs support for the promos. I have all 3 of the promo characters, but without support for their cards may hold off on the app until promo support is added. Will rate higher when that happens.

by L####:

Great app but if you have any cards other than the core crisis cards there is no way to load them. I would consider this a must have for the game if this feature was added.

by T####:

Looks well put together. Gatta try it in a game of Dead of Winter.

by I####:

An app like this couldn't have been created overnight. Not knowing the outcomes gives the game a truer sense of depth. Fan feedback and updates will only make this better.

by U####:

This is a fantastic app. 100 percent recommend it. Sadly the lack of custom cards (or support for promos) will be this apps downside. There are a lot of promo cards out there and I can't see myself playing without them just to get an amazing voice over. Please add support for promos or at least the ability to add blank cards with a custom title so promos can be used. Think of Kodiak Colby.

by V####:

Even if this app didn't have a great audio option, it contains cards that don't spoil the results. Making decisions without knowing the guaranteed results makes an already stunningly thematic game even more engaging!

by D####:

This is a fun app but some of the crossroad cards can ruin our end the game almost completely so it'd be nice if you had the choice to see the affects from the choices.

by W####:

i really like the concept. the added layer of choosing the decision first then have the outcome shown later makes the game more exiting and suspenseful.

by Z####:

I'd up the stars if it had the option to add promo cards....

by A####:

Needs ability to add promo cards or custom ones but overall very good

by R####:

Don't know about you but when I got this app I looked in the mirror and saw Chuck Norris staring back at me. Mah wife loves Chuck.

by J####:

Needs support for promo cards, then will rate higher.

by Y####:

App will not open. Screen flash but then just goes to home screen

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